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Trigger // {Masky x Reader} by 1-800-Mrs-Ackerman
Trigger // {Masky x Reader}by ♡S h a w t y♡
《》《》《》 ~《♡》~ 《》《》《》 "Just pull the trigger, baby" 《》《》《》《》 ~ 《♡》 ~ 《》《》《》《》 Synopsis: 'it was a late night, December 19 2019. I had just came back from a jo...
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jeff the killer x y/n by taliaduskwalker2005
jeff the killer x y/nby taliaduskwalker2005
y/n was born with powers, powers unnatural and dangerous. you look blind but your far from it. The creepypastas made a mistake trying to kill you #553 jeffthekiller
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Creepypasta Various Soulmates X Proxy Oc by midnight_yingyang
Creepypasta Various Soulmates X Summer Heijkoop
I hope you like it!! ❤️
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Snowlight (Creepypasta fanfic) by DtKillers
Snowlight (Creepypasta fanfic)by DTKillers
(Sorry for the picture, I can't rotate it) A friend of three, an unbreakable friendship turns out to be a heck of an adventure. The leader of the Snowlight group, Taylor...
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Skulls [Hazbin Hotel Romance] by KingdomPoppy
Skulls [Hazbin Hotel Romance]by ❤️♠️Dachari♠️❤️
[HAZBIN HOTEL & CREEPYPASTA] "I'm marry someone I don't know in Thirty days as my father is giving me time to find the one." "Well why aren'...
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The World Is Too Small For Us [Creepypasta] by IamBeautifulDeath
The World Is Too Small For Us [ Beautiful Death
"-Toi et moi, nous sommes destinées à de grandes choses. Peut être sauver le monde..." L'hybride aux cheveux rouges sang esquissa un léger sourire sarcastique...
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Laughing Jack x reader by Lucy_Santana1998
Laughing Jack x readerby Abby Santana
(y/n) (L/n) is the baby sister of the four slender brothers named...Slenderman, Splenderman, Trenderman and Offenderman. (y/n)'s brothers wanted her to have a normal hum...
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Milovník bez tváře by WinchesterSheep
Milovník bez tvářeby Psycho the Rapist
...vytáhl zpoza zad 2 velké pohádkové růže. Jedna byla krvavě rudá, ta druhá s barvou večerní oblohy. V tento okamžik byly její oči upřené jen na ty překrásné růže, kte...
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Kidnapped By The One And Only Offenderman by ShutupKayla
Kidnapped By The One And Only Shut up Kayla
Y/N was running away from home cause she was sick of her parents fighting, It was dark out and she started crying till she felt a hand touch her shoulder. That's how it...
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sen olsan paçayı nasıl sıyırırdın by xproxyx71
sen olsan paçayı nasıl sıyırırdınby can sıkıntısı
hepinize merhaba gardaşlar ben apo hfdghhg bu benim ilk kitabım cp fanıyım umarım beğenirsiniz hikayelerimi beğenirseniz oylamayı unutmayın <3 <3
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Reconnected Roads [Slenderman X Reader] by TrashyButClassy132
Reconnected Roads [Slenderman X Cristi Clear
During an attempted kidnapping, you're surprised when the criminals seem to recognize you and retreat in fear. Only later do you realize that your high school sweetheart...
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How was life in the Creepy-pasta Mansion? by RyokoShaNamikaze
How was life in the Creepy-pasta Ryōko-Sha Namikaze
[Hime or Elizabeth Noir, was missing when she was 9 and found alive at the age of 21. So it's been 12 years, but, what was she doing for those past 12 years? And where w...
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