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After The Epilogue  [ORV] by rosechocolatecake
After The Epilogue [ORV]by Rose
There he was sitting on the bed, looking out at them. [ Constellation Demon King of Salvation is looking at his companions ] " I'm back,"
I dream of the Reader's happy ending (omniscient readers viewpoint) by 2389647138s
I dream of the Reader's happy violet days
Hello! I just thought of this idea while reading the latest ORV chapters I hope you all like it, It will be a Y/N fanfic ((English isn't my first languish, please do t...
When Life is not 'Lifing' [ORV] by ur_average_citizen
When Life is not 'Lifing' [ORV]by ur average citizen
Yes, another fanfic with a [y/n] who's conveniently male, yay... I'm not a male so I might have some stereotypes for our poor [y/n]...
二十歳の恋  | k.dokja by -WNDRHO
二十歳の恋 | k.dokjaby ven !
"In the warmth of spring I lied down and smiled The time I yearned Idly passes by ... I like you" in which, two poor souls find comfort in each other...
Shit Posts Of Myselfs by Hater_of_Lust
Shit Posts Of Myselfsby crying ant
Yeah this is all of my ideas just credit me if you wanna make the chapters in concepts
A way to survive [ORV Fanfic] by bbgisntbbging
A way to survive [ORV Fanfic]by bbgisn'tbbging
Um... Yo- Hi! This is a orv ff. I apologise if I suck at writing. TW: Minor gore, [y/n], cringe
It Was Just an Illusion by ChildishWish
It Was Just an Illusionby ChildishWish
Kim Dokja woke up in a strange room with tears in his eyes, the last thing he remembered was him in the train cabin in space. Kim Dokja panted as he recollected his thou...
The Chasing End. [ Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint X Reader ] Discontinued  by 0227YX
The Chasing End. [ Omniscient Rei
"Sekali lagi terimakasih banyak telah membaca Omniscient Reader Viewpoint, sampai nanti, terimakasih dan selamat tinggal."...