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About obsession by WanSue_Gm
About obsessionby WanSue_Gm
Fushimi Saruhiko is dead. Don't get me wrong, his body is still living and going around the barracks of Scepter 4, but everything that made him himself... no longer exis...
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Crown [ Short Story ] by TheBlindTopaz
Crown [ Short Story ]by CecileNov
"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we might oft win by fearing to attempt." -William Shakespear Feeling guilty and respossible for his kingdom...
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Android Wanted: Series Finale by DinoNinjaReader101
Android Wanted: Series Finaleby SOMEONE 😛
Thanks for so may reads on An Android Life, and A Tale of Two Androids, but more importantly there will be a book finale involving new characters, drama, and more romant...
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Colors of Life by Halloween_Neko
Colors of Lifeby Kuro Neko
Author: Halloween_Neko Summary: A story about Love and Hatred, Happy and Sad. An angel. 💗 A devil. ❤ A priest. 💙 A witch. 💛 Warning: Grammar/Vocabulary-mistakes, Angs...
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Negatives by 24Julianna
Negativesby Jane Saturday-Evans
Three boys got doomed after getting involved with a mad scientist during a zombie apocalypse. About the Author: l♡§t ÞξΛ∪tÿ is a teenage girl with a very beautiful and g...
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Short Ends | Personal Collection by bts_bella
Short Ends | Personal Collectionby bella
A collection of short, written pieces by yours truly. Much of what I write is either open-ended or leaves itself to be interpreted. -Bella
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Red by newtonx3x
Redby Alex Scar
*** Featured on Writer's Amino! *** After pollution has reached toxic levels and the world's only nuclear reactor left melted down, society is on the brink. Governments...
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Memories of A Writer by TheyTookMyUsername
Memories of A Writerby Rose
Lưỡi Đao Phán Xét by Phamhoanglongkskeke
Lưỡi Đao Phán Xétby Phamhoanglongkskeke
Có một cậu bé sống trong giàu sang phú quý nhưng cậu bé ấy chỉ biết ăn chơi,đua đòi. Người cha khuyên cậu nhưng cậu ko nghe, công ty của ông dần dần đi xuống và phá sản...
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