Beautiful Wife and Genius Son by aSHuNa7164
Beautiful Wife and Genius Sonby 슌
*story not mine, offline reading purposes only* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- author: Su Yue Yao Yao (四月妖妖) raw l...
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Our Way by Purplejeans
Our Wayby Ilana Quinn
Pamela Anne Kelly has always been one to play by the rules. As a wealthy nineteen-year-old girl in post-war America, she has one expected and vital duty: to marry the ma...
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Pitman's Legend: God is Gracious by WhispersConfusions
Pitman's Legend: God is Graciousby WhispersConfusions
{BOOK TWO OF THE JAMAL PITMAN SERIES} Synopsis coming soon Highest Rank: #23 in Action on 5/3/2018
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The Devil and The Spider by Love_IsAStrongWord
The Devil and The Spiderby Leah Billings
Vera took over the family business only a few short years ago. She is a strict but fair leader, to most... Katarina, better known as Spyder, was the leader of her own ca...
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Pitman's Legend [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
Pitman's Legend [COMPLETED]by WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] {BOOK ONE OF THE JAMAL PITMAN SERIES} At the ripe old age of sixteen, Jamal Pitman is forced to join the crime family his father works within. Training to be...
  • killer
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The Lethal Triple Action by onedaydreams
The Lethal Triple Actionby onedaydreams
London in the 1960s. Everyone had a story about the Krays. You could walk into any pub to hear a lie or two about them. But I was there and I'm not careless with the tru...
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Warren: Novella 0.5 by L-M-Tumelty
Warren: Novella 0.5by Lindsey Marie
This is Liam Warrens' novella to 'The London Crime King Series." You do not have to read this book first, but it is optional to those readers who would love to know...
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Everybody Wants To Rule The World by TheQuixoticExpress
Everybody Wants To Rule The Worldby Quixxy
A slightly incoherent Hetalia organized crime AU with far too much purple prose and philosophical rambling. Main pairing is Romerica. Other pairings include Dennor, past...
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death penalty club // bts by WengyDave
death penalty club // btsby bins
•• there are lot of questions. What is that red smoke? What are those strange noises at night? Who would want to kidnap 7 deadly criminals and trap them in an abandoned...
  • yoongi
  • organizedcrime
  • fanfiction
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In the Blood by Jagermeanshunter
In the Bloodby Jagermeanshunter
Charlie LaSalle didn't know she'd let the devil buy her a drink that night. Maybe if she had, she wouldn't have sold her soul later on. All she wanted was to get away fr...
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