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"Core of Petals" // SaiOma (REMADE) by gen0side
"Core of Petals" // SaiOma (REMADE)by Sav
With a core full of want and envy, Kokichi longs for warmth in Saihara's arms. But with a heavy heart, Kokichi's lungs are filled with flowers and his breaking heart? Lo...
Atua's Curse (SHUICHI×KOKICHI)( UltimateWierdo
"You better apologise, Kokichi, Atua isn't happy with your behaviour! He may curse you!" "Really!? Wow! A curse from Atua himself!" "Kokichi! Yo...
All Over Again (DRV3 Saiouma) by ByakuyasMansion
All Over Again (DRV3 Saiouma)by フィン
COVER DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, ALL RIGHT GO TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST!! (SPOILERS) 'The Killing Game......' 'I thought It ended......' 'I'm suppose to be dead, I was crushed...
Trapped (Pregame Ouma x Ingame Shuichi) {COMPLETED!} by sayxriii
Trapped (Pregame Ouma x Ingame sayori !!
Kokichi Ouma is the Ultimate Supreme Leader. At least that's what everyone thought. After an insane turn of events, something's odd about him. But what..?
My Diary..  || PG Saihara by PREGAMES
My Diary.. || PG Saiharaby ᏚᎻᏌᎷᎪᏆ !
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Hello?.. Oh! Hello! Ehehe ~,, I'm Shuichi Saihara. Ooh.. Is this like... A digital diary? How exciting! ⠀⠀⠀ Ah? People are going to read this? How embarrass...
Aftermath (Saiouma) by Voidachite
Aftermath (Saiouma)by Malachite
just a shitty story I write when im tired bc I have no life. uhh yeah The game stays the same but now shuichi awakes from Danganronpa to find his friends alive and they...
Danganronpa Femboy Hooters by ChildOfAthena13
Danganronpa Femboy Hootersby YourLocalTsumugiKinnie
Makoto Naegi, Gundham Tanaka, Hajime Hinata, and Shuichi Saihara work at Femboy Hooters, and are quite close friends. One thing that they usually talk about are their fa...
Tied up in a knot (Omasai/Saioma story) by SquidBoi404
Tied up in a knot (Omasai/Saioma
A shuichi x kokichi story(saiouma) I hope you like it, if not, that's completely fine. never have enough time to publish so, please be patient [YAOI WARNING]
Mastermind Obsession (Mastermind Shuichi) by HaruiEverlost
Mastermind Obsession (Mastermind HaruiEverlost_anime
16 students trapped in a school, forced to kill. One student is the traitor. Though, I wonder who it is? Kokichi Ouma, your not so friendly brat of the year. He always l...
This Isn't Right (Pregame Omasai/Saiouma) by Omasai_Trash
This Isn't Right (Pregame Omasai/ Omasai_Trash
What if Monokuma made a new motive but it was Shuichi and Kokichi who were the victims? Monokuma gave them their memories back and the others see their true colors. Will...
•☆Monokuma's Special motive☆• by Saiiioumaa
•☆Monokuma's Special motive☆•by ☆
•☆Saiouma/Oumasai☆• •☆This story was inspired by a POV by shartibble on TikTok. They do amazing cosplays so I would recommend checking them out.☆• •☆Link : https://vm.t...
My pet [[Saioma/Omasai/Saiouma/Oumasi]] by PGShuichiIsDaddy
My pet [[Saioma/Omasai/Saiouma/ Pastel Nurse Kokichi
Shuichi Saihara is a teenage boy that is a detective sent to uncover the mafia/organization D.I.C.E. Kokichi Oma is a teenage boy that is the leader of the mafia/organi...
OUMASAI NSFW (oneshots) by SasakiSan
OUMASAI NSFW (oneshots)by CEO of Saturdays
Old fanfic, may or may not be continued one day, *** my writing commissions are open *** (Cover art credit to saioma_v3 on Twitter)
crying // oumasai - discontinued. by possumae
crying // oumasai - mae ☆
oumasai, triggering themes bc im all about that angst.
"You're Different from the Others" Yandere  Kokichi x Shuichi by ShukiSainanami
"You're Different from the Others" Shuki's Day
(๑•ᴗ•๑)♡ . •°Kokichi is a danganronpa fan, pretty much everyone was but kokichi always has been a target, a "weak" target °•. till a news has been spread all o...
Just a small detective (omasai and smut 🤧) by K0KICHISPANTA33
Just a small detective (omasai Ultimate Danganronpa Fan 😌
This is one of my first fanfics so please don't be judgemental! this is gonna have ALOT of smut because why not also if you aren't comfortable with omasai please don't r...
Trustworthy? (Mastermind! Shuichi x Kokichi) [COMPLETE!] by socksthefemboy
Trustworthy? (Mastermind! Socks
Uh I guess don't read this if you don't want to read Mastermind Shuichi kissing Kokichi in a lot of detail???? This is my first story so don't judge, and uhm, it's short...
Child Motive (Saiouma) /COMPLETED/ by bunchoffanfictions
Child Motive (Saiouma) /COMPLETED/by I'm a multi shipper
Monokuma was getting annoyed that Kokichi was close to finding the mastermind after only two deaths and executions. He decided he could come up with something that could...
Saioma 18+ by Peachy_Gachapeach
Saioma 18+by Peachy_Gacha! peach
18+ inapropriet !NOT FOR KIDS!