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The Last Guardians (ONC 2020) by KeiraKnox1
The Last Guardians (ONC 2020)by Keira Knox
Lilyana Pritchett was used to the stories about the dragon shifters that were said to have gone extinct around 90 years ago. They used to roam Earth, aiding humans in wa...
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JUST LOVE | ONC 2020 by AchillesNoHeart
JUST LOVE | ONC 2020by AchillesNoHeart
They lived and loved in a world where skin contact was absolutely forbidden. One day, on what the past called the Day of the Hearts, they slipped up and held hands in th...
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All She Ever Wanted by HoneyPadGirl
All She Ever Wantedby CryXie
"She thought she knew everything, until she met him again" Mystery, Romance, Action Copyright© 2019 @HoneyPadGirl
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Floor 10/11 by scribblershretima
Floor 10/11by Shretima!
It was supposed to be goodbye . . . not welcome back. • Maya Bell disappeared a week before her birthday, without a clue about her whereabouts. Now, when her friends ha...
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The Dead Ones ✔️ by sarah3534
The Dead Ones ✔️by Sarah3534
[COMPLETED: Wattpad Open Novella Long List Finalist & Ambassadors Pick] Luke is in love with a stranger, his soul tethered to hers. He is born each life with an innate k...
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Between the Streets of Baltimore {ONC 2020} by stuck_in_the__clouds
Between the Streets of Baltimore { Writing_Miracles🌹
Elijah, A young teen is forced to live with the choices he's made, including a crucial moment when he took part with the wrong group of friends who turned on him. Follo...
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Cursed To Be With You by xMishx
Cursed To Be With Youby TM Watkins
Deep below an old office building lies a tomb that is filled with treasure, a sarcophagus and writing on the walls that is unknown. When the professor leading the archae...
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Señorita Pufferfish | ONC 2020 by LadySapphire2018
Señorita Pufferfish | ONC 2020by LadySapphire2018
Sapphire's mournful howls of despair and grief pierced through the battlefield between her fits of hopeless sobbing. It was the sound of heart being shattered into a tho...
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Billy and the Book of Wonders by angerbda
Billy and the Book of Wondersby angerbda
Billy is spending his holiday in bed after an accident. Grandpa gave him a book to spend the time, but who wants to read a book when it is sunny outside and his friends...
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When All Else Fails (A Push of a Button Novella) by ariel_paiement1
When All Else Fails (A Push of a Ariel Paiement
"When all else fails, throw a little magic at it" is the motto for most people on the technologically-advanced planet of Kalanun. But for Sebastian Auclaire, t...
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Leeched by swirlypearly
Leechedby Pearl B.
In the land of Hailiah, magic is as common as freckles. Witches live in harmony with society and society benefits from their powers, while all is overseen by the powerfu...
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Rain Clouds | ONC 2020 by MyLifeIsAutomatic
Rain Clouds | ONC 2020by AJ
Aaron has always been able to see people's emotions hovering over and around them like clouds, but no one has ever believed him when he says he can. So he's kept it a se...
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Forsaken In Time by Jazz_Times
Forsaken In Timeby Jazminka
No more Reach, mission successful.... right? Realization slapped Bart in the face, his perfect facade of a chipper-speedster-tourist tearing at its seams. He hadn't allo...
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Before you go by fallouthearts
Before you goby Alpha Beta
Marlin Bates loses her best friend in a tragic accident and thinks that things won't be the same anymore. She stumbles upon his wishlist while collecting his items from...
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The Wave | #OpenNovellaContest2020 by alexan629
The Wave | #OpenNovellaContest2020by A.K Pinto
It only takes 2.4 seconds for a radio wave to reach the moon. After 4.5 hours, the wave reaches Pluto; by then we'd already lost Seattle. In 4 years the signal can make...
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Prospect's Past - ONC2020 by Cal1018
Prospect's Past - ONC2020by Cal
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." -Albert Einstein Tick-tock goes the clock, time passing slowly, time passing quick. Bu...
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1992 || ONC 2020 by Mbalii
1992 || ONC 2020by Mbali
In the summer of 2019 Thandeka Nkosi is your regular seventeen year-old enjoying her December holidays with her best friends. They planned a trip to Cape Town, traveling...
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Techno Fever [ONC II Round 1 WINNER | Asian Scifi | Complete] by KatrinHollister
Techno Fever [ONC II Round 1 Kat Hollister
GHOST IN THE SHELL meets THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. Year 2154, Hong Kong: Bod Mods are all the rage. From forearms equipped with blast cannons to telescopes implanted to iris...
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The Borders Between Light and Dark {Open Novella 2020} by stuck_in_the__clouds
The Borders Between Light and Writing_Miracles🌹
||Children's Book 10 & Below|| A young boy is forced to stay in bed to heal from a cold. While in this unsettling nature he discovers another world, inside of a traditio...
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The Shadow Prospect by PineappleSpaceCorn
The Shadow Prospectby Willow
ONC ROUND 1 QUALIFIER! For all obvious reasons to his story, Cato should be dead. Stuffed in a morgue somewhere, waiting for his contacted family to come get him, shove...
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