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Boku no Hero kingdom by granizos-s
Boku no Hero kingdomby granizos-s
Don't know what to do here
Phantom Tendency: Stardust are 4 Unbreakable Golden Stone Balls  by oauyshaji
Phantom Tendency: Stardust are 4 U...by oauyshaji
Izuku takes katsumi's advise and tries to take his life, until he meets god __________________________________ achievements 2nd for #opdeku 1st for #izukuxharem
A Certain Accelerated Hero by SetboHQ
A Certain Accelerated Heroby SetboHQ
Everyone thought Izuku Midoryia had a useless quirk. So what if he was the smartest person in class? So what if he had a degree in Physics? It was a simple intelligence...
Izuku The Dragon Hero by Archangell_white
Izuku The Dragon Heroby Archangell_white
izuku midoriya has a hydra dragon, and with the combination of one for all he becomes the worlds strongest man and brings peace to the world of heroics.
Izuku the God (OP Izuku AU) by Kampfschwein99
Izuku the God (OP Izuku AU)by Kampfschwein
Izuku Midoriya, the only human worthy enough to be called godly. Laughed at by his peers, he powers through the torture he had to endure the first 14 years of his life...
The Necromancer by Diamondragon23
The Necromancerby Diamondragon23
Mix a cheerful personality and the power to raise the dead. Add 3 teaspoons of bullying, and cook for 14 years. Ice with a drive to protect, and your ultimate hero shoul...
Music in the rain || [OP Deku AU] by TaroClistorRhp
Music in the rain || [OP Deku AU]by TaroClistor
Don't mind the zeros. Just read it. Story is mine, pic no, sadly... 5/25/2020: #3 in OP deku
Ticking of the clock by Diamondragon23
Ticking of the clockby Diamondragon23
Inko often wonders if Izuku could have had a normal life. If only he hadn't manifested that quirk.. even no quirk at all would have been better. Nobody even knows what i...
Sergeant Deku by oauyshaji
Sergeant Dekuby oauyshaji
Izuku can summon anything that is in the military forces A f-18 fighter jet Yes A aircraft carrier Yes A nuclear weapon Yes Anything Even soliders Can UA control the p...
The Emerald Prince by whimsical_girl_357
The Emerald Princeby Orla
Aizawa watched Izuku drink his black coffee, gazing absently out the window. The underground hero couldn't help but smirk, he looked forward to the effect beautiful, pow...
❝εɱε૨αℓ∂ ρ૨เɳ૮ε❞ ɓσσҡ σɳε by _reesiereese_
❝εɱε૨αℓ∂ ρ૨เɳ૮ε❞ ɓσσҡ σɳεby Reesie
New Title: ❝εɱε૨αℓ∂ ρ૨เɳ૮ε❞ Old Title: "Child Of the Greek Gods" °•°•°•°•°•° Part 2: ❝εɱε૨αℓ∂ αɳɠεℓ❞ °•°•°•°•°•° By: Reesie Reese °•°•°•°•°•° Emerging from...
The Greatest Hero (Izuku x Jiro) by GoodStoryBoy
The Greatest Hero (Izuku x Jiro)by GoodStoryBoy
Izuku Midoriya was a young boy with a dream to be a hero. When he was diagnosed quirkless by a doctor his dream began to crack away. After A long time of doubt he eventu...
Izuku The Full Blooded Saiyan! by SuperUndertaleKing
Izuku The Full Blooded Saiyan!by SuperUndertaleKing
Hopeless no more/izukus zenkai quirk/izuku the full blooded saiyan: mha x dbz story Basically in this one, at the age of four he actually got a quirk (izuku midoriya) an...
The Righteous Murderer |Villain Dekubowl by Uncreativity101
The Righteous Murderer |Villain De...by weaboooooo
Loosing his mother when his quirk finally manifested, Izuku was on the run and changed his name when he bumped into others just as misfortunate as him. Somehow, even aft...
Green Bunny the Vigilante by Blackcat_Fathi
Green Bunny the Vigilanteby Blackcat_Fathi
Everyone said Izuku Midoriya could never become a hero. He refused. He fought. He believed. He didn't need a quirk, he would become great without one. The heroes didn't...
Succesor Of Arachne: Izuku Midoriya by Siru_325
Succesor Of Arachne: Izuku Midoriyaby Siru325
Izukus life started going down hill when the doctors said he was quirkless.but little did he know, that being quirkless meant he inherited abilites that would make him t...
⬜deĸυverѕe⬛(On Hold) by TsundokuTheWG
⬜deĸυverѕe⬛(On Hold)by Tsundoku積ん読Gamer
This is my type of Dekuverse, I'll also be Drawing some part of the scenes as best as i could. I hope you all enjoy this Dekuverse. My version. Also whatever i write, Pl...
Better Than Ever😉 (OP Izuku) by KawaiiiPeach
Better Than Ever😉 (OP Izuku)by BottomBaku👌
☆#4 OPDEKU IN NOVEMBER 2019☆ Class 1-A is getting a new kid. He's so cool and handsome! Everybody is blown away! But someone from the class recognizes this new kid from...
Glass Doll by trashcanupload
Glass Dollby trashcanupload
Izuku is only 10 and has graduated collage, he may be young but mentally: He's 567 Opdeku, no ships, bla bla bla. Anything else? SLOW UPDATES BNHA DOES NOT BELONG TO ME...
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Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X SAO) by Scalax102
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X...by Godly Sin
This isn't Yaoi, It's Izuku x Asuna cause... Yeah. Adoption of Yui and Eri. He has siblings! Right... forgot about that. Izumi Midoriya is his sister, Toshinori Yagi is...