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His Hope by marleybliss
His Hopeby MarleyBliss
Her freedom. His Hope. Read the story of how a troubled girl and a tattooed man who upholds the law, find love.
I'm Innocent, I swear! by gerri_lights
I'm Innocent, I swear!by gerri_lights
Babel was arrested and turns out she has quiet the rap sheet, but did she really commit all those crimes? is it true that she's young, beautiful, but deadly? Will the th...
ZDMN FF 2 by delicate_gurl
This is in the continuation of my story ZDMN FF. Actually In that book, I've reached to maximum part limit in Wattpad.. So.. here are the next chapters
Bond of Love by delicate_gurl
Bond of Loveby D
A Fanfiction of of two shows Arjun and Ziddi Dil Maane Na but hey.. why only two.. I like The Rishi Burman too... So.. here is the Collab of all 3 shows i.e. Arjun, ZDMN...
Anubhav and the Musketeers by AkshYaxspell
Anubhav and the Musketeersby AkshYa's Spell
This story revolves around DSP of Mumbai - Anubhav Singh and two teenage girls (tune in to know who they are ) .. CHARACTERS - Anubhav Singh (AS) Aadya Mishra (AM) Aksh...
Forget Me Not {Robby Keene x reader} by MuayThaiGirl1999
Forget Me Not {Robby Keene x MuayThaiGirl1999
After Tom Cole commits extortion, leading (Y/N)'s father to his arrest, she is blackmailed to keep her mouth shut. He intends to inherit the money from her family busine...
Arakshi FF - The Unsaid Love by delicate_gurl
Arakshi FF - The Unsaid Loveby D
This is a Fanfiction of the show Arjun with Arjun and Sakshi in leading pair
Remember by thefaultinmyfangirl
Rememberby thefaultinmyfangirl
"Do you Remember When you loved me?"
MoRan : Hum Saath Saath Hain [ On Hold] by delicate_gurl
MoRan : Hum Saath Saath Hain [ D
A mixture of ZDMN show and Hum Saath Saath Hain movie Cover credit: @studious_species
Soldier // j.j.k by _elin24_
Soldier // j.j.kby eloyinside
'The way everything seems so wrong, but so right. Was it when you promised me you will be back? Or was it the war that you never thought you will come back alive? I long...
Officer and Nobility by beemyqu33n
Officer and Nobilityby beemyqu33n
Unconditional love. Affection without limitations. That is what we all look for, that is what we all want. I did not believe in it for a long time, I thought it only ex...
Savage Rose (Coming Soon) by BisexualCurlyFry
Savage Rose (Coming Soon)by Y.B
A criminal and a cop. A cop who is extremely competitive and tough. A criminal who is highly skilled and very sly. Who is this criminal and how did they get to know this...
Arakshi : Pyaar ki Roshani [On Hold] by delicate_gurl
Arakshi : Pyaar ki Roshani [On D
An Arjun FF based on the pair Arakshi
My English Teacher by isabell-is-cool
My English Teacherby Bell
Zoe is in her last year of secondary school and in doing really well in her exams, until she meets her new English teacher, Mr Geffroy, will she be able to resist his de...
You're Mine, Officer ( Citrus Mei X Yuzu ) by CitrusForever
You're Mine, Officer ( Citrus IR Risa Sama
Yuzu, Mei and Himeko were best friends in the childhood. Yuzu and Mei got along pretty well but after Mei's mother got mudured and her father left the family Mei was dev...
The redneck and officer girl (TWD) by shantmas14
The redneck and officer girl (TWD)by shantmas14
When sheriff Rick Grimes and officer Blaze Addison( best friends) both get shot and go into comas and wake up in the zombie apocalypse what happens? Does Rick find Lori...
Rejected Male Reader x Marika Tachibana by Rugged_Noodle
Rejected Male Reader x Marika Senpai Noodle
Rejection hurts. Especially if your name is Y/n L/n. He was a victim to this awful condition as his emotions spiraled down into nothing but an endless hole of hopeless...
Love, War, and Force Protocol (Lesbian Story) by gabbysanerd
Love, War, and Force Protocol ( gabbysanerd
My name is Tara Jackson and I'm 25 years old. I am the Commander of a special forces squad in New York and my life is perfect. Until one thing happened and messed it all...
21 Jump Street (Tom Hanson) by CapA_2000
21 Jump Street (Tom Hanson)by CapA_2000
Dakota Williams works as an undercover cop, at 21 Jump Street, which is an undercover police unit composed of young looking officers that specialize in youth crime. Dako...