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OutlawQueen One Shots by reginasevilregal
OutlawQueen One Shotsby reginasevilregal
A collection of OutlawQueen One Shots, ranging from heartbreak to domestic fluff. Mostly Robin taking care of Regina, because it warms up my heart to write this 💁🏻‍♀️...
Teaching Love by OriginalBeliever
Teaching Loveby OriginalBeliever
Two teachers, Mr.Locksley and Ms.Mills, are excited to start teaching side by side this new year. However, the rule follower that she is, Regina reluctantly falls in lov...
The Locksleys One-Shots by OQlover23
The Locksleys One-Shotsby 》°. • Izzy • .°《
A series of One Shots about the Locksley-Mills. Each take place in different places and times. Hope you enjoy. Ps: Mostly Outlawqueen
Seana Oneshots by seanasthief
Seana Oneshotsby seanasthief
the title says it all! this'll be a collection of seana oneshots. feel free to leave some prompts and feedback, I'd really appreciate it! || seana fanfiction
The Evil Queen's Daughter - SEQUEL by ReginaMills108a
The Evil Queen's Daughter - SEQUELby Sarah Pepper
"Nila, no matter what anyone tells you, you are a Mills, and no one can take that from you. You may not have grown up with me, but you are my daughter. It's in your...
16 and pregnant by herredapples
16 and pregnantby herredapples
At the age of 16 Regina wakes up feeling sick to her stomach and dizzy. When she gets a hold of a pregnancy test and takes it, her worst nightmare became possible. What...
Truest Love by reginasevilregal
Truest Loveby reginasevilregal
"That's Regina Mills. You don't want to befriend her." What made Regina put up those walls around herself? Is there anyone who can get past them? A story whic...
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by AlwaysOutlawQueen
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clausby Always Outlaw Queen
Outlaw Queen Christmas One Shot! Based on a tweet by Mayorsthief. Merry Christmas!
Seana One Shots by MoxieLuver17
Seana One Shotsby Hannah
After talking with some fellow Seana shippers, I decided to start writing one shots of Sean and Lana every once in awhile. First one: what I envision happened on the pla...
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together until the end by taekooka-apimentada
together until the endby Kim hyun juu
a historia e sobre dois irmãos que lutam pra ficar juntos e vão contra tudo e todos para tentarem ser felizes --baseado em um turno de rpg-- essa hitoria e como se o ta...
The Photo Op💕 by OnceUponAWish101
The Photo Op💕by OnceUponAWish101
Her Life changed all at one once upon a Time Convention when she got ready for his photo
Undercover(An OutlawQueen Story) by PassionWriterHJH
Undercover(An OutlawQueen Story)by PassionWriterHJH
Mills Inc. is the largest law firm in the nation. Run by Henry and Cora Mills, this is a family law firm and cares for each and every one of their clients. But something...
Only friends  by ouat_lover483
Only friends by Evilregal_lover
This is a story about how to find the light about how everything you wanted everything you've dreamed about you already had it the whole time you were just blinded be lo...
Once Upon A Time FanFic by blondegirl713
Once Upon A Time FanFicby blondegirl713
Well I wish I could say this isn't just gonna be another OQ story, but it's still going to be good if y'all stick with me I'd really love it
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Always Something To Learn by fairyfatcat
Always Something To Learnby a.
Since a young age Regina has always learned the importance of being smart, she was competitive and witty but there was something always lacking. Compassion. Now as a you...
Gin, Dresses and Mobsters by TheSideOfTheAngels
Gin, Dresses and Mobstersby Emma
1920's Gangster AU. Robin Locksley is the leader of a notorious New York gang, ruthless and charming in equal measures. But when a mystery woman hires his services for a...
OQ Fix It Week  by reginasxthief
OQ Fix It Week by Katelyn
A collection of one shots based on fixing anything possibly wrong with OQ! (Although mainly focusing on the plots provided)
Siblings on Purpose; ~DISCONTINUED~ by bates_conjuring
Siblings on Purpose; ~DISCONTINUED~by Carol 🌸
~ DISCONTINUED ~ They hate each other. They're always arguing, fighting and both of them have the dream for the other to get hit by a bus. But there's one thing they ha...
OUAT Messages by OuTlAw_Regal
OUAT Messagesby Sapphire
Messages between the couples and famlies of OUAT Robin and Regina mainly Also The Charming Family Swan-Mills Family Swan-Jones Family Hood-Mills Family