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Hugh's of Ireland by WJHoplin15
Hugh's of Irelandby WJHoplin15
This story started out in my book of erotic short stories called "Ssh". Story turned into having several parts and sections so I decided to turn it into its ow...
For A Lost Soldier by STPRYTELLER
For A Lost Soldierby STPRYTELLER
Project started 9/15/20 ~412 digital pages to transfer ~86,000 words Due to the enormity of some chapters, they will be broken up into parts. Some are shorter than othe...
A Barista for Christmas by kayvho
A Barista for Christmasby kayvho
Herum lost his wife to breast cancer five years ago. He's figured that he'll forever be alone and it might be time for him to start the adoption process if he's ever goi...
Hidden in Pink by benafflecktbh
Hidden in Pinkby noah !!
A man who thought he had everything, finds his life crumbling apart as an innocent girl tramples all over it.
Sebastian X Ciel Oneshot- Fun Between Classes ;) by KawaiiPineapple123
Sebastian X Ciel Oneshot- Fun Betw...by KawaiiPineapple123
(ONESHOT) Ciel is a normal 12 year old student at a school, and so is sebastian. Except he is a Deputy (DP) Student. Ciel has his lunch time, AND 1 period of free time...
Love and Hamburgers [Rick and Liz Saga, Season 1] by KenPoirier
Love and Hamburgers [Rick and Liz...by Ken Poirier
[Completed/Edited - 2018 Fiction Awards Nominee for Best Romance] With her elbows pressed against the well-worn wood of the bar, Liz swiped at her phone. She found her...
What I'm Missing (boyxboy) by bandgeek3254
What I'm Missing (boyxboy)by bandgeek3254
This is strictly for people either 18+ or mature enough to read sexually explicit material. ----------------------------------- Ethan Karpt was a sixteen year old boy l...
stay with me by mvsic_lover
stay with meby mvsic_lover
A growing love story of two colleagues admitting their feelings for each other by time to time.
Lonely Strangers by Ros13hwng
Lonely Strangersby ❤ Mochi's 💋
she felt everything was wrong when her boyfriend left her. But then she met a man that sshe can use to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend or instead she will forget all he...
Asylum: A Juna Story by paulsexual
Asylum: A Juna Storyby
Lana has just begun her stay at Briarcliff and her and Sister Jude get familiar...
Aurora Grove by kgirldotcom
Aurora Groveby kgirldotcom
The first of us to be admitted into the Aurora Grove Psychiatric Institution was Lana. She was found by her maids, barely breathing, and slightly drifting in a large bat...
All Our Burning Pages by indibrumm
All Our Burning Pagesby indibrumm
24-year-old budding book editor Jolie Barnes is logical and cautious, never so much as trying a new cafe without extensive research and deliberation. But after her rela...
Best Friend's Brother by glittarius
Best Friend's Brotherby glittarius
Stella House has been best friends with Renee Grace since they were in third grade. Of course they would get into trouble together. Sent to the office. Detention. In Sch...