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Jack'oet 【a lovers prisoners 】 by puppetsoultaker
Jack'oet 【a lovers prisoners 】by puppetsoultaker
Sometimes you have to know who is the right key...don't rush to fast or you'll end up with a bad key... they may never keep that heart from cracking...but eventually kee...
  • originalfanfic
  • originalcharacter
  • toxic
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Peter's One Weakness by MagicForever
Peter's One Weaknessby MagicForever
There was something wrong with Galatea. She had no disabilities, health issues or social problems but there was something...off about her, she knew it. Her only true fri...
  • ouat
  • originalfanfic
  • rumplestiltskin
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A New Beginning - Original Yaoi FriendFiction - Lonner Book 1 by CottonSwirlPWS
A New Beginning - Original Yaoi Fr...by CottonSwirlPWS
Logan and Conner are in a secret relationship, but Austin has a crush on Logan. With the help of a few other people, Austin will try to win Logan's heart. He'll do whate...
  • lime
  • pinewoodstories
  • friendfiction
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N I G H T B O L T - Origins by KreativeInsperation
N I G H T B O L T - Originsby Jedi's Blood
Vale Woodwren was an average teenager with an average life, but that all changes when tragedy strikes and one of her best friends dies. Vale takes to the streets saving...
  • adventure
  • marvel
  • youngadult
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The savior by lana_the_werewolf
The saviorby Lana the were wolf
What happens when all you ever knew about yourself you forgot....Well that's what happened to angelina the only thing she remembers is her name well read on to find out...
  • originalfanfic
THE COUNTRY (TWD/MCU/GA - AU: Original Fanfic) by SuddenlyCrushed
The country is a huge sized community, as big as a good funcional city, with thousands of habitants, amazingly camouflaged and impossible to detect from the outside, tha...
  • andrewlincoln
  • steverogers
  • normanreedus
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Assassin's Creed:  La Cosa Nostra by Jxcob_Frye
Assassin's Creed: La Cosa Nostraby D E F Y
The Roaring Twenties, a time of jazz music, beauty and fashion. But also, a time of gangs, crime and death. Marilyn Clement, a girl of pure beauty and talent, meets a g...
  • newyork
  • gangs
  • originalstory
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If It Wasn't Suicide by GRELLISMINE4LIFE
If It Wasn't Suicideby GRELLISMINE4LIFE
What if Hannah Baker didn't commit suicide? What if she died in another way? Heart attack? Stroke? Murder? Read on to find out the real reason that Hannah Baker died. *...
  • originalfanfic
  • itwasntsuicide
  • 13reasonswhy
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If I was in Fairy Tail... by LilithOrendaBlack
If I was in Fairy Tail...by LilithOrendaBlack
Lilith finds herself lost in a strangely forest, at a very young age. She travels through a dark forest, before collapsing with exhaustion. Welcome to Earth-land! (Just...
  • jerza
  • nalu
  • zervis
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Ask and Dare All FNaF 2 by girlywonder
Ask and Dare All FNaF 2by Taigo the ram
We're back with more characters than ever! Also featuring Maddie and Illusion. They will be ask and dare able characters so don't forget about them! New and improved
  • fnaf2
  • fnaf3
  • pizzaaaaaaaaa
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John Marino and The Misinterpretation of Circumstance by ThaddeusBlackDemigod
John Marino and The Misinterpretat...by Alex
John Marino, formerly John Watson, was born into a family that wasn't his. He grew up, orphaned, his parents dying when he was young, leaving him alone. When he was 11...
  • originalfanfic
  • terriblewriter
  • nevergonnafinish
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Janie Q. Mikelson by Beeb2020
Janie Q. Mikelsonby B
Janie's the name and death's the game: I guess I blame my Dad for it, but it's really my fault. I'm the one that said it was nothing and worried them. Dad wouldn't have...
  • mikaelson
  • originalfanfic
  • fanfiction
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The story of two tales by pikachukite
The story of two talesby misty krohn
Meh. I love Zed. Hes on the cover but I kinda saw him as Kiba. Read to find out about my little buddy. Disclaimer I do not own the Xmen nor do i own the heroes and villi...
  • action-adventure
  • originalfanfic
  • idonotownx-men
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Team Creative:The Full Story by Skittlez2306
Team Creative:The Full Storyby Skitz
THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD, AND BEING CLEANED UP. Expect updates in the near future.
  • teamcreative
  • school
  • bunny
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The Hunger Games - The Mockingjay days aren't over by leeannugh
The Hunger Games - The Mockingjay...by LeeAnna A. Morris
This is the life of Katniss Everdee- I mean, Katniss Mellark, Peeta Mellark, Rose Mellark, who is named after the sweet sweet younger sibling of Katniss, Primrose... Who...
  • hungergamesfanfic
  • originalfanfic
  • newfanfiction
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