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Curves | ONC 2020 Shortlist by Zoe_Blessing
Curves | ONC 2020 Shortlistby Zoe Blessing
When your girlfriend gives you a gym membership for your birthday, your relationship is probably doomed. Too bad Jenny didn't realize this before proposing. Rejection st...
Shadows & Lace (Spellbound Prequel) by EmilyMorgans
Shadows & Lace (Spellbound Prequel)by Emily Morgans
BRAITHE is leading a double life. The dutiful princess during the day, at night the masked vigilante fighting back against her parents' abuse of the kingdom's citizens...
Damsel | T. Drake ✔ by ZeninaD
Damsel | T. Drake ✔by Zenina Dawson
"Call me anything but a damsel in distress, For distress is nothing compared to what I deal with." [Book 1] [Timothy Drake] [Started: 02/07/2020] [Completed: 0...
The Royal Seamstress | ONC2020 by annasofie_mattson
The Royal Seamstress | ONC2020by Anna-Sofie Mattson
Elizabeth Webb is sent to court as replacement for her mother who was beheaded by the order of King Henry VIII, the famous Tudor monarch. Elizabeth tries her hardest to...
The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - LGBTQ) by elveloy
The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - LGBT...by L.V. Lloyd
(TOP FOUR WINNER!) When undercover investigator Kai Ewans is sent to the Steampunk world of Gaia to hunt down a serial killer, he doesn't expect to fall for the lead det...
Stupid War (BTS Story) by LimhannyDong
Stupid War (BTS Story)by Limhanny Dong
Army, you could find BTS pics and BTS songs in this book. Enjoy it during reading the story:) #1. Stupid War (complete) The war between Capulet (Vampires) and Montague (...
Begin Again by calistacyq
Begin Againby ☆ 𝙲𝙰𝙻𝙸𝚂𝚃𝙰 ☆
Life cannot treat Alexia Grey any better. She has amazing family and friends and gets perfect scores. She is destined for great things in life. She has envisioned a life...
Danika by Leaflight_21
Danikaby Leaflight
To escape her parents Adamina, a princess, dresses up as a fatherless and jobless boy, but soon catches feelings for a girl, Danika, that she becomes close friends with...
Shade by thepaulbianchi
Shadeby Paul Bianchi
Kit Marra is a nomad, directionless and free-spirited. After leaving Burning Man Festival with her latest fling, she finds a temporary home on an old ranch modified into...
Minion by ccstarfield
Minionby CC Starfield
Minion is a regular guy: he's got a wife, a kid, and an app ruined his career as a henchman. Being a villain's sidekick used to be a good job: risky, sure, but well-payi...
The Muse And The Vampire (#Ambys 2022) by Kit-the-obscure
The Muse And The Vampire (#Ambys 2...by Kit Amberline
Edie Hunter gets a job as a Muse, her boss is a little eccentric (ok very eccentric then) Surely helping angst ridden poets can't be that hard? No one said anything abou...
Old Soul Syndrome |ONC 2020| by Jagermeanshunter
Old Soul Syndrome |ONC 2020|by Jager
It's impossible to be two people at once. Unless you're Abby Kilken. At 27, Abby's life hasn't exactly been all she would have hoped. That college diploma wasn't all it...
ONIUM | Open Novella Contest 2020 by SIDeScribe
ONIUM | Open Novella Contest 2020by SIDescribe
|| ONC 2020 Longlist || Ex-princess Vivian Gale is fine with her new identity and all of the dangers that come with it. For the past two years she has traveled around he...
Lustral  || Complete by Space_Queen_Q
Lustral || Completeby Q
Two souls on the run, manage to bump into each other on a distant planet at just the right time. ✨~✨~✨ Liri Delaney, the only child of Dubrovn planetary moguls, is accus...
The Memory Thief | ONC2020 [AMBASSADOR PICK] by NDeMeer
The Memory Thief | ONC2020 [AMBASS...by Naomi
While the city is tormented by the Memory Thief, Liliya is struggling to keep her job when the government issues yet another law further restricting the use of magic. De...
Prometheus (LGBT+) ✔ by BirtheV
Prometheus (LGBT+) ✔by Birthe
When Dante drinks the blood of a woman with AIDS, his health takes a turn for the worse. His immune system should be infallible, but here he is: every day, he wakes up h...
FINE PRINT [✔] by unstablebibliophile
FINE PRINT [✔]by toxic*chaos
"We regret to inform you that you have been engaged. We wish you the best of luck with your new spouse. Make sure to come for pick up before seven o'clock. " T...
The Witch's Hour  (A New Dawn #2.5) by Dante_Greywolf
The Witch's Hour (A New Dawn #2.5)by D. Greywolf
[Novella]As a child, Sci was scarred by her own mother for being a witch. While the wound has healed and her shawl now covers her face, Sci struggles to remain deaf to t...
Mismatched by calistacyq
Mismatchedby ☆ 𝙲𝙰𝙻𝙸𝚂𝚃𝙰 ☆
[Sequel to Sparks Fly] At the sound of the words "soulmate" or "love", Belinda Clarke can't help but scoff. Having been hurt by someone she trusts, B...
Let Me Be by LLSanders
Let Me Beby Leslie Lee Sanders
After being ordered by the State to undergo Deep Sleep, a treatment for troubled teens, Jo awakens in the hospital with sporadic and unexplained memories. Upon celebrati...