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Dumped! by XxSassyCynicxX
Dumped!by XxSassyCynicxX
Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets...
Pushed into the Pool by the Bad Boy by HollyOsgood
Pushed into the Pool by the Bad Boyby HollyOsgood
"Had a nice swim?" He asks, a smirk on his face. I could literally slap him right now. "Bitch, you pushed me," I say breathlessly, my body shaki...
His Hand Pick | ✔️ by _Vexx_
His Hand Pick | ✔️by Vex
'"You can't just keep ignoring me you know," he said as I turned around and continued walking, ignoring him. Quickly he caught up to me and grabbed my shoulder...
[[ON HOLD]] Stars of the Universe (SU x Child Reader One-shots) by aehlyn13
[[ON HOLD]] Stars of the Universe...by aehlyn
[[THIS BOOK IS ON HOLD.]] Aehlyn's big book of Steven Universe characters × child reader one-shots! I take requests! - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ha...
...Comes From Some Other Beginnings End (Chris Evans A/U) by belleofmarvel
...Comes From Some Other Beginning...by belleofmarvel
Second Book to "Every New Beginning..." Opal finds herself back in Atlanta, following the request of Pop's Will. The question remains if Opal and Chris' s...
𝑩𝑬𝑰𝑭𝑶𝑵𝑮   korra by annephobic
𝑩𝑬𝑰𝑭𝑶𝑵𝑮 korraby 👑
❝ YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE A BEIFONG ? ❞ Ami questioned shyly. She was a shy person. Korra may be able to handle the elements, but Ami wasn't sure that Korra could handl...
❥Riptide Queen (lapidot AU)❥ by lapidotsuniverse
❥Riptide Queen (lapidot AU)❥by chlo
Peridot Diamond: A short, pale blonde scientist who is socially awkward. All she cares about is science, facts, and logics. She's never really had a friend and she's nev...
Pokémon Sword and Shield Oneshots by Lemon_Heart_
Pokémon Sword and Shield Oneshotsby Champ
One shots about Trainers from Pokemon sword and Sheild!
Book of funny Steven Universe memes and pictures  by Fandom-Shift
Book of funny Steven Universe meme...by Dolores Madrigal
A collection of memes and pictures
Little Luna (COMPLETE ) by KaylaJade103
Little Luna (COMPLETE )by Kayla
I've been tortured and beaten down my whole life. Every time I fall asleep the Nightmares will follow me, haunting me till my death. Scars and pains covers my body and m...
The Avatar's Guardian ( Lin x reader ) by melon_lord67
The Avatar's Guardian ( Lin x read...by Phoenix.rising
Y/N is a prodigy water bender. Y/N also has a secret though she is a dual bender no one knows why but she has mastered both elements. Korra suck out the middle of the ni...
Avatar; The legacy Of Genji by Plsnoonefindmelols
Avatar; The legacy Of Genjiby Plsnoonefindmelols
After saving millions of lives in a Ba Sing Se terrorist explosion, avatar Korra tragically passed away in battle. During this time of grief the question remained "...
My Ghost Whisperer  by EJX4670
My Ghost Whisperer by Alastor
Instead of the masters 8 in the pokemon series there is also a group call the Supreme Four,four most strongest trainer in the world but second to Leon (this is a male r...
ATLA & LOK One Shots by atladdict
ATLA & LOK One Shotsby Isabelle
❝Baby, you're my forever girl.❞ - A lovesick Avatar. A book for all the simps out there, who's love for fictional characters may be considered ridiculous. Well, not here...
Korrasami College AU  by TheRealKorra
Korrasami College AU by TheRealKorra
Korra and Asami have an apartment together near campus. Both of them have a secret they don't want the other knowing. But what happens when one of them gets injured and...
Say That You Need Me - Hop x Gloria by maliciouslymediocre
Say That You Need Me - Hop x Gloriaby maliciouslymediocre
Hop and Gloria are the best of friends. They grew up together, did the Gym Challenge together, and even became the new two heroes of Galar. That was 5 years ago, now the...
Toy Story 4 (completed)  by GlamDiva
Toy Story 4 (completed) by GlamDiva
Andy's toys are now Bonnie's toys. What will happen?
The Fate of Mulan (LOK Fanfiction) by patatasuperstrata
The Fate of Mulan (LOK Fanfiction)by Cher
Mulan Beifong. Daughter of Baatar Sr. and Suyin Beifong. Granddaughter of Master Toph Beifong. Earthbending and Metalbending Master. Second-in-Command of the United Forc...
Toy Story (completed)  by GlamDiva
Toy Story (completed) by GlamDiva
Woody is Andy's favourite toy and the leader of the toys of Andy's room. Opal and Buzz are Andy's new toys and Buzz thinks he is a space ranger not a toy. What will happ...
Pokémon Sword & Shield / Sun & Moon Incorrect Quotes by Xx_Starboy_xX
Pokémon Sword & Shield / Sun & Moo...by ⭐️ Stjerne ⭐️
This is just a book of incorrect quotes from Sword & Shield. Some of the quotes I own, some of them I do not. I hope you enjoy the book.