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DSaF Oneshots // Cool DSaF Shit /DISCONTINUED..(?) by simon_mccall
DSaF Oneshots // Cool DSaF Shit /D...by simon_mccall
welcome to my oneshot book, this is where i write cool stuff requests are open ;)
DSaF: Oneshots (Dave/Old sport) by notmebuddy
DSaF: Oneshots (Dave/Old sport)by ALIENS AMIRIGHT
This book is about Dave/Old sport only! I'm happy to take requests for small stories and maybe even a mini-series or two :) If I ever do take a request for another ship...
DSAF Oneshots  by Pineapple-Dirk
DSAF Oneshots by H
I'm not really sure what to put here, but it's mostly going to be DaveSport. I will take ideas if you have any :) Any warnings will be put at the beginning of the chapt...
DSaF Short Stories (plus a random AU) by LloydsDepartment
DSaF Short Stories (plus a random...by 💙Dumb Man💙
A collection of random short stories involving DirectDogmans characters from the game "DayShift at Freddy's" and three randoms that people sorta love too much ...
OldSport x Dave oneshots by AIattack
OldSport x Dave oneshotsby Gaylord
(All art credits to me! Find my instagram page @Conduitvirus for more art pieces.) This writing includes lots of different DSAF Oldsport x Dave shipping stories, or so c...
davesport oneshots! <3 by Cloudyfizz
davesport oneshots! <3by Cloudyfizz
I might be taking requests depending on what the request is, so leave a comment if you have a request! Ships in this fanfic: davesport and sporttrap (whatever you call d...
Jack x Dave by Tammamo
Jack x Daveby Tammamo
Hey, so this is my first fan-fiction and i hope it turns out ok for you guys . You can request story's and scenarios if you like and I'll do my best. It may get dark at...
Memories (A DSaF Story) by LloydsDepartment
Memories (A DSaF Story)by 💙Dumb Man💙
They'd been freed. Dave, Peter, Steven, Dee, and BlackJack were all in a better place. Even Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy were free and resting easy. Otherwise is said about Jack...
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS - [Dayshift at Freddy's] by bwordlasagna
Dave x Jack (Old Sport) ONESHOTS...by Eric
this is going to be a collection of short stories/oneshots of dave and jack from dayshift at freddys! (all will be associated with the SHIPPING of them!) (credit to dire...
Davesport fanfic✌😌 by ceoofdyingyoung
Davesport fanfic✌😌by ×chaos×
Hello there! I'm chaos. I've been planning to make a davesport fanfic for quite some time and I finally felt enough motivation to actually start writing it. This is my f...
-Dsaf oneshots- by InkPencil-
-Dsaf oneshots-by E-Boy
Just some dayshift at Freddy's oneshots! Dayshift at Freddy's belongs to Directdoggo Cover art is by me
DSAF Fics and Stuff by Paperpage
DSAF Fics and Stuffby Paperpage
Just some fics inspired by DSAF and DirectDogman :)
Fleeing the Company: A Dayshift at Freddy's Fanfic by BufuuEgypt
Fleeing the Company: A Dayshift at...by BufuuEgypt
Memories, lies, hate, fear and desperation hang over for those at Freddy's as the FBI gives them their last warning on incidents which pend the company's fate. Abel, the...
Ask or Dare DSAF by FreakShow_Destiny
Ask or Dare DSAFby FreakShow_Destiny
So welcome to Ask or Dare DSAF, Old Sports! The idea of making this book was actually when I was watching some old gameplays of DSAF 2 and DSAF 3. I just missed every ch...
Dsaf Oneshots by Soda_Queen
Dsaf Oneshotsby Dr.Pepper Queen
I am doing this in my spare time :T
DSAF One Shots|book 2| by AIattack
DSAF One Shots|book 2|by Gaylord
This is a second book for my Dayshift At Freddy's fan fictions!! If you have been following the other book then you probably might know what kind of stories here will be...
Beyond the Blazes (Crosspost from AO3!) by simon_mccall
Beyond the Blazes (Crosspost from...by simon_mccall
Old Sport finds himself alive, even after his SUPPOSED death. He is alone. Time to find another place to set on fire! (TW// graphic depictions of death, drugs, child mur...
Fnaf One-Shots for lovely people by Lucarioishere
Fnaf One-Shots for lovely peopleby Lucarioismeresecondsawayfroms...
Just want to have a fun way to say thank you to those lovely people taking time reading my stuff and spending time with me in general! Plan on making it pure Fnaf, but...