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 I'll Never Leave You (Cophine Fanfic/One-shot) by Suburban_Girl
I'll Never Leave You (Cophine Fan...by Phaden Swan DeMil
When the gun had fired, the pain in my abdomen was agonizing. It would've been so easy to just slip away...
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Adenine & Thymine  by PunkRaptor
Adenine & Thymine by Punk_Raptor
This AU popped into my head one day so here we are. Delphine Cormier, otherwise known as Dr. Cormier, is a general surgeon who works at San Fransisco Bay Hospital. She...
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Lesbian One Shots by frickestsick
Lesbian One Shotsby Maia
Lots of ships. Very gay. Please read and give feedback.
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A New World by sophypoph
A New Worldby Soph
Can Cosima and Delphine still keep a relationship when Dr Leekie comes into the picture? Will they find a cure for Cosima?
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Crazy Science by bigdreamer1218
Crazy Scienceby bigdreamer1218
A Cophine story. Two scientists fall in love and the future brings great things to them. But could one huge secret change everything?
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Je T'aime {A Cophine Story} by Mysteriouslysimple
Je T'aime {A Cophine Story}by msxpl.
Highest ranks. [#01 Cophine] [#01 Delphine] [#03 Cosima] [#01 Orphanblack] im shook, thanks moonlights. 💙 A Scientist in Evolutionary Development goes on a vacation t...
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Crazy Puppy Science//A Cophine Fanfic {COMPLETED} by you_took_my_broccoli
Crazy Puppy Science//A Cophine Fan...by ᎷᎾNKᎬY ᎻᎾᎬ
A Cophine fanfic. Delphine just moved to America from France. Her neighbor is a girl with brown dreadlocks named Cosima. They are both 17 years old. Delphine meets Cosim...
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The Sacred Family (A Cophine Fanfic) by BookLord5
The Sacred Family (A Cophine Fanfi...by BookLord5
All of the clone mess is cleaned up. Delphine and Cosima can now have a normal life together, the way they always wanted things. But with a new baby on the way, will thi...
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puppy eyes by stormhunter2405
puppy eyesby stormhunter2405
cophine (Cosima+delphine fanfic) the inside story. All the thing that happen between the episodes I don't own any of the characters the belong to the creators of orphan...
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Camp Unhinged by cannibal-nightmares
Camp Unhingedby cannibal-nightmares
Trapped in the middle of a high school AU, 50+ characters from 12+ fandoms are clashed together in the middle of a summer camp. What could possibly go wrong?! Crossov...
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Soulmates- A Cophine Story by Shayeri06
Soulmates- A Cophine Storyby
Cosima and Delphine are the most electrifying couple on hit television show 'Orphan Black'. Sarah, Alison, Helena, Racheal and Cosima are clones. Therefore they look al...
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Coming Home by ThiliaEstel
Coming Homeby Benedicted
A fanfiction about a girl who was adopted by Benedict Cumberbatch after something happened to her which she is not really willing to talk about. Will he be able to give...
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Let me help you. by Tiburnati
Let me help you.by Tiburnati
Cosima and Delphine OneShot with a little bit of Shay. Student/Teacher AU
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Learning to love (sarah manning fanfic) by girlmeetsfandoms
Learning to love (sarah manning fa...by Anya
This story does not follow the plot line of orphan black at least for now so you do not have needed to watch the show to read this story. Sarah Manning has just started...
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Again//A Cophine Story {DISCONTINUED} by you_took_my_broccoli
Again//A Cophine Story {DISCONTINU...by ᎷᎾNKᎬY ᎻᎾᎬ
A Cophine story. Hi! Ny name is Cosima Niehaus. There is not much to say about me. Actually only one thing. I am different. I don't feel good in this world. I don't...
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The 'Guest' Teacher by britishxmermaid
The 'Guest' Teacherby britishxmermaid
Cosima, a teacher. Delphine, almost a teacher. They learn to know each other cause Delphine is sent from her University to watch Cosima teaching. You're confused? Jus...
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The Missing Few by TheMissingFew
The Missing Fewby Ham and Amy
All characters in this Fanfic are owned by BBC America's Orphan Black. This fanfic is what we would like to be a movie or a season 6 of the show. Enjoy!
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Of merpeople and pirates (Cophine) by kashymcgrath
Of merpeople and pirates (Cophine)by Sara
Delphine is a young mermaid who's in love with the surface. Cosima is a pirate who's not interested in the war between ocean and the land.
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Book of Random Fandomness by _Moffats_Apprentice_
Book of Random Fandomnessby Sky
Where I shall fangirl and you can fangirl/fanboy with me ^_^
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Cophine Little Thing Called Love by YepStillQueer
Cophine Little Thing Called Loveby MarlouMalnegro
Palm sweating, heart pounding, and she couldn't breathe--that's how Cosima felt. But it wasn't because of her lungs collapsing or anything. It was because of the beautif...
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