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A Place Where I Belong {ON HAITUS} by PansexualBeing465
A Place Where I Belong {ON HAITUS}by I_Love_Anime
What if Minato and Kushina survived the Nine Tails Attack? What if The Third Hokage is the one who does the seal and seals the nine tails tails chakra into Misha, Naruto...
Harry Potter x One Piece by Bluenightflame
Harry Potter x One Pieceby Blaze Artifex Phoenix
oneshot. Harry is Law's father. Law is not ever so nicely pulled into his father's old world and insure chaos
Strange Magic by lawlugalaxy
Strange Magicby LawLu Trash
Law and Luffy meet at their new school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts. After being kicked out of previous schools for causing trouble, they cross paths at Hogwart...
Starting Anew as a Pirate by CheyanneElvir20
Starting Anew as a Pirateby Cheyanne Boone
The Fourth Shinobi War hadn't ended in happiness for those who won, instead the three main people who helped win the war end up in a whole new world while those left beh...
Trafalgar Donquixote Y/n [BNHAxOnePiece] by Dnarez_Mangetsu
Trafalgar Donquixote Y/n [ Dnarez_Mangetsu
You are daughter of the best Doctor Pro Hero in the world. Death Surgeon or . . . Trafalgar D. Water Law BNHA x OnePiece None of the characters are mine, they are respe...
Rwby : Jack The Ripper by Silverghoul00
Rwby : Jack The Ripperby Silver Ghoul
Idea I had to put a jack the ripper esk character in to the rwby world with powers and abilities from another anime one piece. Shut in male protag type character gets...
Reyes de los mounstros (X Drake x Tu) by Odin_Soul
Reyes de los mounstros (X Drake Odin Soul
La era pirata comenzó y muchos hombres salieron al mar para encontrar ese dichoso tesoro llamado one piece. Peligros hay en el camino, piratas peligrosos, marinos corrup...
One Piece High School ( One Piece Fanfiction ) by FunbariVoid
One Piece High School ( One FunbariVoid
Another version of One Piece with different characters and different fruits This is a story that doesn't takes place at the pirate generation it takes place during the y...
Stilbite by RavenDarkwing
Stilbiteby Alison Brudnicki
Stilbite has always been loyal to Homeworld, but as the cycles go on, she finds herself dissatisfied with its increasingly militant ways. So she began to teach peace, bu...
{Teaser} Hawkins & Hidan {Would You Like To Join?} by Op-Law
{Teaser} Hawkins & Hidan {Would Em
Hawkins finds himself trapped within the world of Naruto though in an attempt to make his way back to the love of his life he makes a deal with an unlikely ally. Though...
Take Flight- A One Piece/Fruits Basket Crossover by simplord3d2y
Take Flight- A One Piece/Fruits Kordella
*CONTAINS MAJOR ONE PIECE/FRUITS BASKET SPOILERS* Sparrow is an 18 year old pirate. One day, her captain (and brother) Luffy touches a mirror he finds on the ground whic...
Spacial Rift: Original Idea (Temporarily Discontinued) by LunaJo36
Spacial Rift: Original Idea ( LunaJo36
Finral learns a new spell but his grimoire leaves no explanation as to what it is.... To find out... he has to use it.... But will this spell prove to be more trouble th...
[Rewritten] Out she came in...Naruto by Frozenaaple
[Rewritten] Out she came Sab
This is a rewrite of Out She Came In Naruto. Being reborn in Naruto as the first character from the rebirth series has its perks. You get to be op and have a sidekick. B...