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Playing With Fire - Kaiah & Mason - Morning Shower by ashboeepisode
Playing With Fire - Kaiah & Mason...by Ash B.
Kaiah and Mason wake up ready for another round. This follows the events in Episode 8 - You're Playing Dirty of Playing With Fire on Episode.
BeanBoozled into Love  by SimiDontEatThat
BeanBoozled into Love by SimiDontEatThat
Hermione organizes a game of beanboozled and she and Neville get close.
A Special Meeting (Alilicia smut) (18+) by letsdanceLance
A Special Meeting (Alilicia smut)...by LanceInVans
Ali and Alicia organized a special meeting in an abandoned storage room. (AGED UP CHARACTERS!) And also a collection of Alilicia smut will be added here too. (Ps: Sorry...
Eddie Munson ~One Shots~ by Eddiemunsonswifey37
Eddie Munson ~One Shots~by Eddiemunsonswifey37
Just mini smut stories about the sexy Eddie Munson!!!!
Her Cravings by luciferwriting
Her Cravingsby D
It's not about him, its about her cravings. (A Woman's POV.)
~Us~ Theo x Denzel by lovely_sxm1
~Us~ Theo x Denzelby 💗
Have you ever had to hide your relationship at school? Pretend to be best mates but actually secret boyfriends? Here's the story...
𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 by nayooniee
𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝by nayooniee
Jimin loves to tease his boyfriend in public, knowing well the younger won't do anything but suffer in silence. His plan goes wrong when they go to a nightclub and Jungk...
You Know What I Need by abanoniloni
You Know What I Needby abanoniloni
So I friend of mine really likes Billy Hargrove so she tasked me to write this short Smut story for her i hope she enjoys it.
Do I get a raise? (OLD VERSION) by Nathanthegayest
Do I get a raise? (OLD VERSION)by Nathan <333
In this story, Stolas is an imp/Succubus. He works at I.M.P. because he has an Asmodeus crystal helping them to travel to the human realm. Throughout the missions and me...
Louis gets in the band by n40t31nt3r3ss4
Louis gets in the bandby não é importante
After the disaster that was Louis' presentation, he was called to Simon Cowell office, so he could maybe get a second change. He just didn't know the way he would get.
JHS - ONE DAY STAND? by hopeful_fictions
How's J-Hope a conservative man transcends his own boundaries a shows his blue side to his fellow artist (younger than himself) Y/n. It's basically love at first sex. ...
Kate's Christmas Wish by Peregrine3439911
Kate's Christmas Wishby Peregrine3439911
Kate's wish!!!!!!!!!!! The Christmas Chronicles
Please Date Me? -Twilight and Harry Potter Fanfiction- by HP_and_PJ_nerd19568
Please Date Me? -Twilight and Harr...by 💖Audrey💖
You Are So Lovely and Have a Wonderful Name Hahaha Anyways Please Date Me? -Twilight and Harry Potter Fanfiction- Harry moves to Forks, Washington, where he runs into ou...
Never Have I Ever by LadyMosh_666
Never Have I Everby 💚🤍🧡
When the prison falls, it's just Maddie, Beth, and Daryl. The three work hard to fufill Beth's wish of her first drink. When they do, secrets and feelings are revealed...
Love you, Kris by Krisko_kuku
Love you, Krisby
Their long, blissful caresses and sentimental sex are an expression of great love for each other.
Love is Blindness-why we do the things we do by fatboy1964
Love is Blindness-why we do the th...by fatboy1964
A common-sense guide to life, love, self-analysis, dating, sex, masturbation, porn, marriage, cheating & breaking up This book is dedicated to anyone who's single, but...
irl schlattbur by _Gegg_
irl schlattburby Toby
schlattbur but irl
Arizona's Teddy Bear by Bobbiejelly
Arizona's Teddy Bearby bobbiejelly
Arizona and Teddy explore sexually with each other while they are both single. They become friends with benefits and they share stories about their pasts. Friendship...
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