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Surprise of a Lifetime by redheaded_cenafan
Surprise of a Lifetimeby redheaded_cenafan
Addison is a 13 year old girl who prefers staying home with friends and playing her Xbox instead of partying on a Saturday night. She has 1 passion and that is WWE. She...
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A RKO love story: The beginning by Kaityluv1324
A RKO love story: The beginningby Kaitlyn
Kaity had always had a school girl crush on Randy Orton. And when her bff takes her to one of the shows he is on, and their eyes meet, it goes from there. Follow Kaity...
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Little Miss Mystery by Vsdninja
Little Miss Mysteryby Victoria
Oh, look a new rookie on the block. But this, isn't just another rookie. This is Victory. Nice girl, getting out of college, coming to the WWE, and aiming for what every...
Shining Armor by LillieGuiness
Shining Armorby Lillie Guiness
I walked away to get well. I did it for my children. I did it for myself. The job isn't the same. Phil left, AJ is always with him and my husband holds Money in the Bank...
Warrior// WWE FanFic by courtn3y_orton
Warrior// WWE FanFicby Paris
She's an Orton, She a fighter, With her brother injured.... 3 boys fighting for her attention Nobody realised how much of a warrior she would be. Previously called: Ra...
Never Had A Dream Come True On Hold by Wolfimprintee31
Never Had A Dream Come True On Holdby Anne
Becca is known around the WWE as dating Randy Orton. Well when Randy dumps her and she moves on with her life. Randy doesn't care until she sets her eyes on his best fri...
Beauty and The Beast (Brock Lesnar) by CheyenneFanFics
Beauty and The Beast (Brock Lesnar)by Cheyenne
After being with the WWE for almost a decade, Casey retired to marry the love of her life. When all goes wrong, Casey is left divorced and with a daughter. For years, al...
One Shots - WWE Edition by Kyoko124
One Shots - WWE Editionby Kyoko Maruyama
Short stories all about the WWE and the beautiful people who work there. ❤ Enjoy! ☆ With love, Kyoko
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The Viper's Venom by XxlexiortonxX
The Viper's Venomby XxlexiortonxX
Brooke the newest WWE diva gets to meet all the superstars and finds interest Seth Rollins. Yet another diva loves Rollins and causes trouble for the two. Soon another s...
The One with the Ring or the One for Me? |Randy Orton| by JumpAndFall23
The One with the Ring or the One f...by Chelsea
What happens when Randy Orton is stuck in the middle of a love triangle? Does he choose his wife that he is content with or the girl he feels was created just for him? S...
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Victim Of The Viper's Love(on hold) by XxlexiortonxX
Victim Of The Viper's Love(on hold)by XxlexiortonxX
Ashley is the WWE's newest diva. A friend of the Bella's, she meets a new friend Alanna, Randy Orton's daughter. Will Ashley take the chance of a lifetime and meet the m...
My WWE Story (Randy Orton) (WWE) by rkosbalor
My WWE Story (Randy Orton) (WWE)by Blissful
BOOK 1 Sam becomes a WWE Diva and gets in a relationship with Randy Orton. Her bestfriend AJ Lee is always there for her with her boyfriend CM Punk. Problems come to Ran...
Seeing you again  by sevdamturk
Seeing you again by sevdamturk
Can madly in love with this beautiful yet so naive woman, Sanem. They both were so much in love but the world was not ready to accept this extraordinary love story. But...
WWE one shots by linala92
WWE one shotsby linala92
Welcome to the book, where all my small stories found a home :) These stories were not long enough to get an own book :) I'll try to keep the dirty stuff out of it ;D ...
Come Back To Me [Cody Rhodes] by CodeToMyHeart
Come Back To Me [Cody Rhodes]by Maggie
"How can you love someone after a 30 minute talk?" is what Cody and Maggie get asked all the time by friends and family, they both answer the same thing. "...
I Rebuilt My Caving Walls Around You - Randy Orton x Reader by RandysDadJeans
I Rebuilt My Caving Walls Around Y...by RandysDadJeans
A new upstart wrestler, Y/N gets her push onto the main roster. Everything is fine and dandy until her best friend Riddle spills the beans. His tag partner, Randy has ta...
Why does he have to be hot and married? (Randy Orton Love Story) by JagkLove54
Why does he have to be hot and mar...by Hailee
Aby's passion is wrestling. She takes a journey with her 2 bestfriends Katy and Cory. She'll fall in and out of love but, with a married man. Will he ever tell her he's...
Only Us (Brock Lesnar) by CheyenneFanFics
Only Us (Brock Lesnar)by Cheyenne
Carrie Jo Parker has been away from the WWE for almost half a decade. She had been enjoying her retirement until COVID came along. Now, she's getting bored and she's uns...
Two-Faced by BECKYxAJ
Two-Facedby BeckyStyles
My name is Bryanna Kelsey Orton. Sounds familiar? Well it should. I am the younger sister of well known WWE Superstar, Randy Orton. I have always been compared to my bro...