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My Protector (a Dennis/Split fanfiction) by hannah_from_arkham
My Protector (a Dennis/Split fanfi...by Hannah Josett
A year after the mysterious kidnappings in Philadelphia, Hannah James sees "The Horde" kidnap two girls that she has seen around her high school. Trying to res...
  • broken
  • fanfiction
  • orwell
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Paralyzed | A Split Story by nightmare_carousel
Paralyzed | A Split Storyby 🔳 Bree 🔳
• where's the person that i know? they must have left, they must have left with all my faith • It's been 3 months since the murders. Since Amanda made the decision to fi...
  • kevinwendallcrumb
  • mrglass
  • splitmemories
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Split One Shots ➳ Only The Fluff  ❤ || Open Requests|| by sunset-avy
Split One Shots ➳ Only The Fluff...by Amary L. L.
Taking Requests- Various one shots for the 2017 movie Split ❤
  • patricia
  • orwell
  • kevinwendellcrumb
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The Animal Farm by Madison_Brooks
The Animal Farmby Madison_Brooks
  • orwell
  • george
  • farm
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1984 George Orwell by DavideCaponi
1984 George Orwellby Davide Caponi
Il più famoso dei romanzi fantascientifici
  • 1984
  • orwell
George Orwell's 1984(Signet Classics) by CooperHChurch
George Orwell's 1984(Signet Classi...by Cooper Church
This is available in the contributive common in almost every country, but USA. This is available on Amazon. It's available for free on many websites. The year 1984 has...
  • brother
  • big
  • george
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2084 by FrankieRufolo
2084by Frankie Rufolo
The truth sounds like hate to people who hate the truth. Someone I greatly admire once said that if you were to go back in time thirty or fifty years and described to t...
  • trump
  • england
  • west
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Animal Farm: A Fairy Story by ayeolnation
Animal Farm: A Fairy Storyby alana
Mr. Jones of Manor Farm is so lazy and drunken that one day he forgets to feed his livestock. The ensuing rebellion under the leadership of the pigs Napoleon and Snowbal...
  • political
  • classic
  • farm
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The Works by lisajocosh
The Worksby Lisa Cosham
A variety of of works written by me from 2013 and onwards.
  • romeoandjuliet
  • macbeth
  • classics
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A page of Winston's diary by juuhas
A page of Winston's diaryby Juliana
"A page of Winston's diary" is a short text inspired from George Orwell's novel "1984". English version available. French version available. Portugue...
  • winston
  • orwell
  • short
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Of mice and men: Curley by zannimomo
Of mice and men: Curleyby Annika Zmn
A diary entry from Curley, a character from George Orwell's "Of Mice and Men". The diary entry is written in the contemporary language of the time. Curley is...
  • entry
  • georgeorwell
  • accusions
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Animal Farm; Team Napoleon-- A Speech by Squealer by florahroi
Animal Farm; Team Napoleon-- A Spe...by Rose
  • orwell
  • fiction
  • animal
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Rok 1984 by two4player
Rok 1984by two4player
  • 1984
  • orwell
  • rok
Revolução dos Bichos by livros156
Revolução dos Bichosby M.T Ficta
A Revolução dos Bichos, de George Orwell, se passa numa granja liderada, inicialmente, pelo Sr. Jones. Porém, insatisfeitos com a dominação e exploração e liderados pelo...
  • critica
  • george
  • orwell
Unit Town by JackFrawley
Unit Townby Jack Frawley
  • government
  • corruption
  • frawley
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Dream Machine by RikkenMortel
Dream Machineby RikkenMortel
Andy and Elena are enigmatic figures in a land of distant memories and hazy dreams. Who is the ice cream man? Who/what is Happiness? Be careful of the birds. (Cover art...
  • console
  • apocalypse
  • williamgibson
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'No, more I would say the split can be seen within our educational backgrounds.' Archie again paused, contemplating how to move his Bishop. 'Did you know that roughly ju...
  • education
  • state
  • private
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10 Writers Who Rocked My World by lukenoch
10 Writers Who Rocked My Worldby Luke
In which I list the writers who changed my work.
  • list
  • ten
  • cslewis
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Device by Nostromo11
Deviceby Michele Calvi
L'inspiegabilità del progresso scientifico ha portato gli esseri umani a condividere una realtà virtuale dove tutto è perfetto e si è schiavi di particolari dispositivi...
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