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Living With The Wheeler Boys by alyklugh
Living With The Wheeler Boysby ♡ Aly ♡
{Disclaimer: Needs major editing and possible chapter rewrites... I'll get to it eventually.} Erika Thomson thought this day would never come. Going back to the Wheeler'...
**one girl and seven boys fight*-{COMPLETE } by jailujalilu
**one girl and seven boys fight*-{ __.januu___
girl කෙනෙක් ඉන්නවා.ඒ girlගෙ මමීයි ,ඩැඩියි බිස්නස් වැඩකට ඇමෙරිකා යනවා.ඒත් මෙයාව එක්කන් යන් නෑ.. ඒ එයා එක පාරක් ඇමෙරිකා ගිහින් කරපු මෝඩ වැඩක් නිසා.ඉතිම් මෙයාව ඩැඩියිගෙ යා...
Living With The O'Neil Brothers by kim_berlym
Living With The O'Neil Brothersby k i m
The O'Neil brothers aren't like any other regular family. They are the most feared family in town. Now, figure this. A new girl is forced, by her parents, to stay with...
Anal x Malibu by latexhuexz
Anal x Malibuby latexhuexz
three friends who met off discord travel to a Malibu resort to have the time of their lives and end up having a lot more fun
Descent into Hell (Titanfall 2 x Akame Ga Kill) - HIATUS by code066
Descent into Hell (Titanfall 2 x code066
After an extremely covert operation goes terribly wrong, Elite SRS pilot "Razor" Wilson finds himself on a strange new planet and is quickly thrust, against hi...
Know You Better by littlemissDashti
Know You Betterby Dashti
A new girl has moved to a new school in a new town, where she tries to fit in, but uncontrollably becomes enemies with the bad boy. Then why does he still help her when...
Annabeth's Choice by MythicallyAwesome
Annabeth's Choiceby MythicallyAwesome
Annabeth and Percy have been dating now for seven years. After the was with gaea, things have settled down a little, and the demigods can pursue their normal lives, can...
One of the Boys [ON HIATUS] by -thatfangirl
One of the Boys [ON HIATUS]by Hia~Tus
《Written by a young girl with an imaginative but rational mind》 "One girl, all boys school." Mikaela was accepted to one of the best schools in the world. It w...
Her Savage Men •Book 1•  by thelastfemaleuchiha
Her Savage Men •Book 1• by Queen of SAMCRO
"I know this is wrong. I know I should fear you. But I don't." I was afraid of the dark. I was afraid of the monster that lived in my head. I was afraid of sp...
Me and My Twelve Brothers by King_Neptune25
Me and My Twelve Brothersby King_Neptune25
Mackenzie Willman is your average girl. She has a good grades and cool friends. But when she's at home, it's a different story. She has twelve brothers. What happens whe...
One Girl by hannahsings21
One Girlby H.E.Fry
The battle between four brothers, and one girl. The oldest dark haired genius, the blonde hair blue eyed player, the meek and quiet, secretly charming third, or the youn...
Shadows of a Hero by raventhemaven
Shadows of a Heroby RavenMaven
I moved my hand down the handle of the black widow knife, feeling the familiar grip and the gold and sapphire inlay that seems to be slick with my blood. I tear a piece...
Poems And Short Stories by KittyVonCatsworth
Poems And Short Storiesby KittyVonCatsworth
There are all either poems, or little stories or drafts written by me. Beware, some may be sad. You have been warned.
Life in the glade by Jessicaxsangster
Life in the gladeby jessicaxhirst
Malia is the first girl to ever enter the Glade. 1 girl with around 14, 15 year old boys it could be a nightmare or a dream.
HI I'M A CELEBRITY by nikiwe124
a celebrity who is tired of being famous ever since she was a celebrity everyone who wanted to be her friend they only want to be friends with her for money 💸 and fame...
Falling for the Bad Boy by CATS8800
Falling for the Bad Boyby TayTay Goes YayYay
Credit to fairypeach for making this cover As he makes his way to my table, I keep my attention on my paper, trying my hardest not to look up. Dylan takes a seat into...
Ghosts by Agent_Pro_Reader
Ghostsby Evelyn $
A girl named Mae Kogane, a huge bookworm that has no friends and both of her parents are dead. She spends most of her time in the cemetery containing her parents' corpse...