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Perseus The Disgraced Archangel by Randomrandomness12
Perseus The Disgraced Archangelby RandomRandomness12
Lucifer wasn't always this way. Half of what humanity says he is, he isn't. Then again they didn't even get his original name right... Perseus. I do not own Percy Jackso...
Ascension of the Fallen by itskrotexil
Ascension of the Fallenby itskrotexil
Millennia ago, he was cast from Olympus, exiled to the Pit. Olympus quakes in fear at the return of the Fallen. As the Titans rise, the eldest of Kronos and Rhea returns...
Trapped In Immortality by powerseeker7545
Trapped In Immortalityby powerseeker7545
Percy Jackson has seen enough. He's been through enough. But after the battle of Gaea comes the last straw. As he walks onto Olympus, he doesn't realize how much his lif...
Apparently, I'm Dead by ATOTALMUSICALNERD
Apparently, I'm Deadby ATOTALMUSICALNERD
No one thought that Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase would die on his way to a date during a vacation in Boston. No one thought that Percy would end up in Valhalla and...
The Forgotten Primordial by KenzieRhysLi
The Forgotten Primordialby Azrael23
Perseus Achilles Jackson, Son of Poseidon, 2 times savior of Olympus was never a demi-god to begin with. What if he was the first primordial, the forgotten primordial? B...
Lucifer  (PJO Fanfiction) by ViciousViking03
Lucifer (PJO Fanfiction)by Nobody
[I don't own PJO or HOO Rick Riordan does] did you know their was another sibling with Kronos and Rhea, the eldest out of them all. His name was Perseus, but you wouldn'...
Unrelenting Force by TimeLordKronos
Unrelenting Forceby Cheery Reaper
FUCK IT! Dragonborn Percy Jackson! I don't own shit. Slow ass updates
Percy Jackson the Most Powerful by zafeldaf
Percy Jackson the Most Powerfulby Zohaib Arsalan
Back in the Beginning when Chaos created the universe down of her creations started to gain consciousness, The Earth gained Gaea, the Night turned into Nyx, and so forth...
The Assassin From the Shadows by Kiranx5
The Assassin From the Shadowsby Kiranx5
Percy is betrayed by those closest to him so he decides to go out into the universe after being saved by some unlikely people. A new threat looms on the horizon which co...
Percy Jackson: Xenoverse by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Percy Jackson: Xenoverseby Fire Hero: Inferno
It has been 2 years since the fight against Gaea, and the "power couple" is still going strong... But what would happen when 5 young girls show up out of nowhe...
Percy Jackson. Hogwarts, Here She Comes by ArcherWolfGirl_1
Percy Jackson. Hogwarts, Here She...by Bella
Percy just got back from the war. The rest of the seven are dead, along with her best friend, no sister, Annabeth. Nico and Thalia went and did their own thing, had the...
Percy's French Cousin by Tempest_Ace
Percy's French Cousinby Omega_Astra
Percy had just gotten through the war with Gaea. Losing 4 of the 7. When it was time for the rewards ceremony he was tuned into a god. But what happens when he goes home...
A Deal with The Devil by Godly-Writer
A Deal with The Devilby Chaotic Juubi
What if Percy was the one wearing the cursed shoes and was pulled into the pit on his first quest? Well, this tells the story of how Percy survived Tartarus for three th...
Chaos of the Multiverse (PJO fanfic) by ThunderingLava
Chaos of the Multiverse (PJO fanfi...by Ocean_Wave
I was a normal girl reading a Percy Jackson book for the 5th or 6th time, in a normal house, in a completely and utterly normal world. What will happen when I was sudden...
Percy Jackson: Defender of Dreams by IsaacChristensen
Percy Jackson: Defender of Dreamsby IsaacChristensen
Every world needs its own Percy Jackson, a selfless and powerful hero to protect and defend its citizens. Unfortunately, they don't have one... until now. After seeing P...
~Raised On Olympus~ A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by PeepHere
~Raised On Olympus~ A Percy Jackso...by Harley♡
This is a OP Percy Story, All Credits For The Cover Go To @fictionfanteen Thank You Agian For The Cover, Why Am I Making This? No Idea I Had An Erge To Write An OP Percy...
Primordial of Space by GalacticGoblin8
Primordial of Spaceby The Adventurer
Chaos was not the first being. Another person was made even before her, Perseus. This primordial fell in love with Chaos, and they made the primordials. However,r one da...
Another universe  by Gandalfstwin
Another universe by Gandalfstwin
What if Percy Jackson gets sucked into a new universe? What if Percy was never with annabeth? Percy Jackson and Justice league crossover.
Percy Jackson The Betrayed Hero by PJOPegasusluv
Percy Jackson The Betrayed Heroby Queen Cakes {Wattpad Royale}
Tossed away like trash, unloved, betrayed. My name is Perseus Void Chaos Son of Chaos, heir of Tartarus, Champion of Geae, Blessed of the Primordals When Percy gets betr...
A Universal Warrior by Nandidog
A Universal Warriorby Nicholas Fessenden
Percy Jackson: The greatest hero of them all, the person who accomplished impossible feats gets betrayed by his family, friends, and the most important person to him. Th...