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Split One Shots ➳ Only The Fluff  ❤ || Open Requests|| by sunset-avy
Split One Shots ➳ Only The Fluff...by Amary L. L.
Taking Requests- Various one shots for the 2017 movie Split ❤
Animal Farm: A Fairy Story by ayeolnation
Animal Farm: A Fairy Storyby alana
Mr. Jones of Manor Farm is so lazy and drunken that one day he forgets to feed his livestock. The ensuing rebellion under the leadership of the pigs Napoleon and Snowbal...
Dystopia Is My Utopia : Socialist Republic of Europe by Zappod
Dystopia Is My Utopia : Socialist...by Zappod Mapping
A story of the resistance against a dystopian authoritarian goverment in Europe
Of mice and men: Curley by zannimomo
Of mice and men: Curleyby Annika Zmn
A diary entry from Curley, a character from George Orwell's "Of Mice and Men". The diary entry is written in the contemporary language of the time. Curley is...
Journals of the Late Old Major's Spirit by DumpsterFirePanda13
Journals of the Late Old Major's S...by Dumpster Fire Panda
Old Major has passed on and watches over the farm in the afterlife. This is a journal recording his thoughts, exposing scandals and showing readers some of the true mean...
1985 by Harry-cole
1985by Harry-cole
After George Orwell's 1984, came 1985. An action packed piece of sci-fi set in the dystopian universe of George Orwell's creation. Set over 24 hours two detectives in th...
Freedom is Slavery: Doublethink in America by Zachpack11
Freedom is Slavery: Doublethink in...by Zach Packard
An essay I wrote for school that I liked which compares the concept of doublethink in the book 1984 by George Orwell to modern America
TimeAgeddon: A Sci-fi Comedy Adventure by EdmundWells
TimeAgeddon: A Sci-fi Comedy Adven...by Edmund Wells
a sci-fi comedy adventure about Pete, a hapless space-shiment pilot who has to save our past from being attacked in the future. Unfortunately he has been charged with no...
Muddy Puddles: A Re-Telling by negative-space
Muddy Puddles: A Re-Tellingby Jo Castle
Peppa and George Pig are disheartened at the watery havoc the clouds have wreaked on their homeland, but find the childish spark returning to their eyes once they are ab...
Good Morning Beautiful World! by Dylan_Jeffrey_12
Good Morning Beautiful World!by Dylan_Jeffrey_12
A first draft of a short horror story. A 1984 meets Wives of Stepford vibe. WIP
Omelas Revisited by writercsjohnson
Omelas Revisitedby @writercsjohnson
Could you live a perfect life, knowing someone else took on all your pain and despair? Skyla has always lived a perfect, happy life - just like everyone in her Community...
The Planet Bob by ihazfez
The Planet Bobby Angry Glitter Hater.
Luis is stranded on a full vegetation filled planet!
The Works by lisajocosh
The Worksby Lisa
A variety of of works written by me from 2013 and onwards. Essays, poems, short stories, one shots; set tasks, random ideas, and dream-inspired.
HORIZON by izzyg18
HORIZONby izzy
When Lorna suddenly disappears from her room, Selma's life as a part of THISTLE's workforce is thrown from clockwork like regularity into a fight for her survival. It's...
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