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Sword Art Online: The Ghost (SAOXOC/MaleReader) by Publictomb
Sword Art Online: The Ghost (SAOXO...by Harbinger
The year is 2022. The world has been waiting in anticipation for the very first full-dive VR system the NerveGear. The NerveGear was designed to fully immerse wearers in...
The Lightning Swordsmen (Book 2) by Knotavin
The Lightning Swordsmen (Book 2)by Knotavin
(U/N) cleared the SAO but at what cost? He lost three people who he cared about, two have died and he can't find the other one in the real world. What challenges will he...
Naruto Uzumaki hijo de Kushina Uzumaki Y Minato Namikaze grandes héroes que salvaron su aldea...dando sus vidas y ahora era turno de este después haber derrotado a la di...
Yume Janai by Sumi_Chan
Yume Janaiby ƒℓєυя иσιя ❤
¿Que pasó después de que Asuna y Kazuto volvieran del campamento tras la lluvia de estrellas? ¿Como reaccionaron sus familias? Todo eso y más aquí. Post Ordinal Scala Fi...
Ordinal Scale (4th story in the SAO:the beginning) by BekkersKitty
Ordinal Scale (4th story in the SA...by Rebekah Hiatt
A few months after the ALO incident, a new technology unravels called the Augma. Instead of using the amusphere in bed (The nervegears successor), everything all around...
Way of Memories by YuiKirigaya29
Way of Memoriesby Yui Kirigaya
No importa si pierde todos sus recuerdos, volveré a enamorarla una y otra vez, porque ver su sonrisa, sentir su cuerpo junto al mio y escuchar su voz todos los días al d...
The Miracle Melody (SAO fanfic) by AverySimpleSimp
The Miracle Melody (SAO fanfic)by Towairaito•2000
Music? Now? I turned my head to see a girl about my age with brown hair, white and blue clothes. This music wasn't any old music it felt like it gave me the strength to...
Funny Sword Art Online Memes by Pika_Girl_Rebel
Funny Sword Art Online Memesby Eryn Johnson
(HIGHEST RANKINGS: #2 in ordinalscale) Want a laugh? Read this book of funny SAO Memes!
Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale «Another Game Log» by RinielNiel
Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale «A...by Riniel
4 tahun berlalu semenjak insiden S.A.O. Di tahun 2026, alat yang menggunakan AR, «Augma», telah menyebar di seluruh dunia. Tak ada lagi yang bisa membayangkan sebuah p...
Fractured Memories by jamesbond3w
Fractured Memoriesby Vampire Cavalry and Lady Yuuki
A new level of virtual play and lifestyles have taken the form of the Augma. This simple earpiece have advanced reality into a new age of augmented reality. Many systems...
SAO: Ordinal Scale Yuna Delete by ASKTGOM
SAO: Ordinal Scale Yuna Deleteby Syoko Ryoutarou
I am going crazy with lyric books right after my exam since they make me feel relaxed. But I will get on with it
Sword Art Online Fanfiction // Augma Hinterhalt by mary_mishima
Sword Art Online Fanfiction // Aug...by Mary Mishima
Eine Sao Fanfiction die eine Mischung aus GGO und Ordinal Scale ist. Die Geschichte ist frei erfunden! Zum Großteil geht es um den mysteriösen Mörder namens Death Gun de...
Sword Art Online: Phantom Tears by EdmondBlackhyll
Sword Art Online: Phantom Tearsby Edmond Blackhyll
In una timeline alternativa agli eventi di Alicization, sono passate poche settimane dall'avvento di Ordinal Scale. Un grande torneo di sopravvivenza attende Sinon e i s...
Bağlantı Kurulsun! by real4rd4
Bağlantı Kurulsun!by real4rd4
Oyun Dünyası'nın Gizemlerini,Hayatını yaşamayı seven bir çocuk.Adı Arda.Tabi Ordinal Scale'daki Adı Incursio.Bu Dünyada Bir çok iyi insanla tanışır.Hikayesi Burada,Decto...
SAO OS- Yuna - Ubiquitous db by ASKTGOM
SAO OS- Yuna - Ubiquitous dbby Syoko Ryoutarou
In honor of Sword Art Online: The Ordinal Scale, I wanted to do lyric books for the beloved cute Yuna, which is an AI which runs on her own program in the movie.
The Conductive Singing Hero: Mu by SkyQueen0
The Conductive Singing Hero: Muby Sky Queen
Ever since childhood, Yuuna had been learning to play the piano and classical guitar. For she herself preferred singing, especially pop or anime songs, but she lacked th...
The Fight To Survive (A Sword Art Online Original Fanfic) by StoryMaster369
The Fight To Survive (A Sword Art...by The Doctor
This will be following the storyline were you will play as a character called Serena or raven and will meet everyone and some unexpected things happen in this story....A...
Sword Art Online - Yuuna's Side by Anime_BunBunny
Sword Art Online - Yuuna's Sideby Anime_BunBunny
What have Yuuna been through? This whole story is about her living in SAO before her death. Yuuna is a character that is kind and a lovely person. She is only introduc...
Lord Sylph's Movie, Game, and Anime Reviews! by Darth_Sylph
Lord Sylph's Movie, Game, and Anim...by Darth Moderus
A collection of my opinions on various movies I've watched, you can leave requests for movies in the comments, as well as your own opinions! Enjoy! Sylph out! (The cover...