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BABY GIRL. WANNA ONE by _butterflyhearts
what if PRODUCE 101 S2 HAD A TWIST? what if there was a girl in WANNA ONE? WANNA ONE X READER ( KWON AERI)
demon inside him「Jeon Jungkook」 by lyanisbae
demon inside him「Jeon Jungkook」by エリアンバター
He got devil inside him. A demon. It has no cure or else but you. Yes, he wants you. No matter how far you run, he got you. He wants to ruin you. Rip your soul apart f...
BEAUTIFUL. W1 by _butterflyhearts
BEAUTIFUL. W1by Sharpie
In which a girl has eleven mates. Wanna One Fan Fiction. VAMPIRE AU.
PACARAN;[KANG DANIEL]17+🔒✔✔ by Eyn_ysy
PACARAN;[KANG DANIEL]17+🔒✔✔by Eyn_ysy
Masa-masa yang paling manis itu,waktu gue pacaran sama orang yang namanya Kang Daniel. Cowok aneh berperilaku kekanak-kanakan dan pemaksa yang selalu bisa bikin gue deg...
WHO YOU? || BAE JINYOUNG by aishitae
In the morning, he is Bae Jinyoung. But when the moment changed, he is Baejin. Kyung, got accepted to work as a caretaker of a boy around her age called Young Master. Wh...
 [COMPLETED] Fiction | Lisa X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Fiction | Lisa X Jenjen
[COMPLETED] I am writing the story that will never end in my heart..
Because He Is My First Love | Hwang Minhyun☑ by nulnul_savage
Because He Is My First Love | 11:11
A girl named Park Nami who is a shy and naive person during elementary school met Mr Cold named Hwang Minhyun. Hwang Minhyun, her one and only best friend that always gi...
It's Me - Pick Me/ S2P101/ KPOP by KangDaniellee
It's Me - Pick Me/ S2P101/ KPOPby KangDaniellee
Follow Chen JaeHyun, a 17 year old boy's journey from training to debut and beyond.
Hate You Mr. CEO|| Bae Jinyoung by aishitae
Hate You Mr. CEO|| Bae Jinyoungby — nim
Lee Hui, approves to be a new secretary for a young CEO, Bae Jinyoung. But she encounters a lot of problems because of Mr Bae's personality. Will she open Mr Bae's heart...
[ HA SUNGWOON ] Where The Memories Faint Asleep - book 2 by dyvalves
[ HA SUNGWOON ] Where The dyvalves
"Do you know that both sick and dead people get more flowers than a healthy, and living ones?" he put his head on the bed, still looked at her. "Because p...
A story of a girl meets a boy who's really quiet and not even answering everything she asks. She always wonders whether he's really cannot use his mouth or there's somet...
Be Your Violet ㅡBBH by watermeltchze
Be Your Violet ㅡBBHby Your Nana❤🍉
"Many fall for you. I fall for you. But you fall for another who doesn't look you in the same way" ". . .: "But it's okay. After all, I will make su...
𝔜𝔬𝔲 ℭ𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔦𝔱 ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔢 (SomSam FF) #wattys2017 √ by seoulfeels
𝔜𝔬𝔲 ℭ𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔦𝔱 ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔢 Mae
Victims of bullying - Kim Samuel and Jeon Somi team up with one purpose and one purpose only, REVENGE. But if there was a sweet past behind all the bitterness, would the...
challenge || bae jinyoung by wannaonexostan
challenge || bae jinyoungby kelly <3
11 popular boys in school who like to make challenge among themselves and this time, it's Jinyoung's turn but his challenge is a bit different from the others. it's soun...
wanna one imagines  by queemchii
wanna one imagines by 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓲
wanna one imagines. i'm too lazy to write a whole book, so i just use my ideas as imagines. request if you'd like!
debuting with wanna one {COMPLETED} by byeolrangdan
debuting with wanna one {COMPLETED}by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
she attended a survival show with 101 other trainees of different gender. only the top 12 trainees will be debuting together. it was suppose to be 6 boys and 6 girls , b...
PROMISE? | Ong Seongwoo by cuddlyhoshi
PROMISE? | Ong Seongwooby inactive 📚
[ PAUSED ] in which haerin helped seongwu get together with her friend. what could go wrong? ⚠️ slow updates and undergoing MAJOR EDITING
the one | ong seongwoo [completed] by immahoeforstyles
the one | ong seongwoo [completed]by zach herron
So, it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be hard. We're gonna have to work at this everyday, but i want to do that because i want you. I want all of you. Forever. Every...
lucky one ➸ kim samuel by hongse0k
lucky one ➸ kim samuelby hyunjin
a story of a young girl who adores a younger guy that is one of the contestants from the survival show, produce 101 season 2. " omg where is samuel! " "...