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little do you know: the december drabbles // niall horan au by nightingiall
little do you know: the december d...by nightingiall
Little Do You Know Series (book 1/3) Namona Shaw and Niall Horan were never friends. But some things change when you're stuck in a log cabin for a week. A University AU...
lovefool // niall horan spy au by nightingiall
lovefool // niall horan spy auby nightingiall
Sameera loves people. She finds them endlessly fascinating, which is why she loves her job, where she gets to analyze what makes them tick. Not all people are particular...
cold coffee in the evening // niall horan au by nightingiall
cold coffee in the evening // nial...by nightingiall
Nisha Lall is sort of used to living in the shadow of her older sister. She doesn't have anything against that. After all, she'd much rather hide out in a corner with a...
Book one: The Memories of a Lost Knight by Dandelion_is_typing
Book one: The Memories of a Lost K...by Dandelion
I stood completely still for a moment and then staggered a few steps backwards. He then slowly lifted his crystal, which transformed into two glowing daggers. He caught...
Beyond Grey Skies [harry styles ou] by infinitiae
Beyond Grey Skies [harry styles ou]by leigh
There's more to life than stellar grades, failed classes, and surpassing the expectations set on yourself. Sometimes, all you need is a friend to wait out the storm with...
Fifteen [h.s.] by serenailith
Fifteen [h.s.]by seren
When Seren has to say goodbye to her sister at thirteen, her life is turned upside down. The loss rocks her entire family and becomes the talk of the town. When she is a...
Ask Outerverse! by Solaire14911
Ask Outerverse!by Marshmallow Matey
Outerverse. A Universe in which the stars above take the form of skeletons. Ask them anything!
Anima Remnants by EnvyAzazel
Anima Remnantsby EnvyAzazel
Shiki Kitamara was just about your average, everyday teenager who would get into trouble before or after school. Living with his grandfather for most of his life in a ol...
RENEGADE - a Male!Superpowered!Reader Story. by astronautGraze
RENEGADE - a Male!Superpowered!Rea...by Astronaut Graze
There once was a time when humanity lived in fear of disease, but with the advent of modern medicine they all but vanished. Yet in the shadows there grew something more...
The In-Between by mortal_kings
The In-Betweenby Atlas
My vision goes blurry, and then all I see is darkness. Is this it? Did I do it, did I die?! This can't really be all. Darkness for all I see? I escaped! I escaped for...
Walking the Gallows ✔️ by RogueSnow
Walking the Gallows ✔️by 𝕽σ𝖌υ𝖊 𝕾ɳ𝖔ɯ
2019 1st place winner of the AuroraAwards "MYSTERY/THRILLER" category 2019 2nd place winner of the #YouCanDoAnything Awards "THRILLER/MYSTERY" catego...
Thin Ice's Antics by SunsetLovesYoshi
Thin Ice's Anticsby Varlaam ꕥ #BLM
Short stories about my characters! This is an original universe created by me ^^
Always with my Art Book!!!! by Lunarkyx
Always with my Art Book!!!!by Luna
So my Second art book, first being "With my sketchbook" I just draw some stuff here like my characters, some quick sketch fanarts and important projects with d...
Tales of Neo Hai City by headphoneslynx
Tales of Neo Hai Cityby Lynx
A collection of Oneshots/short stories that take place within an Original Universe of superheroes, supervillains, and anti-heroes with an overarching plot that's pretty...
𝓧𝓲𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓪 by OwO_PoisonEggroll
𝓧𝓲𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓪by Ray/Crow
Year is 2038-2040 This is my universe! I put a lot of work into this :') I get some of the names from Fantasy Names Generator! This will be updated at the most random...
The love goddess by creativeHourglass
The love goddessby creativeHourglass
A romance fantasy about an angel spirit lost in time, on the run from a crazy demon she learns on earth that she had been a ledgend known as the love goddess, useing her...