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INHERITANCE  by CaribbeanBvtch
INHERITANCE by CaribbeanBvtch
Amara Mitchell is the CFO of Larson's Technology. When Mr. Larson decides its time for him to retire, the company is forced to adjust to a new CEO. His son, Kapri Larson...
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Please Don't Judge Me by Katy_A
Please Don't Judge Meby Katy_A
Kyle Andrew is a single mother trying to get through high school and raise her child. She has no time for any distractions. Myles Brown might feel differently.
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Why do you hate me? (Moniece and Fizz fanfiction) by coolswagxo1
Why do you hate me? (Moniece and coolswagxo1
Moniece and Lil Fizz, a dysfunctional co parenting situation. Will it ever get settled? Will they ever settle their differences?
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Smash or Pass by moni978
Smash or Passby monica mina mayflower
pass or smash singers and rappers
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Sin and Amethyst: My Baby Daddy's Homeboy by PrettyLittleWriter22
Sin and Amethyst: My Baby Daddy' Tammy
Amethyst and her high school sweetheart Nasir broke up ages ago but she's still tied to him because of their six-year-old son. She has a banging body, a great job, and a...
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The Guy Who Was Taught How to love (jardo empire story) by jardoempire
The Guy Who Was Taught How to jardoempire
This is for the fans of the Jardo empire. A young male (Cardo) has been bullied and picked on all his life till he moved out to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is where he disc...
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Blackboyjoy || Images by Alsatia_King
Blackboyjoy || Imagesby MakaveliPyramid
Reeeeaaaad. Plzzzz you'll love the book about smexy men.
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Embraced By a Dark Devotion by jdreamsscarzone
Embraced By a Dark Devotionby Janay
Zion usually likes them dark and mysterious, but little did she know Omari was mysterious on a whole new level. A vampire level, despite what he is she finds herself fal...
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Overprotective 😍👣🤞 by dareala1olliee
Overprotective 😍👣🤞by 1thugggathuggga
Funny daddish and drama
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Omarion Fantasies😍 by JessicaRankin5
Omarion Fantasies😍by uniquely janene🥰
Can't get enough of the singer Omarion? Well you've come to the right place!! These stories will be filled with all of the hot steamy dreams every girl has with O! These...
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To much drama  by lexyashaugust1997
To much drama by lexyashaugust1997
Read to find out what happens
Waiting for His Reply by ExoticPoetress
Waiting for His Replyby ExoticPoetress
Life is all about GROWTH. Whether you are 18 or 88, life will always teach you something new, by stretching you and placing you outside of your comfort zone. But the qu...
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Celebrity Imagines by _kyla_15
Celebrity Imaginesby 🖤
Some of the muhfuckas that I'll do an imagine on, aren't Celebrities nor famous, they're just very well known or too sexy for me to pass up 🤷🏾‍♀️ This originally was j...
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My Baby by Yasmaine_Carter
My Babyby T A J 💖
This Story Is About A Girl Named Kelly Who's Been Having An Affair With A Man Who Is Married. Come To Find Out That She Might Be Having His Baby. Read To Find Out More.
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"Could It Be Real"  Keith Powers Story.  by ScandalousSmilez
"Could It Be Real" Keith Powers Smilez Gambino
"Keith this could never work out between us. Can't you see everyone is against us!" Samantha screamed out. "I told you I'm in this for the long run. I c...
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OBSCURE by AmanRaizada
OBSCUREby Aman Raizada
The immortals now sought to destroy their creators, the PRIMES. Read the epic fantasy and learn about the great adventure. Kiara, Lizeth, Omarion, Favel and Sargon have...
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Love Changed Me (Trey Songz) by BeasterBae
Love Changed Me (Trey Songz)by Royalty
Trey was like any other handsome celebrity. Every night he in the club, getting money with the thugs thought he'd never fall in love. Of course he had hoes Left from rig...
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Life of a boy by ferguson22
Life of a boyby ferguson22
Unruly fergy
The Deception Chronicles Book #1  by br33zywif3_
The Deception Chronicles Book #1 by Tamera Renee
Terrance and Shantey has been married for a year and a half now. Shantey vows to remain faithful to Terrance, Terrance however isn't. He loves Shantey but he isn't in lo...
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Incomplete  by princelovesymb0l
Incomplete by O1SK00L
High school basketball senior, who is a natural good dancer, falls for two girls but at a different time and place, he loves them all, but can't have them all to himsel...
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