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The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir by NotSoEvilMastermind
The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug cait
MIRACULOUS SIMPLY THE BEST UP TO THE- okay I'll stop. But I love this show, and I wanna write my OWN one-shot book! SQUEALS! Enjoy the ride of Adrienette, MariChat, Lady...
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  • adrienagreste
  • marichat
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Wild Obssesions :) 💦 by alex_fwu
Wild Obssesions :) 💦by Alex♡
Read what my imagination shows and follow me throughout this adventure where sexual fantasies go wild and kinks become irresistible :)
  • sexy
  • kinks
  • bdsm
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Peter Parker field trips to SI and Avengers Compound! by MadzieZAuthor
Peter Parker field trips to SI The Mischievous Wolf
All characters belong to Marvel except for a few here and there that i make up. I take requests. Just some field trip ideas where Peter gets exposed or his family of Av...
  • vision
  • ironman
  • loki
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Free! x Reader Oneshots by jazmynecchi
Free! x Reader Oneshotsby jazmyne
just random little imagines that pop into my head at the most inappropriate moments
  • rinmatsuoka
  • nagisahazuki
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The Seductive Bunch by lillypond3010
The Seductive Bunchby lillypond3010
In a horny mood? Here's a bunch of stories that'll give you what you want:)
  • oneshots
Tadashi Hamada One Shots by ChinitaPlease
Tadashi Hamada One Shotsby Aaliah
I suck at making descriptions so please enjoy my first Tadashi Hamada one shots! :) —ChinitaPlease Warning: Get ready for a nosebleed! Or a major fangasm xD
  • tadashihamada
  • bighero6
  • chinitaplease
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Chaser ✔️ | ʜᴀʀʀʏ ᴘᴏᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs | HP Series by InTheLightOfANewDay
Chaser ✔️ | ʜᴀʀʀʏ ᴘᴏᴛᴛᴇʀ ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛ Autumn 🌈
❝ɴᴏ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴄᴀʟʟ ᴍᴇ sɪʀ, ᴘʀᴏғᴇssᴏʀ.❞ Ranked #1 in Harry Potter oneshots ©TomRiddleWho I obviously don't own Harry Potter, because my queen J.K Rowling does ⚡
  • teddylupin
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  • george
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BxB oneshots by Cynical_Croissant
BxB oneshotsby Rainfallish girl
Oneshots. BxB. Smut. Consider this your warning if you don't like any of that stuff. Sometimes I just want to write cute things, so I'll put it in the title if it's j...
  • bxb
  • lgbtq
  • bdsm
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Taekook World by NerdO7
Taekook Worldby NerdO7
Got tired of reading stories that ended up being sad so I made this •Top Tae •Bottom Kook oneshots of fluff and smut is a must, hmm not really a fan of angst -first time...
  • boyxboy
  • vkook
  • taekook
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Mukami Brothers x Reader lemons by The_bratty_earl
Mukami Brothers x Reader lemonsby Ciel Phantomhive
This is a lemon of the Mukami Brothers x reader
  • sakamakibrothers
  • vampires
  • oneshots
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Steve Rogers x Reader & Bucky Barnes x Reader One Shots by AlexanderRae
Steve Rogers x Reader & Bucky Sydney
Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes make me feel things. All the love, AlexanderRae xo
  • thefirstavenger
  • thewintersoldier
  • requests
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♡Assassination Classroom x Reader One~Shots♡ by xoCANDYox
♡Assassination Classroom x ♡
For all of your Assclass romance needs! o//////o * I'm only going to do x reader c: * REQUEST ARE OPEN!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!! :D *Request are temporarily closed
  • assassinationclassroom
  • romance
  • variousxreader
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BTS Smut One-shots by mykookiemonsters
BTS Smut One-shotsby Beanybean
BTS smut with all the members involved. Contains graphic content and high levels of smut and wreckage. These story's might make you question your bias you have been warn...
  • btsfanfic
  • btssmut
  • smutwarning
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Sasunaru Lemons by Best_Bitch___
Sasunaru Lemonsby Best_Bitch___
Lemons based around the ship Sasunaru and the alphabet. A is for Apology B is for Bondage C is for Cold D is for Daddy Kink E is for Example F is for Fluf...
  • yaoi
  • bondage
  • anime
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Vampire Knight Oneshots by OhMyGilinskys
Vampire Knight Oneshotsby *Multifandom Slut 🖤
A series of Oneshots with different Vampire knight characters!! Requests are being accepted!!! Warning: Contains Lemons
  • vampireknight
  • aidohanabusa
  • romance
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Spider-Man Oneshots (Under Going Editing) by Zola206
Spider-Man Oneshots (Under Going Oh look, my social life disap...
Just some fluff and bonding to save me from Infinity War. Peter/Tony centric. I need Irondad and Sipderson okay.
  • avengers
  • spiderman
  • ironman
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Jacksepticeye Imagines- V.1 by SilentV4lkyrie
Jacksepticeye Imagines- V.1by Distant Daydreamer
{COMPLETED BUT EDITING AGAIN} A collection of imagines/one shots featuring you and Jacksepticeye! What's it like to be his girlfriend? Wife? Daughter? Or even a stranger...
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
  • gamer
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Erotic one shots by lustforlyfe_
Erotic one shotsby 💦💦
Pretty self-explanatory, PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. Stay horny <3 [previous one got deleted but you may be able t...
  • bxg
  • romance
  • erotic
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Yuri Plisetsky One Shots by SadLittleApricot
Yuri Plisetsky One Shotsby SadLittleApricot
Just a collection of one shots about our precious kitten, Yurio <3
  • anime
  • yurioxreader
  • yurio
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Hamilton Oneshots! by AGalacticFox
Hamilton Oneshots!by Galaxy
Hello hello! This oneshot book contains a variety of both fluff and angst (though I love doing fluff more)! I do not, however, write smut/lemons, so all you lil sinners...
  • ships
  • xreader
  • hamilsquad
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