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prosecco by moonchildstyless
proseccoby moonchildstyless
harry is just on the edge of thirty-five, and y/n is someone he's sure he shouldn't get involved with. until she seeks him out, anyway, and he realizes no one has ever r...
Heart Break || l.s by deleted-ari
Heart Break || l.sby Ariel
In which Harry Styles is a popstar who has a boyfriend named Louis Tomlinson but is unfaithful to him and cheats on him. - Or where Louis was an innocent 19 year old boy...
Secret Service by gooniesneversaydie1
Secret Serviceby gooniesneversaydie1
Harry and Scott work for the Secret Service, head agents assigned to the protection detail for the Prime Minister and his family. Unexpectedly, late one night a call co...
Foster Family by smilemore954
Foster Familyby smilemore954
Louis had been in foster care since he was a kid. Each home had turned out the same, either miserable or abusive, and eventually he would be sent to a new home. But will...
Knowledge Arises by RedApples0995
Knowledge Arisesby RedApples0995
Harry and Hermione are neglected by their parents. They become friends before they start Hogwarts and they used their friendship, magic and intellect to propel themselve...
Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinson by lewisandstark
Dainty ❀ Larry Stylinsonby i'm 5'9, i swear
Dainty; adjective; delicately small and pretty. It all starts when Louis gets sick, and whenever Louis gets sick, he gets tummy aches, and when he gets tummy a...
prosecco extras by moonchildstyless
prosecco extrasby moonchildstyless
continuations of my story prosecco ______ you can find me on my tumblr at moonchildstyles.tumblr.com
Their Omega by smilemore954
Their Omegaby smilemore954
The Styles twins are nearly 27 and have lost all hope of finding their mate. They both are alphas and have spent the past ten years searching and longing for the one the...
Falling For You by eternalxrry
Falling For Youby eternalxrry
Omega Louis finally gets the chance to meet his favourite boyband, One Direction. What happens when the innocent blue eyed omega meets the curly haired alpha? Do dreams...
Wild Berries | l.s. ONE-SHOTS by groupielovers
Wild Berries | l.s. ONE-SHOTSby elixir
"Yeah, that's it Lou," Harry mutters in his ear. Their room is dark, illuminated only by the faint, blinking neon light of the motel sign outside declaring &qu...
A Drop in the Ocean by Onedirection_llnh
A Drop in the Oceanby Onedirection_llnh
Titanic AU where Harry is an unhappy rich boy that is forced to go on a cruise with his snobby rich family and Louis is a waiter that finds happiness in everything and a...
Dream In My Heart, Love Of My Own by larsty3
Dream In My Heart, Love Of My Ownby bottom louis
Sheltered Omega Louis lives on Alcatraz, his father is the Warden. Alpha Harry is an infamous gangster who gets locked up and shipped off to Alcatraz. They're not suppos...
My Three Mates by smilemore954
My Three Matesby smilemore954
Louis and the Styles triplets live different lives, Louis is just a small, innocent freshman but when three big, protective, senior, identical triplets come into his lif...
playmates by xxxtantacion
playmatesby scum fuck🌻
little Louis and little Harry are playmates
Afterschool Meetings//L.s by hotlinelarrie
Afterschool Meetings//L.sby hotlinelarrie
"The human body is the most perfect art" his hot breath trailed down my torso "you wanna know why?" Harry looked up at me with a smirk, knowing I was...
Larry Stylinson: I'm Guilty as Charged (For Leading You On) by darkodurden
Larry Stylinson: I'm Guilty as Cha...by ravioli ravioli
I'm Guilty as Charged (For Leading You On) Louis Tomlinson wouldn't call himself a gold digger, he just prefers the finer things in life. Unfortunately for him...
Nobel Blood Spills the Same by is_it_HI_or_Oops
Nobel Blood Spills the Sameby Lily
A life of expectations and luxury can get dull but be careful what you wish for because living on the edge and living over he edge are two very different things. Or Lou...
The Graffiti Bridge  by carrotscarrots28
The Graffiti Bridge by notsam1967
"Most nights I can't help but feel trapped at home so I come out here. Don't really know why I just know being here gives me some relief from everything.... The cal...