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Kim Yeoryoung by belongtoneverland
Kim Yeoryoungby TheLiterateShow
A story about the sister of Kim Dokja whom a character of the story 「Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World」Kim Dokja only thought it was a coincidence though. Credits...
The Forgotten Prince || Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint || Male Reader/Oc Insert by JangJaegeun
The Forgotten Prince || Park EunHae
[Your requirements have been met. Do you still want to meet them?] "◼◼◼◼◼" [Alright then. Have a nice day, Sir] Started : January 2022 Ended : ??
Han Sooyoung X Kim Dokja (Fan Fic) Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint by BenDover298
Han Sooyoung X Kim Dokja (Fan Fic) Ben Dover
**Warning spoilers for epilogue of omniscient reader viewpoint** "There are plenty of guys around, maybe go on a few blind dates?" Jung heewon suggested while...
Astrologist || SL x Reader X ORV by queencelamoon
Astrologist || SL x Reader X ORVby Cressie
It's really simple. It's two hot men, almost similar looking. That's what all the history books have painted them as at least. Sung Jinwoo is an ancient deity worshipped...
Omniscient Duo || Omniscient Reader's viewpoint x OC by Esmewriter_2
Omniscient Duo || Omniscient Esmemy2account Hailstorm
What if Dokja wasn't alone during middle school, what if he had a new friend? + Ae-Ri Ahn, second daughter of a well-off business family. Staying optimistic while her ex...
Apathy [ Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint x Male Oc ] by Mizuki_Kitsune
Apathy [ Omniscient Reader's Mizuki
"Omniscient Reader" tells the story of an ordinary businessman whose favorite comic has just come to life, but what happens when you add a new character to the...
Reader & The Masked Villain [ORV X RIM] by Lodi_Faust
Reader & The Masked Villain [ORV Lodi Faust
A crossover between Regressor Instruction Manual x Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Kiyoung an ordinary man, suddenly got transmigrate to another world full of monster just...
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (ORV) - Memes n' stuff by adozenmoons
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint ( ‹ADozenMoons›
Memes, incorrect qoutes, fanart and more... Contains spoilers in some chapters.
49% kim dokja by OsariFox
49% kim dokjaby elmairy24
happy moment for the 49% kim dokja may be short but thats all he wished for
Betrayed God x Highschool DxD by BigDKnicksFan
Betrayed God x Highschool DxDby BigDKnicksFan
Rias had a pawn named Y/N, which he served her for 5 years and was her most powerful ally, until Issei came, he took everything from him, he later became a stray and wen...
Poor Boy Kim Dokja by OsariFox
Poor Boy Kim Dokjaby elmairy24
The kimco went back to the past,15 years before the apocalypse. They saw how bad kim dokja's childhood had been. (Sorry for the grammar mistake) *original from Ao3
Red String Of Fate| Yoo Joonghyuk x Kim Dokja by Zhangkiling
Red String Of Fate| Yoo Ayn
Kim Dokja, a gifted detective with an extraordinary amount of money at his disposal. One day, he met his fated alpha, that man couldn't be more opposite from him. But ev...
A 'Reader's Point Of View by pr3ttysquid
A 'Reader's Point Of Viewby □□
There's this guy, but no, this ain't his story. This is about me, my very own life story. Base on the novel entitled "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" written by...
The Lost Star on Another World [ORV X TCF] by Lodi_Faust
The Lost Star on Another World [ Lodi Faust
When Kim co. already lost their hope to see their star once again. A miracle happened as the star stream regain its power. They got a new sub scenario. Can they save K...
Writer's Misfortune  by shorticakei
Writer's Misfortune by umi ♡
A girl who aspires to be a successful writer stumbles upon a man exceeding her standards. But strange things have been happening before that, is it fate or bad luck? (Th...
(Discontinued) Shadow [Orv fanfiction]  by hyejinkim6113
(Discontinued) Shadow [Orv subin!!!
Dear readers ☺️ If you want to know the story then read it.... I won't give any detail about it here. Bye 👋 Author-chan ❤️
Am I Missing Something? by tastyhoney_
Am I Missing Something?by hon
Things got out of hand when famous actor Kim Dokja, Yoo Junghyuk and Han Sooyoung decided to have a drinking session after finishing recording their three year long reco...
Acting's a skill? by localsquids1fan
Acting's a skill?by kdj pls stop dying
Dont let the cover fool u it barely has anything to do with it i just thought it looked nice Dokja gets chosen to act in a play. But the thing is, He doesn't know how to...
joonghyuk | yjh x kdj by kdj_445
joonghyuk | yjh x kdjby reader
in which dokja is tired of joonghyuk crap-bull mouth and just wanted to lay peacefully in bed. of course, yjh and others won't let him. (Plus dokja been having this stra...