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the drummer boy ❦ Roger Taylor by bettycoooper
the drummer boy ❦ Roger Taylorby ☼
" you're obsessed with me, darling " " don't flatter yourself, drummer boy "
✓ LIKE DEVILS ━ the walking dead ² by okaywickersham
✓ LIKE DEVILS ━ the walking dead ²by 𝐀𝐁𝐁𝐘
i can't trust anything now. the walking dead seasons 3 - 5 book 2 of 5
Bloodline : The Cause of the Dance of Dragons by TheWintertimeMuse
Bloodline : The Cause of the Dance...by V
What if Rhaenyra had a younger sibling that was madly in love with her? And she loved her back but unintended actions and circumstances led them to hate each other Or A...
Hide Away by merder_dempeo_feels
Hide Awayby merder_dempeo_feels
This is a very different Vera and Nestor (Vestor) story.
Safe Haven by merder_dempeo_feels
Safe Havenby merder_dempeo_feels
Nestor Carbonell is the new acting professor at a small local college. Life so far had been bland for him. Until he met a certain student who was born to be on the big s...
Maybe This Time by merder_dempeo_feels
Maybe This Timeby merder_dempeo_feels
Sequel to Time To Pretend (A Vestor Story). If you haven't read that...you should. Anyways, this is placed about a year after the finale of Season Five of Bates Motel. I...
123, I Love You by lolzfanfics
123, I Love Youby lolzfanfics
Alyssa Martin seems to think that she has life all figured out. That is, until she meets Brad. He teaches her patience, love and acceptance.
afterparty by giveyouthesun
afterpartyby giveyouthesun
"Will she ever come down?" Asiah Summers has always been a crazy magnet. But now she hopes her life can finally start over at college: big city, interesting ne...
Styles & Associates by _BritishGirl_
Styles & Associatesby BritishGirl
Nevaeh Larson is a 21 year old, Law student from Massachusetts. She's moved to LA for only one reason, to be a Lawyer at the best Law firm in America: Styles & Associat...
come back to me by lovebrallie
come back to meby dahlia
Daria Smythe just broke up with her boyfriend. The love of her life. The one she loved more than anything. After spending 3 weeks in her bed watching romantic movies and...
I Am Norman (Bates Motel) by xinriji
I Am Norman (Bates Motel)by xuan
SPOILERS!THIS BOOK IS AFTER SEASON 4 IF U HAVENT WATCH SEASON 4 DONT READ THIS BOOK JUST YET! After the events of Norma's death,Norman's been trying to cope with his lif...
unrequited ➳ (connor jessup fanfic) by unholygrail-
unrequited ➳ (connor jessup fanfic)by Miranda
un·re·quit·ed ˌənrəˈkwīdəd/ adjective (of a feeling, especially love) not returned or rewarded. - "You didn't answer my question." I whisper. I wasn't sure why...
Disorder by jfling
Disorderby jfling
a story in which a young girl falls in love with a young male with antisocial personality disorder. STORY IS ALL MINE please enjoy (: -jfling
The Year of Avery by porcelain_pink
The Year of Averyby Kiara
During graduation, Avery Baldwin contemplates her senior year: the drama, the tears, the laughs... and him. From the day she met him, she knew that he was "The One...
A Place for Us - A Luke Hemmings FanFiction [On Hold] by hemmosmoak
A Place for Us - A Luke Hemmings F...by hemmosmoak
Lottie is 18, she's in her first year of University and has a lot in her head. She lives with her older brother, Kyle, and has to put up with his annoying friends, speci...