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Erotica Oneshots by poppyones
Erotica Oneshotsby poppyones
Okay, so my original book of ideas turned out to be a bust, so I decided to just write erotica oneshots here. I've always wanted to try it, so yep, here it is! I will be...
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Pharaoh and his lover by egypt-wolf-lover
Pharaoh and his loverby Gabby
Egypt prince Oziri has to marry a princess from another kingdom if he wants to become a Pharaoh. For his birthday his father lets him choose a bride by himself, but he o...
  • love
  • king
  • lover
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paradise. by OOLONGTAE-
paradise.by 𝐬 𝐚 𝐧 𝐚
lalisa: j u n g k o o k lalisa: j e o n gg u k lalisa: send lalisa: memes guccitae: i got shit scared for a sec - liskook. STARTED: 03.31.18 COMPLETED: - #29 in liskook...
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PIERCED HEARTS by Ishmumtihami
PIERCED HEARTSby Purpleshades
"Where am I Mr.Teddy?" I asked feeling scared. I suddenly felt cold, so I snuggled closer to his chest. How can he be so warm? "You're home princess."...
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Dash Parr x Reader {On Hold} by Tsuredere
Dash Parr x Reader {On Hold}by Otaku-Chan
Y/N l/n is a normal everyday average teenage girl. Or so people thought. She was a super, meaning her job was to protect everyone in Metropolis. Of course she isn't the...
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Your Mine[Yandere Anime boys X Oc X Yandere Oc Brothers[On Hiatus] by Rosey_Boba
Your Mine[Yandere Anime boys X Oc...by Rosey_Playz
Chang Sakamaki or more likely to be Emiko gave invitations to boys and girls from different anime worlds but she accidentally invited her Ex brothers to the school. When...
  • knb
  • xreader
  • smutwarning
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The Third Maximoff | Marvel [Up For Adoption] by hpibtt
The Third Maximoff | Marvel [Up Fo...by hpibtt
I'm not going to be writing this story anymore, so if you want it then look at the last chapter of this story. Everyone knows of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, but not every...
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  • mçu
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Destined by llyrxn
Destinedby watchapaker
[ON-GOING] A heartless and fierce gang leader that everything he wants, he get. And, a girl who's innocent and caring.. Will destiny allow them to meet? Or..they are rea...
  • intuition
  • kill
  • xian
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(On Hold)❧ Soul Tear ❧ Book One: The Last Spirit Adapt by darkocean
(On Hold)❧ Soul Tear ❧ Book One: T...by J. L. Salmonson (darkocean)
Merryn really didn't want to steal the Book of Pordicion but with the magic runes on it weakening it was only a matter of time before the god trapped in its pages awaken...
  • action
  • journey
  • mysterious
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Leap Of Faith by KirstenRellic
Leap Of Faithby Kirsten
[Under Construction] Kimi Okumura, the youngest triplet of the Okumura trio, faced a hard life. Grew up without an idea of who her mother is and pushed around by those...
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This is my family| an overwatch x child!reader [DISCONTINUED] by Redrubygemstone
This is my family| an overwatch x...by Am I Dead or Alive?
This is the story about (Y/N). She/He is a normal child with a not so normal family. Her/His family is the whole overwatch team. =DISCONTINUED=
  • gaming
  • overwatch
  • discontinued
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Huntress of the Rogues by Falconess
Huntress of the Roguesby Falcon
My name is Keladry Massimer, a silent Guardian Huntress by night, and an innocent, and rather nerdy, student of Weston High by day. I am one of the rare Gifted. The Gift...
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Great Adventures With The Hermits[WILL BE ON HOLD SOON] (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Unicornthalady
Great Adventures With The Hermits[...by UNI YEET OOF
In the wonderful peaceful hermit-*Loud crashing sound of Grian trying to redstone* never mind.. In the great hermitcraft server everybody is friends! They have great tim...
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Views - David Dobrik x Reader by lilkeipo
Views - David Dobrik x Readerby 💫mj💫
I update VERY slowly, just a small warning.
  • scottysire
  • vlogsquad
  • romance
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Daenerys Targaryens twin sister Kahala or Kassidy by MoonLoverOG
Daenerys Targaryens twin sister Ka...by MoonLoverOG
Daenerys and her brother were believed to be the last targaryens but they were wrong.There was a third Kahala in valyrian or Kassidy in common tongue she is in the north...
  • justwriteit
  • darioi
  • dragons
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To Protect You by DKKelly
To Protect Youby Daricca Kelly
Lucy held the picture in her hands, listening to the deafening roar of her opponent. Juvia and Gray lay on the ground behind her, Gray's body thrown over the other girls...
  • gruvia
  • fairy
  • nalu
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(On Hold)The burning candles in our hearts  by aishatu_a
(On Hold)The burning candles in ou...by Aisha Abubakar Joda
Life isn't a bed of roses. It serves you honey today and hands you lemons the next day. This story consists of different characters and their stories. Then our main Char...
  • onhold
  • romance
  • love
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Love Of My Life [G.D] by itsnancydolan
Love Of My Life [G.D]by itsnancydolan
(There will be smut writing and cursing) Nancy is one of the girls that get bullied but when she moved with her parents and big brother to LA, everything got better. She...
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  • dolantwins
  • dirtydolan
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ON HOLD Black Steel and The Princess(Gajeel x reader) by PHATGirl99
ON HOLD Black Steel and The Prince...by Jdull
ON HOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah I suck at doing this so it going to be in the first chapter. also I do not own any of fairy tail themes people or places. I don't own you .on...
  • fairytail
  • lemon
  • brownskinreadrer
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