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I'm the Alpha's Mate (Published) by Sydney724
I'm the Alpha's Mate (Published)by Sydney
(Completed) Young werewolf, Evangeline, can do something no other can, hold communication with someone far beyond her realm. Always at her side, the Goddess of the moon...
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Zombie Love by Taekooks_lovechild
Zombie Loveby ^•^ HER ^•^
Taehyung is the son of a mafia leader who loves Jungkook a little more than normal, but Jungkook, a cop, hates Taehyung with passion. Power bottom Taehyung Top Jungkook
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The Thoughts of an Insignificant Girl || Poetry by kryz_tal_mae
The Thoughts of an Insignificant Kryztal Pasco
A collection of poems that pops up in my head. These poems are made by me. These poems contains my thoughts, my dream, my insights and my stories so I hope there won't b...
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spaces by kailaliman
spacesby —♡.
[iwaoi fanfiction] it's harder to reach hajime, even though tooru tries. ▶ copyright © kaila 2016 /lowercase intended/
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portrait of a girl gone missing by stargiven
portrait of a girl gone missingby ella
[CRAIGSLIST MISSED CONNECTIONS] a girl goes missing. this is what comes after. (short story told in fragments. all mistakes are intentional.)
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Viếng trẻ by moniquelaurent
Viếng trẻby Amy V
__________ "Tuổi trẻ" là thứ thực khó để định nghĩa bằng một khái niệm nào kia. Nó trừu tượng, và mơ hồ hơn cả một kết cục nửa vời của chuyện tình Romeo và...
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I'm Sorry by Pastel_Dekuu
I'm Sorryby T-Tweek T-Tweak
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sweet poison || kth [completed] by Min_Hayashi
sweet poison || kth [completed]by Hayashi on Hiatus
"your toxicity is suffocating... your absence is agonising." where kim taehyung is trapped in a relationship he can neither break nor continue. --- OPEN-ENDED...
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missing - namkook short by namkooksgrass
missing - namkook shortby grace
jeongguk is friends with a boy called namjoon. they both met for their love of music. jeongguk was a huge fanboy of namjoons even though he's not well known. jeongguk s...
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Mau dừng tay! Người cùng yêu quái không thể mến nhau! by chucongconvert
Mau dừng tay! Người cùng yêu quá Chủ Công convert
Hoàn. (OE) Khóc chít chít manh chết người chim yêu công X nội liễm ôn nhu sát nhân quỷ thụ Chim Sẻ Ngô là con tự do tự tại chim yêu. Chim Sẻ Ngô uống say bị sét đá...
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Bến đậu thuyền tớ ship by GuyaDi4k
Bến đậu thuyền tớ shipby Dương Di Trấn
Nơi tập hợp những fic, đồng nhân về các thuyền tớ leo. Sẽ ghi rõ ràng thể loại trước khi vào chính truyện để các cậu không nhầm thuyền. Xin hãy tôn trọng lẫn nhau.
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¿QUÉ PRETENDES? (J Balvin/Bad Bunny) by Perla_Regina7
¿QUÉ PRETENDES? (J Balvin/Bad Perla_Regina
El anhelo por lo prohibido, el ansia por lo que no se podrá obtener jamás. DISCLAIMER: La trama me pertenece, no así las referencias a nombres artísticos ni canciones o...
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All the Lies That's Been Said [Pokemon Fanfic, 2017 PKMNWatties] by eri_quin
All the Lies That's Been Said [ Eri Quin
Ash was happy and in love at 19 years old, and seemingly done journeying. He had a loving boyfriend and he was about to become a gym leader. So why did everything have...
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Tere Ishq mein Jogi Hona Ji by zizisunita
Tere Ishq mein Jogi Hona Jiby zizisunita
This is a Fan Fiction on Rishabh and Preeta #RishTa from Kundali Bhagya, these character's already exist in a fiction currently in production and my fanfic will deal wit...
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Unwanted | tagalog by MsBraveNGurl
Unwanted | tagalogby *****
Its a hard life being alone when you feel alone even though everyone is around you you feel worthless and you tell yourself that... you are... UNWANTED All rights reserv...
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Treehouse | Jikook by blurryseok
Treehouse | Jikookby - ̗̀ ren ̖́-
"I vow to myself to never let you see these letters for as long as I live." In which Jimin finds a box of Jungkook's old stuff, his best friend that died a mon...
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Cảm ơn vì tất cả by user68577174
Cảm ơn vì tất cảby 1310-heart
Đừng vì một phút lưỡng lự rồi đánh mất tình yêu
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meet me at heavens gate [COMLETE] by blueblackloving
meet me at heavens gate [COMLETE]by your lover
letters from someone who loved you
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Doppelgänger by puss-in-books
Doppelgängerby a hot mess
❝Mirror, mirror, on the wall. What is the land that lies beyond all?❞ She was simply fascinated by the world in the mirror.
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Panic by Beetlejuice011002
Panicby Hannah
I don't know if its that descriptive enough to warrant a warning but there are panic attacks and mild gore in this story.
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