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A Fifth Descendant by LadyArtemis13
A Fifth Descendantby LadyArtemis13
When Ben invited residents of the Isle to Auradon, he actually sent five invitations. Hayden, the son of Hades, joins the VKs in the land of goodness and hypocrisy. With...
Charlie's sister  by bluebird411
Charlie's sister by bluebird411
A month before Bella's graduation, Charlie's little sister comes home from being deployed overseas. She has his colleagues organize a Chief Appreciation party at the hig...
Walkman༄S.Reid by Spoonzi
Walkman༄S.Reidby Spoonzi
❝ So, Doctor Reid, what do my flowers mean today? ❞ ༄Spencer Reid x Male OC ༄Takes Place roughly in S4 & S5 ༄Warning: Canon Typical violence ༄Amputee C...
✓ | THE FIRST, damon salvatore by -lalalie
✓ | THE FIRST, damon salvatoreby 【 𝐋 】
「𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗦𝗧」❝ I'll do it all over again ❞ ▪︎ Synopsis ▪︎ Melrose and Damarion Fisher, mother and son, returns to Mystic Falls, after 145 years of being away from...
Ward of Depression by Aal1yahsan
Ward of Depressionby Alex DeVain
Hunter Hollingsworth is a privileged, rich, straight, white male to the outside world. His standing on the social hierarchy in society couldn't be higher. To Hunter, he'...
Harry's Awakening (a boyxboy Harry Potter Fanfiction) by LaLaTink
Harry's Awakening (a boyxboy LaLaTink
After his godfather's death Harry begins to rebel against the people of Hogwarts leading to a friendship with a supposed enemy, family he never knew, new powers, a new l...
adultism | | brooklyn nine-nine by underworld-king
adultism | | brooklyn nine-nineby Hades
" so who is she? " " not a she. " " so who is he? " mackenzie knox is an nypd detective who meets jake peralta and immediately falls in lov...
Tiny Dancer by LadyArtemis13
Tiny Dancerby LadyArtemis13
Hollywood Arts High School is the place to be for the future famous. Jesse Karban considers himself a pretty decent dancer and has been there since freshman year. He has...
Random (one) shots by AlysiaEagle
Random (one) shotsby Aylin
Uhm idk how I came up with this but basically a oneshot book about anything that comes up in my head about Formula 1, football and other stuff
An Ember's Keeper by LadyArtemis13
An Ember's Keeperby LadyArtemis13
It's been a year since the barrier was removed and the Isle opened. Those who wished to cross the bridge over to Auradon have done so and the lives of those who chose to...
The Fate of Severus Snape// S.S. Gay LS by Spoonzi
The Fate of Severus Snape// S.S. Spoonzi
What happens when Severus meets a boy in his Fifth Year? Before he is supposed to become a marked death eater. Before he loses Lily. What does this strange boy do that c...
Flesh and Bone // Wyatt Lykensen by GayceVentura
Flesh and Bone // Wyatt Lykensenby GayceVentura
Addison's twin brother, Aidan, has been beside her through thick and thin, and vise versa. What happens when a werewolf pack comes into town, thinking that Addison is t...
The Other Swan by bluebird411
The Other Swanby bluebird411
After Renee left with Bella, Charlie was distraught. He ended up having a drunken one night stand. The woman, wanting nothing to do with the baby, pawned her off on Char...
The Syncode by CGRaines
The Syncodeby CGRaines
Joanne Hartwell is sent to London via the elder Holmes cousin Julian to hand off a top secret letter to Mycroft Holmes. Someone has infiltrated the ranks of the British...
The Magnetic Star by Thorin_Stormshadow
The Magnetic Starby Catie
When an army of Newborns threaten their family, Carlisle and Esme call upon an old friend. She is Carlisle's oldest friend, and possibly the oldest vampire in existence...
Stucky One Shots by H4yd3n15
Stucky One Shotsby ElliottB
Standard Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes one-shots. Some may link, but most can be read stand-alone.
A Time Traveler's Soldier by TheQueenofTheWords
A Time Traveler's Soldierby TheQueenofTheWords
When Agent Carter volunteers for one of Howard Stark's experiments, she doesn't really expect it to work. She definitely didn't expect it to send her almost seventy year...
Can A Snowflakes Be Saved? by Harmonyangeldreamer
Can A Snowflakes Be Saved?by Harmony Mathers
This is the Sequel to Snowflake, My pretty little snowflake which you will need to read first in order to follow the story. Niall had been tricked to travel to a re...
~Diabolik Lovers~ by Churpen
~Diabolik Lovers~by Churpen
Mammoru Komori is the older brother of Yui Komori. So when he finds out his sister is supposed to be sent off to a random relative's house, he takes action and goes with...
Coping (A Psych Fan-Fic) by Eclair_Designs
Coping (A Psych Fan-Fic)by Eclair_Designs
EX DEA Special Agent Cassidy Reed had gone through many hardships in her life. Dealing with the loss of her daughter, she ran away from her problems. Now in Santa Barbar...