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Secrets - L.S. by _Just_Elli_
Secrets - _Just_Elli_
Louis is a male omega. Omegas are the lowest ranked werewolves and there to pleas alphas and for breeding. But Louis can't get pregnant. So he decides to take pills that...
  • harrystyles
  • secrets
  • alphaliam
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Breathe Me {Ziam/Larry} (ON HOLD) by paige_ttt
Breathe Me {Ziam/Larry} (ON HOLD)by paige_ttt
Alpha Harry Styles, Alpha Liam Payne, Beta Louis Tomlinson, and Omega Niall Horan were known throughout the world as One Direction. Everything was great; life couldn't g...
  • omegazayn
  • betalouis
  • nosh
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Dragonfly || Ziam by ziamslyfe
Dragonfly || Ziamby ziamslyfe
\ Most impressive rank #3 on #ziammayne tag!!!/ ~A story inspired by eternallyunreleased's fic Intoxicate Me, Mesmerize Me, Obliterate Me on Ao3~ What happens when a you...
  • romance
  • spies
  • zaynmalik
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Nightcrawler by zolozen
Nightcrawlerby mind of mine
the one where werewolves - shifters - exist unbeknownst to humans, and a little, omega pup find his way into a new life
  • omegazayn
  • messengerlouis
  • alphasimon
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Puzzle Pieces by Borntoziam
Puzzle Piecesby ZaynZlay
Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall were four Alphas in a relationship they had everything one could dream of they were all ceo's of a huge company, a massive house the only th...
  • zarry
  • louistomlinson
  • ziall
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better than words by comwsspn
better than wordsby gerardminidrew
zayn malik is an 16 year old omega. he goes to school like any other kid, he keeps it on the inside, doesnt let his eyes change colors. everything was going good, nothin...
  • alfaliam
  • alphazayn
  • liampayne
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Please,Love Me Again|ZIAM| by LiveYourLife102
Please,Love Me Again|ZIAM|by LiveYourLife102
AU|Royalty Alpha/Omega/Beta. Alpha Liam , Alpha Harry, Omega Zayn , Omega Niall, Beta Nick Grimshaw, Beta Louis. Alpha Liam/Omega Zayn Apha Harry/Omega Niall Beta Nick...
  • meanliam
  • alpha
  • narry
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New Reing by WhoIsDenisse
New Reingby leslie(´・ﻌ・`)
Harry es prometido como el futuro príncipe consorte a Louis príncipe de Inglaterra.
  • alfalouis
  • alfaliam
  • alfaniall
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