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The Hybrid Queen [1] by lisaecheverry21
The Hybrid Queen [1]by Lisa
She, a newbie vampire with a past that even she doesn't know. He, a 115-year-old vampire-teacher with an interest in her. What could go wrong? She thought her life...
The Middleman | ongoing by trapdoctorx
The Middleman | ongoingby - ̗̀ trap doc ̖́-
❝You think I'm a bounty hunter?❞ Well that surely wasn't how Leia Kar imagined her first conversation with Quinn Carter would go. Hell, she didn't think they would ever...
I Will Still Love You ❤ by Rakshully
I Will Still Love You ❤by Rakshully
"I just wanted to tell you that" he again got interrupted "that you are in love with me right" Laksh looked at her stunned. How did she come to know...
And all Along It Was You by Fat1maa4
And all Along It Was Youby fatima(:
Elle Melton is having a hard hell of a time, with her boyfriend Brandon Myers. After going through one of the hardest stages in her life. One by one more problems accu...
The Warriors School Of Law by sheisnotaprincess
The Warriors School Of Lawby sheisnotaprincess
#146 in teen fiction (highest) This story is about love. About friendship. About 'fitting in'. About a lifetime of firsts. Experience it all. At The Warriors school of l...
The First Cut  by lost-in-wonderland13
The First Cut by Teenage dirtbag
The first cut, always the deepest. After transferring to Seattle Grace late in her intern year, Cassandra Roberts begins her residency and finds it hard to adjust. As s...
In which one elf will find herself bearer of the strength of many; Holding the hopes of generations, Alight with life on a DragonWing. Thus, a story is c...
Our Life |H.S.|   by DelilahSapphire
Our Life |H.S.| by Delilah Marie Sapphire
Harry Styles is a famous singer. I am huge Harry Styles fan who also happens to be an undiscovered singer. When I go to a One Direction concert and Harry calls me up to...
Harbinger of Death by qu_elsnap
Harbinger of Deathby എല്സാ
∆ • • • They were called the seven deadly sins. Except there weren't seven. There were only six. Until Raven. • • • ∆ | Amazing cover made by P-Oenothera |
The Bloodshed Killing by poppylavender
The Bloodshed Killingby Patty 🌻
Haris follows closely behind until we reach the main entrance of the building. We stand behind the glass doors and stare in shock at the new world that we are now forced...
Hidden Behind Her Smile by _teenwolf_skittles_
Hidden Behind Her Smileby #unknown#
When a girl smiles it doesn't always mean that she's okay. When she smiles it's a reminder that she's stronger than this. *Thunder* I looked up to be met with a da...
BORN WITH LIES by EndForCommence
BORN WITH LIESby Adnan Altaf
Highest Ranking #12 in Historical Fiction. Each soul of every race is bestowed with the power to choose. To choose his own deeds, his behaviour, his appetite, his daily...
Only The Fittest by Chrissy-147
Only The Fittestby Christina Cash
"More individuals are produced each generation than can survive." Its the law of the world. The law of the government. After the pressure of mass extinction...
From the Sea: Surface Tension by bambinyah
From the Sea: Surface Tensionby nina
"The ocean calms my restless soul." ~ Unknown Nilan Arfinsdóttir-Merle, a selkie girl, finds herself washed away to the fascinating world of humans. I...
The Dylan McGuire Series by BreezyMulligan
The Dylan McGuire Seriesby BreezyMulligan
Dylan McGuire thought that she was a fairly average teenager. She had just graduated highschool and didn't know what the hell she wanted to do with her life. She had con...
The Million Dollar Senior Year | ✓ by YesenaRudeen
The Million Dollar Senior Year | ✓by Yesena Rudeen
When Charlotte 'Charlie' Avery and her friends discover Robert Mifflin's diary, they didn't think much of it. That is, until they realize that he had hidden one million...
Lola & Ryan (Lies Told #1.5) Completed by 9katiejane
Lola & Ryan (Lies Told #1.5) Compl...by Katie Quinlan
Can be read as a stand alone. I'm having the worst day ever. How could it possibly get any worse... Or can something make it better? Yeah probably not. goldennuggetaward...
Behind The Mask by ammy938
Behind The Maskby ammy938
"MASK" is now becoming the most important part of everyone's life. Ofcourse, now we almost see the people having fake smile plastered mask on their face .We a...