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Aburame Shino × Reader  by 99Human
Aburame Shino × Reader by 99% Human
Shino is now a Sensei at the Ninja Academy. Will he find his love finally, in you? I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters but here is a fan fiction of Aburame Shi...
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Unforeseen by TheWalkingDeathEater
Unforeseenby ~thanks, its the depression~
September 1st, 1976. The scarlet of the Hogwarts Express is the same colour as Lily Evans' hair as she boards for her sixth year of Hogwarts. Elsewhere in the castle, a...
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Legacy by volturi_guard
Legacyby 𝚒_𝚔𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚍_𝚌𝚞𝚙𝚒𝚍
|©2020| |ongoing| Raven Blaze was known throughout the supernatural world as the Supreme Alpha Female with iron fists and a heart of stone. Feared throughout the world...
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Duo Promptuary | ✘ by holystell
Duo Promptuary | ✘by ᵉ ˢ ᵗ ᵉ ˡ ˡ ᵉ
here you will find my entries throughout february for a monthly writing challenge.
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Heroes Such As We by Strange_Hyena
Heroes Such As Weby weirdlyArtistic[WA]
The F-Up Crew weren't heroes. They were far from them. Yet the world was so determined to prove them wrong. Sometimes, the only way to survive was to push back. Even if...
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Original Characters (my OCs) by datnugget69
Original Characters (my OCs)by glaceybaby69
Yeah this is just character crap :)
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The Demon and the Slayer by Lunareclipesia
The Demon and the Slayerby Ziel
Keres, a very powerful demon, was taking a stroll to get some food when she ran into an injured slayer. She took a strange liking to him, and it seems that her hatred fo...
Help Me Find Home by JesseBrwn5
Help Me Find Homeby Jesse
When two young boys venture into the growing danger of the world, not only does their love for adventure grow stronger, so does their love for one another.
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Squashed Beetles by CoffeeAndHistory
Squashed Beetlesby SirGawain
I won't lie, this is a super self-indulgent Beetlejuice/School of Rock crossover fanfiction. Band rivals, drama, and more!
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The Initiation - WORLD OF SHADOWS BOOK #1 by luuvmoonie
The Initiation - WORLD OF SHADOWS...by lets ;
Ravena didn't quite get the "normal" life growing up. Wrapped up around secrets, moving from one city to another according to her mother's whim, and drifting f...
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What Do I Want? A Dick Grayson Interracial Love Story by batmanwife13
What Do I Want? A Dick Grayson Int...by batmanwife13
Elaine Allen is an artistic, yet hard-working Black woman from San Diego, California. Criticized for her deep love of comics, she finds comfort in thinking about what li...
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Gaara of the Desert × Reader (Incomplete) by 99Human
Gaara of the Desert × Reader (Inco...by 99% Human
Gaara has always been feared of and hated for his powers as a Jinchuriki, but his heart is changed by Naruto and shortly he becomes Kazekage. Shortly, Temari falls in lo...
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Test Results by SophieWalters
Test Resultsby Sophie Walters
Jaya and Camryn find themselves in a hospital waiting room.
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Ward E by Avax17
Ward Eby Sleeping Beauty™️
Welcome to Ward E The place were freaks are just like you
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He Was and I Was by ametanwriting
He Was and I Wasby Ame Tan
Easton wasn't a fan of social activities. He preferred working in his room and staying near the walls at parties. But then his friend and business partner, Selena, told...
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Mirrors Apart by vel4life
Mirrors Apartby Velly
She's about to have her world turned upside down. Cups and candles, cool but when mirrors are a part of this legend she'd rather not know what's lurking in the shadows.
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Suicidal Attitude is a Bad Thing? Pfft, I Live with It Everyday. by EFTShturman
Suicidal Attitude is a Bad Thing...by Shturman (EFT)
Nick is a rather suicidal person. If you saw him in past and look at him today, you'll know the reason he is suicidal. If he wasn't bullied much, it wouldn't happen. Con...
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"I'm Sorry.." Red x Green  by Potatogal1
"I'm Sorry.." Red x Green by Potato gal
Warning: Cutting and depressing content is inside. I hope you have mentally prepared yourself. I hope you enjoy this book now onto the description.. Green has had enou...
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Luna Negra by biafaita
Luna Negraby biafaita
Minha primeira história total e completamente Original. Luna Clark é uma garota como você e eu. Com amigos, família e que vai á escola. Até que um dia, sua vida muda par...