In the Blood by Jagermeanshunter
In the Bloodby Jagermeanshunter
Charlie LaSalle didn't know she'd let the devil buy her a drink that night. Maybe if she had, she wouldn't have sold her soul later on. All she wanted was to get away fr...
  • mob
  • money
  • cartel
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Pitman's Legend: God is Gracious by WhispersConfusions
Pitman's Legend: God is Graciousby WhispersConfusions
{BOOK TWO OF THE JAMAL PITMAN SERIES} Synopsis coming soon Highest Rank: #23 in Action on 5/3/2018
  • malikpitman
  • murder
  • action
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The Library (Prologue) by Cakeboss82
The Library (Prologue)by Cakeboss82
~~~Authors Notes~~~ ===The story here is just a prologue for the entire novel I'm writing (but can be described as its own short story) , keep in mind this is just scrap...
  • tipoftheiceberg
  • organizedcrime
  • explorers
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Mafia King   #Wattys2018 by ElleGrey83
Mafia King #Wattys2018by Elle Grey
Julian is the Don of the most respected mafia family in Detroit. He has power, money, and women. What more does he need? What he doesn't need is a distraction. He has to...
  • italian
  • mature
  • organizedcrime
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10-33 Assist PC by Realdesmondryan
10-33 Assist PCby Desmond P Ryan
In the last days of October thirteen years ago, a team of undercover cops were on the verge of cracking a mid-sized prostitution ring wide open. Detective Constable Mik...
  • crimefiction
  • originalcharacter
  • crimefighter
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"Alchemist" by ArisuCat
"Alchemist"by ArisuCat
An Alchemists apprentice, Sholi is really a spy. But, she will renounce her supposed destiny & gods to become an anti-paladin, following her own path. Namely, ruthlessl...
  • organizedcrime
  • magic
  • anti-paladin
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The Organized Crime by buttonexo18
The Organized Crimeby buttonexo
Carmella Adante: A refugee in all senses. Unable to find the strength to face her abusive family and boyfriend in Miami, she flees to the big apple, hoping to start fre...
  • cigars
  • possesive
  • italy
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Mafia's Angel by mootuna
Mafia's Angelby Ruby
Valeria Santos lives with her parents and spends her time helping out in the small bar they own. She would do anything for her family. That's why, when mysterious men co...
  • criminal
  • boss
  • drama
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War Bride by SallyMason1
War Brideby Sal
EXCERPT ONLY: On the internet, you never know who's on the other side! Trying to escape from her conservative parents and her boring life in backwater Indiana, eighteen...
  • domesticviolence
  • violence
  • betrayal
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The Lethal Triple Action by onedaydreams
The Lethal Triple Actionby onedaydreams
London in the 1960s. Everyone had a story about the Krays. You could walk into any pub to hear a lie or two about them. But I was there and I'm not careless with the tru...
  • ronniekray
  • organizedcrime
  • mafia
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Liability by queenofthewips
Liabilityby Queenie J. Alexander
A mysterious new designer drug. A Russian mob heir parading as a dorky English teacher at an all boys academy for filthy rich boys. A nosy spoiled brat, who just doesn'...
  • secretidentities
  • violence
  • firstcrush
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Medicine by dowling310
Medicineby valerie310
Adelaide Marie Williams knew the moment she witnessed her first case of social injustice at the tender age of thirteen that life as a black women wasn't going to be easy...
  • organized-crime
  • medicine
  • interracial
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Spotlight by adiamondbythebay
Spotlightby T. Lynnette Murray
Elena King, once Elena Carter, a regular girl with hopes of becoming a professional dancer, has entered the Nonpareil Order, the secret illegal world that controls the s...
  • mafia
  • dance
  • newage
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