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The Future in Dreams--Okita Sougo x Reader (Gintama) by MargueritePartello
The Future in Dreams--Okita Sougo...by MargueritePartello
(L/N) (F/N) is the adoptive daughter of Matsudaira Katakuriko, having drawn his attention for an unusual reason--she can see the future in her dreams. She now works as a...
Gintama: Her unlikely opponent by amey78
Gintama: Her unlikely opponentby Amayarelis
Sakata Kagura always been a tomboy with family issues. She promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love which in her second year, a cute freshman boy Okita Sougo conf...
Trying to Kill Each Other Doesn't Count as Flirting (or Does it?) by MargueritePartello
Trying to Kill Each Other Doesn't...by MargueritePartello
[Okita Sougo x Reader] When Okita is tasked with bodyguarding the daughter of a prominent noble family, he expects nothing more than long, boring days of shopping, and c...
gintama 銀魂「various x reader」 by mochiaus
gintama 銀魂「various x reader」by mochiaus
「 love is based on unpredictable events 」 - 桂 小太郎 katsura kotarō 〔a gintama oneshot collection〕 → lowercase intended → shortfics → female reader SLOW UPDATES。
Sadistic Prince's Return by Luna_Uchiha1
Sadistic Prince's Returnby Luna Uchiha
What if Okita Sougo was reborn in Katekyo Hitman Reborn?!
a BIG book of OkiKagu fanfictions by chengmu19
a BIG book of OkiKagu fanfictionsby chengmu19
I wanna compile so I did. For the story owners in Ao3, I did not mean to disrespect you for stealing your works but I really just have to compile these. (for entertainme...
あなたの物語 by sixzerosix
あなたの物語by 𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓮
【Reader X Various】 ✯ It's hard being involved with a group of terrorists and having childhood friends in the police business. Who knew it would be such a thrill, though?
Revelations by inactive754
Revelationsby inactive754
3z setting Okikagu fanfic. May include a bit of Hijimitsu. Ginpachi-sensei is fed up with their bickering and reckless fighting, so he forces Sougo to tutor Kagura. As...
Finding your True Purpose by Okita_SougoWaifu
Finding your True Purposeby Okita_SougoWaifu
After the Joui war that ended 10 years ago, Nejiko Shin decided to lead herself on a separate journey on her own since all her remaining comrades from the war already we...
Okikagu es amor, es vida by tamagito-aru
Okikagu es amor, es vidaby tamagito-aru
Una serie de fic cortos para la semana del Okikagu y sus respectivos temas . [DÍA 2: BODA] [DÍA 3: VIDA MATRIMONIAL] [DÍA 4: YOSHIWARA] [DÍA 5: REENCARNACIÓN] [DÍA 6: hE...
echoes ㅡ gintama oneshots. by raeveneth
echoes ㅡ gintama oneshots.by raevvvvvv
WHEN YOU WALK OUT THE DOOR YOU LEAVE ME TORE YOU'RE TEACHING ME TO LIVE WITHOUT IT. will not accept requests. gintama oneshots. gintama x reader. hideaki sorachi owns gi...
Aniversario by tamagito-aru
Aniversarioby tamagito-aru
No importa cuantos tiempo pasaran, ellos siempre seria el sádico y la china. [Futuro][okikagu]
Okikagu One-Shots by Annie_Blackhill
Okikagu One-Shotsby Anis The Unknown
Just a compilation is Okikagu One-Shots!!! Requests are open!!!
Shinpachi Shimura X Reader by MCBatmaniac
Shinpachi Shimura X Readerby MCBatmaniac
Hi, there guys! This is my first fanfiction so I'm sorry if it's a little crappy. This is a Shimura Shinpachi x Reader story, because I noticed there isn't almost any sh...
It Could Be Us || Okikagu by Rinxu-Yama
It Could Be Us || Okikaguby Rinxy
Disclaimer: I do not own Gintama, all rights goes to the creator, Sorachi Hideaki After what happened that night, kagura left earth to help her papi on his alien-hunting...
Molestia y falacias. by tamagito-aru
Molestia y falacias.by tamagito-aru
Todo iba tal como habia planeado. Hasta que llego aquel castaño y con su boca empezo a destruir su falsa. [okikagu] [Spoiler de manga]
¡Ven gatito gatito! by musumeanon
¡Ven gatito gatito!by Musume Anon
No es como si Okita Sougo hiciera grandes cosas durante su patrullaje, pero definitivamente, convertirse en gato no estaba en su lista. Pequeño Oneshot OkiKagu.
Si te das cuentas los detalles te  puedes dar pequeñas sorpresas. by tamagito-aru
Si te das cuentas los detalles te...by tamagito-aru
Él se no se habia sorprendido cuando aquel par de bestia dieron la noticia de su noviazgo. Ya que el se habia dado cuentas de esas pequeñas señales que ellos daban. [hij...
Levantarse con el pie derecho by melgamonster
Levantarse con el pie derechoby melgamonster
Levantarse con el pie derecho no siempre indica el inicio de un agradable día. Sougo notó algo extraño en su casa desde que abrió los ojos, pero no podía distinguir que...