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Met In Paradise (Aaron x Reader) Remake in Process! by That_Emo_Gamer
Met In Paradise (Aaron x Reader) R...by 🖤ⒶN̶Øℕ☿𝕸ᎧU͓̽$💙
Y/N decided to visit sister, Jenna, when she got an invite to the one and only, Love Love Paradise. While she's staying there, she meets Jenna's new friends. A boy with...
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bully. |D.SWING| by babyjodeci
bully. |D.SWING|by baby.jodeci
Read it bitch you'll enjoy ☺️
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smile ▪ face claims • gif hunt by dilaurentisbitch
smile ▪ face claims • gif huntby gigi
smile, the worst is yet to come we'll be lucky if we ever see the sun got nowhere to go, we could be here for a while but the future is forever so smile ▪▪▪ ☆ in which i...
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Shrek x Elsa x Harry Styles x Hannah: A Love Story by miss_emo_queen33
Shrek x Elsa x Harry Styles x Hann...by thanos's front tooth
A love story about Hannah and all her unwilling AND willing sex slaves. Hannah loves big fat throbbing green gigantic ogre cock.
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The BIG Book of RANDOM by FallenStarXOXO
The BIG Book of RANDOMby FallenStarXOXO
Basically where I let out my random energy and things I would like the world to know. CAUTION: Too many intakes of random jokes may result in LAUGHTER :D
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The Lady in His Life by GoldenCoastBabe
The Lady in His Lifeby GoldenCoastBabe
Michael Jackson has passed away. Everyone and their mother has written a book about Michael, bashing him, praising him, telling true (or not so true) stories involving h...
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A Wrinkle In Time  by Lereyi
A Wrinkle In Time by lereyi
Meg and Maya are twin sisters two totally different personalities but are the best of friends when they go through a trip of time and space to find there father
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this is a book about the quotes that might mean more than just words the beautiful sentences are arranged into symphony of letters that might make you sad, mad, laugh, o...
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Everybody Gets Love by LanasFannyPack
Everybody Gets Loveby Pwussy Boi
When to incomplete lives meet to form a whole will it work out?
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Let The Church Say Amen by MJloveReese
Let The Church Say Amenby ‘mita
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ODD SQUAD GROUP CHATSby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ...
Exactly what the title says. Texting and such. Maybe some horribly written scenes if the plot calls for it. Warning: extreme gayness, oddness, and minor swearing coming...
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ENFJ Wisdom by hsh116
ENFJ Wisdomby
(عربي/ English) genuine advices of enfj's whose their experience in life is always a treasure that is carved in their hearts .. a treasure worth fighting for ... for it...
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Guide to Staying Confident by madly_adorkable
Guide to Staying Confidentby Jαmeshα
A guide of helpful ideas to save a girl's confidence.
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"Go to Mamma Oprah!" rant book 3 by itsyaalienqueen
"Go to Mamma Oprah!" rant book 3by Mina Ashido
Mute  by xsdrahx
Mute by ϵ( 'Θ' )϶
A Young girl goes by the name Y/N is a mute. She has been one ever since she lost her parents and was sent to the orphanage. As a new senior transfer student named Jeo...
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Adopted By Oprah by TheMajesticGoat
Adopted By Oprahby 'in a jiffy'
*The FIRST Oprah Adoption Fanfic!* Hi! My name is Orchid Summer-Spring Lakes and when I was 16, my life was changed. How you ask? My friends and I were adopted by Opra...
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Oprahannibal Winfrey by marumble
Oprahannibal Winfreyby Misa Gonzalez
I was 11pm on a Tuesday, shit always goes down on a Tuesday, I was on a walk with my best friend, Oprah Winfrey, when suddenly she ~disappeared~. Who knows what will hap...
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A Day In the Life of a Bear by MariachiGirl
A Day In the Life of a Bearby Mari!
There really is no way to describe this...
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Our Baby Boy Love Story  by Briana_loves1998
Our Baby Boy Love Story by Briana White
It is 1993 and Michael had an interview with Oprah Winfrey until Elizabeth Taylor told Michael That he has a son She showed up at his home during the interview so she to...
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Queen Sugar: Gimmesugar Season 2 Episode by Episode Review by ReeceMonique
Queen Sugar: Gimmesugar Season 2 E...by ReeCeMonique
Queen Sugar is one of my favorite shows on OWN and each week I will post a review on what I thought about the episode. Feel free to leave feedback if you agree or disagr...
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