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The Horrors of Montwood Mansion  by neeharikayork
The Horrors of Montwood Mansion by neeharika york
//"Cloning and gene mutation is more common than you may think."// The Blackwood family has a lot of secrets. Some of which being too dark to be talked about...
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The Tangled Princess by nonameleftxx
The Tangled Princessby nonameleftxx
Evanora Cordelia Magnus, a twenty-two year old elemental witch, was only a child when her mother was forcefully taken away from her. Destined to become the queen of witc...
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My Christmas Miracle by fashionista_gurl
My Christmas Miracleby fashionista_gurl
Meet Cassandra. With her boring looks and nerdy personality, she's definitely not the "popular" type. It also doesn't help that it's the Christmas season where...
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Psychic Detective Team - Uncover the Supernatural Phenomena (COMPLETED) by frappucchinocafe
Psychic Detective Team - Uncover Yuurina
EDITING!! Shibasaki's Detective Office isn't just an ordinary detective office. The investigators at Shibasaki's Office have unusual special abilities. Not only they ha...
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Kitsune's Protector by MieraScarlet
Kitsune's Protectorby MieraScarlet
"When the darkness knocks on the door and the chains of an eternal prison are weakened, that is when a vessel shall be chosen from the same bloodline as the key, an...
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They Know Me by MaddieBrinn
They Know Meby MaddieBrinn
"With one phone call, my life did two things at the exact same moment ... ended and began." Seventeen year old Ashe just buried both of her parents. Forced by...
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House Of Fire by arabelle007
House Of Fireby Arabelle
- Completed - #1st place winner in The Heart Awards 2019 --------- Raven isn't normal. She never was and never will be. She never thought that Heaven and Hell were real...
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From Down Under| ON HOLD by Alana2215
From Down Under| ON HOLDby Alana2215
Esmay Waverly is no ordinary teenage girl, for one ordinary teenagers her age don't have a mermaid tail instead of legs or breathe underwater either and they most defini...
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❝ flight. ❞ by Silver_Marshmallow
❝ flight. ❞by Marshmallow Queen ™
" all it takes is a tiny bit of hope to take flight . " - graphics shoppe by Silver_Marshmallow .
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Butterfly (Figuring out the length of story and the ending) by MadisonRie
Butterfly (Figuring out the Writer 05
David had never met a girl ever so pretty he sees her in the Hall way, but don't know her name so he just calls her Butterfly. Butterfly is so beautiful that Davis heart...
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A New War (A PJO Fanfiction) by Ro_321
A New War (A PJO Fanfiction)by Riya
What if Gaia had won the Second Giant War ? Now, with the Third Great Prophecy on its way, the demigods have another chance to bring back their original world and end th...
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Fantasyland (ON PAUSE) by AwezomeStorytellerz
Fantasyland (ON PAUSE)by WhyIsGamora
"The name's Peter." I hesitated, then shook his hand. "Well, Peter, where are we, and what am I doing in the middle of the jungle? Also, why am I here?&qu...
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7 Days by Jason1359
7 Daysby Jason
A man named Elliot was told he only had a week left to live. Follow his story as he spends his remaining time on Earth. Photo in Cover from: (Daniel Reche)
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Bea's Bedtime Story by EmpressPenguin
Bea's Bedtime Storyby Mery MB
~♥ Real fictitious tale of love...♥~ In latin, the name Beatrix means: 'bringer of joy' She brings joy and she's only six. She loves her mother and father, her smile b...
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Winged: Warrior in Training by Jason1359
Winged: Warrior in Trainingby Jason
The war betweed the Winged Creatures and the Demons of the Abyss have reached its climax. Many have perished, only few left standing. The Winged were slowly losing the f...
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