Private Affair ⇻ Klaroline by PicklePinkest
Private Affair ⇻ Klarolineby PicklePinkest
Caroline Forbes never would have jumped into bed with Niklaus Mikaelson if she'd known he was her new boss. But now she's unable to resist the intense passion she feels...
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Peter's One Weakness by MagicForever
Peter's One Weaknessby MagicForever
There was something wrong with Galatea. She had no disabilities, health issues or social problems but there was something...off about her, she knew it. Her only true fri...
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To Find the Guardians by CaetlynGlitterStorm
To Find the Guardiansby CaetlynGlitterStorm
The day the mysterious building showed up was the day the Guardians disappeared and were forgotten. This building contains many secrets, not all of which are the most st...
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