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Damsel in Distress -an Indian Story by Devashilpaasha
Damsel in Distress -an Indian Storyby Devashilpa asha
A love story created by destiny. Thanks to@xCherryBlossomx_ for the amazing story cover.
Don't Give Up On Me ✔ by Karenj128
Don't Give Up On Me ✔by KarenJ128
Every high schooler says that high school is hell, but for an eighteen-year-old, Isla, it really is. For someone who is so sweet and pure she doesn't deserve the tormen...
A Boy Named Jasper  {Wattpad Featured Novel} by MidnightRose55
A Boy Named Jasper {Wattpad Featu...by Ruby🔮
For with God nothing shall be impossible. (Luke 1:37) ~~~~~ Jasper is a screwed up kid, yet no one cares enough to find out why. Bruises hide his arms and alcohol stains...
Open My Eyes by MadisonYuresko
Open My Eyesby Madison Yuresko
"I'm blind, Angela, not a porcelain doll." "You could be Superman, and I'd still worry I broke you." He isn't like the others. He's blind. «» rew...
The Golden Soul [Sans X Reader] by AwesomeSans101
The Golden Soul [Sans X Reader]by AwesomeSans101
This adventure takes place after a neutral run where Frisk doesn't Reset. The new human that falls, (Y/n), is a very optimistic character that will once again bring happ...
Secret Love Story #wattys2017 (COMPLETED) by ginaholiday
Secret Love Story #wattys2017 (COM...by Gina Holiday
Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol were never supposed to 'work' as a couple. There were too many barriers blocking their path but sometimes you have to do the impossible in order...
Stars Will Fade | V Centric | Completed by Secretary_Him
Stars Will Fade | V Centric | Comp...by On Hiatus
ARMY... I am sorry... I am sorry for cheating you. Please forgive Taehyung for deceiving you. Now I am receiving my punishment for it. Kim Taehyung is receiving a huge p...
Belief in Miracles (completed) by LynnCannon
Belief in Miracles (completed)by Lynn Cannon
There were only two things Summer knew about Christians: that they were hypocrites, and that she wanted nothing to do with them or the God they worshiped. When she is ur...
The Tragedy of Comedy (Arthur/Joker x Main Character) by Krakenator
The Tragedy of Comedy (Arthur/Joke...by Krakenator
Arthur has always seen the world through different eyes. From his hearty chuckle, to the very core of his optimistic personality, he was always one to just smile. Unfort...
Happy poems by bittersweetcontent
Happy poemsby bittersweetcontent
These are not your classic doomy gloomy poems. These are the poems that give me life. These are the poems that bring me happiness and inspiration and I hope they do the...
Poetry  by AnimatedSlugs
Poetry by AnimatedSlugs
My collection of poetry is about coming to terms with different experiences and ideas. It is about shaking off the mask of idealism and finding realism in our issues and...
After The Rain by Dhollybee
After The Rainby Desprate Enuf
Serene Samson. A naturally beautiful, fine lady who seemed to be untouchable, kind, and soft-hearted. She had those pretty eyes that could drown you just like the sea th...
Opposites by Wunderlust_NY
Oppositesby Wunderlust _NY
She's Organised, he's messy She's confident, he's shy She's outspoken, he's quiet The list could go on and it starts with Cassie, career driven woman who's life is p...
You're Black! Wang Chae-rin AMBW by Zolatau
You're Black! Wang Chae-rin AMBWby Zola Tau
Like the obscure meaning of my name. " chae-rin" CHAE (彩) means "color." RIN (麟) means "female unicorn." I was a standard platform of the t...
Wanderlust by behind_the_plots
Wanderlustby Plot Player
A collection of typically short poetry in a range of genres that'll grow with time.
My Personal Diary *Under editing* by phetiamwantip
My Personal Diary *Under editing*by wantip phetiam
This is about my lifestyle of making friends online and giving them positive quotes for making them happy for doing some amazing work on their stories. #1 stand-up #10 l...
MAYBE by allthepoetscametodie
MAYBEby Beth
maybe gives hope air to breathe
Fractured Memory - A Silver The Hedgehog Fanfic by VentosRaingon
Fractured Memory - A Silver The He...by VentosRaingon
Silver the hedgehog returns to his future after the events of Sonic Forces, but things seem a little off. After finding himself in Soleanna, he can't help but feel like...
Quotes by Brian May  by The_fairx_king
Quotes by Brian May by !fαt n' depressed!
Here are some quotes said by the legendary Brain May, guitarist of Queen that express emotion and optimism.
As life goes on {ambw } by Zolatau
As life goes on {ambw }by Zola Tau
With every tragic tale, there is a reason for more tragedy. In the regards to the life of Yahwa, it was a statement that rang true. Yahwa is an African exchange student...