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Omniscient Duo || Omniscient Reader's viewpoint x OC by Esmewriter_2
Omniscient Duo || Omniscient Esmemy2account Hailstorm
What if Dokja wasn't alone during middle school, what if he had a new friend? + Ae-Ri Ahn, second daughter of a well-off business family. Staying optimistic while her ex...
Adventure of All Verse by GlitchPlayer123
Adventure of All Verseby Elise The True Infinite ∞
Elise has die from car crash and got a soul transported to Absolute!Creator by one of the God Mistake Glitch will give you 5 wish. Thank You For 1,000 Vote I'm not g...
Astrologist || SL x Reader X ORV by queencelamoon
Astrologist || SL x Reader X ORVby Cressie
It's really simple. It's two hot men, almost similar looking. That's what all the history books have painted them as at least. Sung Jinwoo is an ancient deity worshipped...
Poor Boy Kim Dokja by OsariFox
Poor Boy Kim Dokjaby Allenice24
The kimco went back to the past,15 years before the apocalypse. They saw how bad kim dokja's childhood had been. (Sorry for the grammar mistake) *original from Ao3
Betrayed God x Highschool DxD by BigDKnicksFan
Betrayed God x Highschool DxDby BigDKnicksFan
Rias had a pawn named Y/N, which he served her for 5 years and was her most powerful ally, until Issei came, he took everything from him, he later became a stray and wen...
A God Across Realities - OP Reader x Crossover by Cosmic_Entity
A God Across Realities - OP ||
I OP Reader x Crossover I Just a bored god traveling through realities looking for entertainment.
Red String Of Fate| Yoo Joonghyuk x Kim Dokja by Zhangkiling
Red String Of Fate| Yoo Wu Xie
Kim Dokja, a gifted detective with an extraordinary amount of money at his disposal. One day, he met his fated alpha, that man couldn't be more opposite from him. But ev...
Rimuru In The Otherworld by RimuruTempestUS
Rimuru In The Otherworldby Gᴀʟᴀxʏ Pʟᴀʏᴢ
--This Is a Story Where Rimuru Goes To a Otherworld and becomes a Misfit In A Magic Academy. At The Age 12, Living As The Daughter Of Great Magician. --No One Can Take...
Universal Hacker by CrownedAbyssal
Universal Hackerby CrownedAbyssal
Have you ever wanted to visit other universes and worlds while being able to change their present, past and future? Well, Essen Kano gets to do just that. This is his st...
Genuinely Don't by TaestynThicc
Genuinely Don'tby TaestynThicc
In a far away universe Kim Dokja was a lonely, lonely child. Life was never kind to him, years of abuse, neglect and bullying has left him broken. It was only when he di...
Interdimensional Traveler (Energy Being OC)  by HajimeSovietRussiaHa
Interdimensional Traveler ( HajimeSovietRussia Hajime
This being a celestial who was a 05-2 council he retired in the foundation before and he was been on the earth since the beginning of time until he watches the humanity...
49% kim dokja by OsariFox
49% kim dokjaby Allenice24
happy moment for the 49% kim dokja may be short but thats all he wished for
A Little Worried by xx0rphic
A Little Worriedby Ren
Yoo Joonghyuk is worried about Kim Dojka and Dojka is incredibly flustered by it. this is a one-shot I made for a friend.
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (Fanmade Epilogue)  by sagirinnnn
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint ( sagirinnnn
This is my version of Kim Dokja's ending.
Squid, Sunfish, Sour Candy by CruelCreator_2895
Squid, Sunfish, Sour Candyby CruelCreator_2895
A one-shot, spin-off fanfic from ORV. Continuing from the end of the novel. ***Spoilers WARNING*** ***Insiders jokes*** ***PG13***
The Heart of Solsta by PearlMirror
The Heart of Solstaby PearlMirror
Deep into outer space, light years away from the tiny planet called Earth, the greatly revered Mother of Infinity resides in Her crystal lake, where She hides Her greate...
Shifters by thefallenposeidon
Shiftersby thefallenposeidon
The Story follows a young boy who's seemingly been affected by amnesia. On top of that things get a lot weirder when he wakes up in a house with someone he doesn't know...
The Advent Of True Magic by JustEnvelopeMe
The Advent Of True Magicby JustEnvelopeMe
A girl dies and weeps at her gravestone hoping for an escape to the reality she was forced to accept. Who would've known that her cries would be heard...... Join her as...
The Façade of Quad in Nimrod ✓ [murder, deceit, and crimson snow] by TheTigerWriter
The Façade of Quad in Nimrod ✓ [ Enna L. Foxwood
In 1826, in the country of Lwendolen, the elite Quad family stands as the upper crust and cream of society. The daughter, Valerie, is engaged to a man with a name attach...