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Interview With The Homecoming King | ONC 2022 by DemigodLegends
Interview With The Homecoming Parker
In which Adeana Coleman has to interview Oliver Tate for the school paper, except she's been madly in love with him since the fifth grade. Prompt 97: For a school magazi...
Of Larks and Monarchs || ONC2022 by CDO499
Of Larks and Monarchs || ONC2022by dominic
Cory knew this painting. He knew it because it happened to him about a week ago. That was him. That was the damn lark that liked him so much. A bird and a boy. That's...
Open Novella Journal 2021 by yemihikari
Open Novella Journal 2021by Yemi Hikari
Every year since the second Open Novella I've kept a writing journal and this is the one for this year.
Forsaken In Time by Jazz_Times
Forsaken In Timeby Jazminka
No more Reach, mission successful.... right? Realization slapped Bart in the face, his perfect facade of a chipper-speedster-tourist tearing at its seams. He hadn't allo...
Silk by salemmiles_
Silkby Salem Miles
Going through editing. ~~~~~~~~~~ Genevieve Lynx was supposed to die. Genevieve Lynx lived. Genevieve Lynx is now the most hunted supernatural being in the galaxy. The p...
Señorita Pufferfish | ONC 2020 by LadySapphire2018
Señorita Pufferfish | ONC 2020by LadySapphire2018
Sapphire's mournful howls of despair and grief pierced through the battlefield between her fits of hopeless sobbing. It was the sound of heart being shattered into a tho...
The Wave | #OpenNovellaContest2020 by alexan629
The Wave | #OpenNovellaContest2020by A.K Pinto
It only takes 2.4 seconds for a radio wave to reach the moon. After 4.5 hours, the wave reaches Pluto; by then we'd already lost Seattle. In 4 years the signal can make...
Chase (#ONC2022) ✅ by IzYoneyama
Chase (#ONC2022) ✅by iz
¤ LONGLISTED IN THE OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST 2022 ¤ // COMPLETE - stand-alone sequel to featherlight - Chase Collins steps onto a late night train, his last in the city b...
The Open Novella Contest ll by BACommunity
The Open Novella Contest llby Bullying Awareness | Ambassad...
It's back! The second installment of this highly anticipated writing event brings your favourite Ambassador profiles together to host a contest of truly epic proportions.
The Shadow Prospect  {ONC} by PineappleSpaceCorn
The Shadow Prospect {ONC}by 『 Willow 』
For all obvious reasons to his story, Cato should be dead. By some miracle, he's not. Somehow surviving a brutal attack, he wakes up instead to the insistent beeping of...
JUST LOVE | ONC 2020 by BLHavenMedia
JUST LOVE | ONC 2020by AchillesNoHeart
They lived and loved in a world where skin contact was absolutely forbidden. One day, on what the past called the Day of the Hearts, they slipped up and held hands in th...
The Open Novella Contest ll by ProfileMentalHealth
The Open Novella Contest llby Profile Mental Health | Ambas...
It's back! The second installment of this highly anticipated writing event brings your favourite Ambassador profiles together to host a contest of truly epic proportions.
Billy and the Book of Wonders by angerbda
Billy and the Book of Wondersby angerbda
Billy is spending his holiday in bed after an accident. Grandpa gave him a book to spend the time, but who wants to read a book when it is sunny outside and his friends...
Xylobium (on hold)  by MissCandy-Apples
Xylobium (on hold) by Elspeth Count
Magic contacts what could go wrong.
Fading Rose Petals (Redwall Fanfic) by yemihikari
Fading Rose Petals (Redwall Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Timballisto struggles with the scattered pieces of Martin's memory the best he can, telling Martin the past doesn't matter. Yet, in saying so he doesn't know how much th...
Athena; the girl who played with fairies by immillennialthatswhy
Athena; the girl who played with immillennialthatswhy
In a land, before there was time, Athena and her friends battle the Goddess Medusa as she corrupted the world with her vile wickedness. Join these friends as they journe...
The Wake Up Call by ThatDreamGirly
The Wake Up Callby B. Rose
When Deidre trips and hits her head at work, she's knocked unconscious. However, when she comes to, she's no longer at the diner. Instead, she wakes up in some sort of p...
Woe's Lullaby by Blayser
Woe's Lullabyby Blayser
After a twisted deal, Caleb is thrown into a new reality. Facing dangers, he now has the chance to revert everything but the cost might be to high to pay
Guarding Him | ONC 2022 by ZaraFoxe
Guarding Him | ONC 2022by Zara Foxe
Having been passed over for high-profile jobs before, Tatiana finally convinces her boss that despite her slight frame, she can handle anything a client can throw at her...