Orwellian Stories

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Not The Eight O'Clock News by MiloshPetrik
Not The Eight O'Clock Newsby MiloshPetrik
TV news as it might have been, or might still be.
It sits. by RooMJames
It sits.by RooMJames
If those in charge had the technology to monitor you, would they use the very devices in your own home or something else? Something you would not think twice about. Y...
No Dogs No Irish by CMiggan
No Dogs No Irishby C.Miggan
Vampires and Werewolves clash in a futuristic Dystopian London. The Nationalistic Right Wing have taken power and decided it's time to "Take their country back"...
The Watchman by infamouslyunknown
The Watchmanby infamouslyunknown
Based on George Orwell's 1984 The right to privacy has been abolished. A powerful group, the watchmen, have installed cameras and speakers in every nook and cranny in th...
The Day the World Bled by MahonOfTheHour
The Day the World Bledby MahonOfTheHour
Hello there everyone! This is an alternate history story about an alternate world where the Cold War lasts until 2009 and ends with the collapse of the United States ins...
The Inhibited by JaySaph
The Inhibitedby Jay Saph
Two elderly scientists hide a dark secret. Twenty-five years earlier they were part of a UK government which legalised all recreational drugs. After only two years, the...
The Play Date by ACardellini17
The Play Dateby ACardellini17
"To be free, a man must give up freedom." In a dystopian short story, a young boy has been told his entire life that a certain group of people are meaningless...
THEM by MetaHumour
THEMby Daniel Simpson
A short story of misery, loneliness and dystopia.
2084 by YasminHeadley
2084by Yasmin Headley
In the year 2084 located in Barrow Alaska, now known as CanAmerica 28 year old Thomas Williamson renamed 2040a struggles to find his way in society. He happens upon a w...
Title 446 by ArminAryafar
Title 446by ArminAryafar
Yes I don't have a title, but never judge a book by its title? I don't know if that works without a title but oh well. Fresh in his senior year, Jeremy is apathetic of...
SKYSUITS by EmilyCMilburn
SKYSUITSby Emily C Milburn
3278 is a Skysuit, part of the lowest class of people in the Society. Normally, a 16year old would already have moved beyond the Blue Spectrum, but 3278 was caught break...
Little Brother by monanina13
Little Brotherby Montserrat Molina
Having grown up in a surveillant, authoritarian regime, Aysun knew at least one thing for sure: Little Brother was there to serve her every need and to be the government...
Plutocracy by FloodControlDam3
Plutocracyby Mark
Imagine a world where human life is meaningless. A world where people come from conveyor belts in factories and where everyone is engineered with a single purpose in min...
The dark future by alisonsmith27
The dark futureby Alison Smith
I am from the year 2230 and things have gotten out of hand. I have managed to escape and come to the year 2020. I have to pretend as though this is not true and just a p...
Adrenochrome by JasonMichael369
Adrenochromeby Jason Michael
What is here and what is to come and what has already been.
Around the Merry Loop by TheJunkTalkPoet
Around the Merry Loopby Alban Woods
The second installment of unhealthy twists from the short story collection, 'In Towns of Short Health' from Calibna J. Kerr. A coffee to go and a train ride out of a wa...
Absurdity by ArchPereus
Absurdityby Archie Pereus
Absurdity is a series of fictional stories which reflect real world happenings or possible happenings. These stories are completely speculative and as the title suggests...
The Ivory Tower by KPulioff
The Ivory Towerby Kirstin Pulioff
In a protection camp where everything is regulated, afternoon escapades are the only thing keeping Simone sane. When an impromptu game with her best friend takes them fu...