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I Like Her That Way by salorahsam
I Like Her That Wayby salorahsam
"I hate you so much! Can't you just disappear from my life?" She's annoying, chirpy, happy-go-lucky, a goody two-shoes and caring. God, I hate her so much! -R...
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The Alpha Female by Gguk98
The Alpha Femaleby Gguk98
"Park Jimin!! 7 years is alot!! I'll not always wait!!" She screamed at the boy walking away from her. He felt uneasy at the thought of her leaving him alone h...
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Do You See Me Now? ✔ by JuneDSilver
Do You See Me Now? ✔by June D. Silver
Jesse's entire life is a charade. Everything he does, he does to hide the truth. His girlfriend? Fake. His hair colour? Fake. His love for soccer? Fake. His life? Fake...
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INSANE | seungjinby kitten.
"you love me right? we both know you do." - in which kim seungmin is mentally unstable and will do anything to break hyunjin's heart and stability.
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Things I Couldn't Say To You || Jikook || Kookmin by ChimchimzKookie97
Things I Couldn't Say To You || ChimchimzKookie97
Mute Jimin and his Bestfriend, Jungkook. COMPLETED || SHORT STORY Date Started: Aug. 30, 2018 Date Ended: Sep. 02, 2018
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Prinxiety Oneshots I Guess by vpow4life
Prinxiety Oneshots I Guessby Vig Oliver
Prinxiety oneshots. Mostly angst with a fluffy ending Sometimes full on fluff No smut but heated kissing is a yes Hardly ever full on angst unless requested
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Haikyuu!! Oneshots (2019) by EagelDreamurr
Haikyuu!! Oneshots (2019)by Eagel
Oneshots that I've written for Haikyuu!! > From Old to New < > Check Latest Story < > For Less Cringe? < ↪ Original ↪ Some may be inspired by songs, ta...
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Toxic Relationships by RVald1
Toxic Relationshipsby Raul Valdivia
Katsuki Bakugo is the most popular student at UA. He has a high intelligence, incredible physical skills, and he can have anyone in the school he wants. That is why ever...
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Ishq-e-khairaat  by Alia_imagines
Ishq-e-khairaat by Alia Amjad
Arz kiya hai! Kya khubsurat ehsaas jaga hai is dil mein, Aasmaan choo jaane ki khwahish hui hai, Yeh mamooli si mohabbat na samajh mere dost, Yeh to Ishq-e-Khairaat hai...
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The Dare Games ✓ by halifornia
The Dare Games ✓by Jess
For sixteen-year-old Parker Henderson, average and boring is her lifestyle. Until it isn't. One day into her junior year of high school she's given an invitation to join...
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To Kyra by OhCecilia28
To Kyraby Dylan
To Kyra, thank you for ruining my life.
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What If... [EXO Suho and Apink Eunji Fanfiction] by Kurai_Sen
What If... [EXO Suho and Apink Kurai_Sen
"I know we're only pretending, and that our entire relationship is fake, but what if...just what if...what if I liked you for real?" When a massive scandal occ...
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Unrequited love . by aye691
Unrequited love .by spinning_dreams
|| "Love ? It is an unconditional commitment to an imperfectly perfect person. It's a beautiful sensation. Only that it would be even more beautiful when it's requ...
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Pages Left Unread, Feelings Left Unsaid by GLPKai
Pages Left Unread, Feelings Left GLPKai
Poetry and midnight thoughts. Safe haven for overthinkers, star gazers, selenophiles, hopeless dreamers, and nocturnal artists. Midnight is the time artists take action...
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Ouija (COMPLETED)(South Park) {DamienxPip} by Blazedarkness
Ouija (COMPLETED)(South Park) { Blaze
After playing with a Ouija Board, Phillip 'Pip' Pirrup finds a demon. Just casually sat on his bed. But not just any demon. The Prince, and future ruler, of Hell; Damien...
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LETTERS. by delightyoongi
#16 criss
i like you. ©delightyoongi | jjk | completed
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Sweet Dreams by Triquetra123
Sweet Dreamsby Triquetra123
02×10 Sweet Dreams AU. What if it was Merlin's, not Gwen's, kiss that broke the enchantment? What would happen? How would Gwen react? What would Arthur do? Merthur. (I...
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The Millers by lovefromnini
The Millersby Nini
Running, it was always a passion of Maddison's but now the only running she can do is from the past. Maddison Heart was the reason her mother was pushed away from her fa...
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can't help falling in love ➳ stanley uris by scarlettmayumi
can't help falling in love ➳ delilah
❝Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can't help falling in love with you?❞ ~•~ In which a shy girl fell for a boy who doesn't even know she...
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Tainted | Maven Calore by stitchinglilies
Tainted | Maven Caloreby stitchinglilies
Sometimes he smelled of fire. [he was warm] Sometimes he smelled of pine. [he was kind] Oftentimes, he smelled a little bit of both...
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