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Fragile | ✓ by galaxy_away
Fragile | ✓by sahila s.
[Completed Wattpad Novel] Fifteen year-old Jessica Jane Willens feels no stinging pain in her heart, no prickling tears in her eyes, just empty and as stiff as a stick...
The Gangleader's Girl by direwolf_2500
The Gangleader's Girlby phoebe
Kylie was a normal girl she was popular and is badass and has loads of friends until one day her parents have to move for her dads work So now she has to move to a ne...
~Walking Sun~ by lunarmoon2080
~Walking Sun~by Akito-San
Takes place in a Modern AU kind of. The floor was cold. The room was dark. Only a bed and bathroom. The boy unaware of how valuable he is. The master would usually be vi...
Freedom by winterspider1918
Freedomby winterspider1918
His brown curls were all around the place. He brushed them out of his way and looked at his father. His face showed no emotion. And that's what Hydra liked. A emotionle...
The life I live by i_have_feelings2
The life I liveby i_have_feelings2
Amelia is back, is she better than ever? No. But she's handing in there, no one knows where Levi is or if he is alive. Her life has been nothing but a rollercoaster that...
Life of a Fugitive by blaznguns
Life of a Fugitiveby blaznguns
Guilty, the verdict that changed Kaiden Night's life. Trapped in a solitary cell, he awaits his future. Then, out of the blue, he is bailed out for one reason, he same r...
falling in love with the boys next door by PaigeleviThomas
falling in love with the boys next...by Paige-levi Thomas
me and my friend sophie have lived in the same place for two years now and its nice. we have jobs and everything we are 22 years old.
Undone by McKelveyReed
Undoneby McKelveyReed
a young girl grieves for her mother and tries to deal with her father's detachment and her own completely changed world
Daily Challenges by DoctorJi
Daily Challengesby DoctorJi
A series of challenges set by the writer / readers everyday, to make a change in our daily life and become healthier, stronger, smarter and awesome ^.^
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Can we fall one more time? by amber0227
Can we fall one more time?by Amvasion
True love is said to only happen once in a life time, but is that always the case?
A Different Kind Of Life by SofiaWimer
A Different Kind Of Lifeby Sofia Wimer
Naomi has lost her entire world, not that she ever had much to begin with. With both her parents dead, she has chosen to live out the rest of her life in the forest outs...
The hero and the villain  by bigralph334
The hero and the villain by ralph shirley
The man who secretly stands alone against any man who dare to stand against him. HIs intentions are simple but to the world it's non sense but when they see why things w...
My world by ItsTayen52
My worldby ItsTayen52
This book is based on the 2nd world war
The Unknown by BlazingHowlerWolf
The Unknownby BlazingHowlerWolf
Here I will put names and pronounciation for some odd ones. River {main character} (old name) Nyx (nynx, like minx but ny) {main character} Simon {male friend} Luna {sis...
He's Back by MelodieWrites
He's Backby Melodie Jay
A freshman girl is living a normal live when a boy from her past travels across the world and somehow ends up at her school. Mackenna's live is going to change.
The Secrets of a Popular Girl by annah442
The Secrets of a Popular Girlby Anna
Meet Bryony. She's the most popular girl at her school. All the guys want her and all the girls want to be her... and she loves it. Her life is perfect. But when an old...
Frigophobia by Fainted_Angel
Frigophobiaby it's just me :}
Kayla Brown suffers from Frigophobia (fear of the cold) after she almost freezes to death when her brother locks her out of their house in Alaska. She moves in with her...