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Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔} by MyLoveEren
Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔}by ⚠️INACTIVE ACCOUNT⚠️
Eren is a single parent omega who owns a tavern in his home town, shiganshina. He struggles to keep both his son's and his true identity hidden from his ruthless mate wh...
Dancing With Death (Eren x Levi) by FangMoon
Dancing With Death (Eren x Levi)by Fang Moon
Levi is the most powerful mafia leader in the contry, and a alpha. He has not found his mate and does not have the time to. Eren is a hacker and a theif that is well kn...
Miscarriage by BlueBamboo4
Miscarriageby BlueBamboo4
This is a heavy story so if you DON"T LIKE ANGST , DON"T READ!! Updates every Saturday Eren has a miscarriage which Levi blames on him and leaves. Eren goes in...
Our Last Hope [RIREN] by MyLoveEren
The world of betas and alphas has been at ruins for 40 years because of a deadly virus. Nearly everything was wiped out. Bombs were dropped to lessen the infected, and t...
My Beloved Wolf  by FireAuburn
My Beloved Wolf by Fire_Auburn
Omegaverse))This is a rewrite from the same story it's just that the other one was acting dumb. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Same height) Eren Jëagar 18 years old and an...
all alone, or never alone? by Rosarie15
all alone, or never alone?by Rosarie15
ok so imma try to get back into writing but this time its a bit diffrent ill make the first chapter but you giys have to give me suggestions on what happend in the next...
I'm right here... (Alpha Levi x Omega Eren) by Arabelle-Duerre-Rose
I'm right here... (Alpha Levi x Arabelle
"Please anybody help me, save me, why can't you here me, why can't you see me, why did you believe him..." All he wanted was for him to be in the warm embrace...
Levi and his omega by Emma_Anthony
Levi and his omegaby Emma Anthony
A story about Levi and his relationship with Eren. Levi is the alpha Eren is the omega And this is a story about them getting together and becoming mates, maybe even ha...
In love with a criminal 《ereri》 by JiselaSalinas
In love with a criminal 《ereri》by YoLo_Darkness
Levi Ackerman a alpha and a most wanted criminal all around the world, leader of the well-known gang 'wings of freedom '. One day he went to the house of a person that...
A Little Bundle of Drama by chenziee_katie
A Little Bundle of Dramaby chenziee_katie
Eren is pregnant and that's honestly not a very good thing. (cover art by
mr.spy and the CEO? by marialorenzo101
mr.spy and the CEO?by maria lorenzo
Levi is a spy for the survey corps has to infiltrate the office of a CEO that cantains information to a spy group called the titans. the information he finds makes him r...
Omega Queen by lilyharris9187
Omega Queenby Lilyharris110
Eren jager is an omega, a male omega no less. Male omegas are super rare only about 0.5% of the male population are male omegas. Levi Ackerman is an alpha and a prince w...
the basement ( Levi X Eren ) by deathisfutile
the basement ( Levi X Eren )by AAAHHHHHH
15 years ago Grisha Yaeger (Alpha) kidnapped a Bata girl named Carla. he used her for his "experiments" and because of those "experiments" Carla beca...
The Brat Is You by TruthNotSpoken
The Brat Is Youby Ren
Riren edition. Riren omegaverse one-shots. I promise they aren't the same as the Ereri Edition, though some might have similar themes just because I'm not an idea factor...
the powerful omega by Kuroo_28
the powerful omegaby kuroo
Eren is a strong omega with superpowers and is a test subject for his father due to his body that looks like an alpha and sounds like one but he has an omega scent and h...
The pack ereri omgaverse AU  by MackenzieFord7
The pack ereri omgaverse AU by Bwehehehehe
Levi ( alpha) is the leader of the most infamous gang in the world and one day when he's goes to collect his money from Grisha Jeager he sees the most beautiful omega he...
Arrange Marriage For Dummies by zerozaki_Zen
Arrange Marriage For Dummiesby zerozaki_Zen
(10:01) Will you defend me in court if I was able to kill my best friend Jean? With my bare hands? With all my finger prints on the knife? (10:01) What the fuck Eren?! I...
Found him by devil-spawn
Found himby B~Ash~L
An aura that screams not to mess with me and a face that shows nothing about him. A man whose name is told in horror stories to children. We all know the stories how co...
Freedom By My Kidnappers [JeanMarcoEre] by MyLoveEren
Freedom By My Kidnappers [ ⚠️INACTIVE ACCOUNT⚠️
Being a prince isn't all that great for Eren Yeager. Especially when he's an omega and betrothed to "Humanity's Strongest" alpha, Levi Ackerman. But his life c...
Anemone [RIREN] by MyLoveEren
Eren, a stubborn and fierce omega, is given a job at his father's facility where he is to work under a alpha woman named Hanji Zoe. His father, being a famous Doctor plu...