Taylor Bradford  by YubiWritesBooks
Taylor Bradford by YubiWritesBooks
  • mummy
  • action
  • drama
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One Shot Hot. Shipp CNCO. by DramaQueenAV
One Shot Hot. Shipp CNCO.by ⚝ Hilem Valencia ⚝
Smut Shipp CNCO.
  • chrisdiel
  • boyxboy
  • ristopher
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Two Minds & Two Worlds |BaekYeon| by kangdaniexol
Two Minds & Two Worlds |BaekYeon|by chaelin
Fate brings two opposites: one having no will to live, and one with a secret he wouldn't dare to share.
  • exoshidae
  • kyungsoo
  • chen
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Hunter x Hunter one shots  by Kur13pika
Hunter x Hunter one shots by Camilla kurta
know every thing in the story
  • oreo
  • gonkillua
  • kkurapika
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DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE  by Kur13pika
DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE by Camilla kurta
So this book is a rewrite book of I'm sorry cuz I didn't like that book and it didn't went the way i want to so here if you want more things about the story check in the...
  • hunterxhunter
  • killuazoldyck
  • gon
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Our Love Story's Twist [Baekyeon]  by baekyeon_kaistal
Our Love Story's Twist [Baekyeon] by Baekyeon_kaistal
Taeyeon is moving into a school, that will take her in a roller coaster, she will meet SNSD and become friends, lots of things will come at her and if them is Baekhyun...
  • girlsgeneration
  • snsd
  • fanfic
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Mango Butter(2) by WriterKPC
Mango Butter(2)by WriterKPC
Second Book in the Hair Butter series. If you like this so far you should probably read Shae Butter first. "I don't curse, but I hate your fucking guts Jason, your...
  • sequel
  • interracial
  • young
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AGENT FÉNIX {#Wattys2018}by Sarah_A
Cover made by YunaHongo ❤ "You're A Pussy" I Say To Him. "Wha-" "I Said You're A Pussy, Deal With It... Or Are You Gonna Cry Like A Baby?" ...
  • funnyromance
  • pleasewithacherryontop
  • baddass
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Book Reviews [CLOSED TO CATCH UP] by anilod12
Book Reviews [CLOSED TO CATCH UP]by Oreo
*I don't own any of the images on the cover. Copyrights go to the rightful owners.* Leave a comment and I'll review your book! Honest Critiques and Reviews. Feel like y...
  • skittles
  • recognition
  • nonfiction
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Shop of Photoshop by OreoOof
Shop of Photoshopby Kawaii Oreo
Hello! This is my shop of photoshop, I will be photoshoping things you need or just want to see. Your first cover is free and any photoshop pictures are free. There is a...
  • paul
  • photocreator
  • picture
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Devil? Or Angel? by khansa_mo
Devil? Or Angel?by khansa_mo
Have you ever been kidnapped before?? No? Then you are very lucky because it's not as fun as it sounds. Maybe. Yes? Then I wish that your kidnapper is better then mine. ...
  • oreo
  • pranks
  • kidnapped
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OC Book by The_Heart_of_January
OC Bookby Azure
My characters I've made that I will put in this book. Art that was drawn for these characters will be displayed as well.
  • elm
  • sapho
  • poplar
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The Darkest White by artliaa
The Darkest Whiteby Aaliyah Ali
In which a girl learns to love herself in all her melanin and kinky haired glory.
  • black
  • diversity
  • humour
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Oreo by TheMostSlytherclaw
Oreoby Ravenclaw Riddle
a classic marriage law. Project A.M.Y. has come into view. After 40% of the population drops, ministry workers worked on project A.M.Y. Arranged Marriage for Youth is a...
  • parkinson
  • malfoy
  • lovegood
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She's A Trouble Maker  by JamieBluexoxo1
She's A Trouble Maker by JamieBluexoxo1
This book is a sequel to he's a troublemaker preview below Harley West, daughter of Madeline and Hunter West. Fearless and in love with Nutella yet she doesn't believe...
  • harley
  • chemistry
  • twins
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Oops My Bad ✔️ by GalaxysDiamond
Oops My Bad ✔️by GalaxysDiamond
"Oops my bad, did I roll my eyes out loud?" "Yeah, you kinda did. I think I'm deaf now." ••• Astra-Nova Jaxson has everything planned: - Sass up anyo...
  • food
  • craziness
  • muslim
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Lil Ol' Me ♡ by _Cloudy_Skies
Lil Ol' Me ♡by ♡Little Kiddo♡
Hai! My name's Ori. This is my little book. Enjoy~♡
  • oreo
  • littlespace
  • ddlgguide
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Diary Kay by KaylaBailey1
Diary Kayby Egg Head
Hopefully I'll post everyday.
  • white
  • confessions
  • teenager
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Random Rants  by AstronomyReads46
Random Rants by #StandByJane
I would like to write this book for updates, late night thoughts, and random crap. Hehe, yeah. This book is weird -My Neighbor Can I have my twenty dollars now? - Class...
  • haha
  • random
  • weird
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The flower shop girl  by QueenDebie7
The flower shop girl by Deborah Mng
This is a story about a girl who owned a flower shop with her family And her neighbor that just moved next door to the shop Will they be good neighbors?
  • girl
  • teens
  • humor
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