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HongIce Smut  by Sycahoe
HongIce Smut by SuckMyDickamore
The birds and the bees, but this time with two nations.Two very gay nations who are edgy af, rice baby HongKong and ice baby Iceland. If you have no idea what the fresh...
  • gay
  • hetalia
  • dat
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The Anvil by HiramRivera
The Anvilby Hiram Rivera
  • loki
  • viking
  • oden
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Suicide Mission by coolcat107
Suicide Missionby coolcat107
"You can't see any reason to live because you won't open your eyes to see what's right in front of you!" "And what's that?" "Me." ------ Mo...
  • holly
  • suicide
  • mission
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Hetalia: Crackish Oneshots by Sycahoe
Hetalia: Crackish Oneshotsby SuckMyDickamore
Contains a ton o' different one shots. A steamy imagination only leads to great things. Nations x intimate objects are also things.
  • gay
  • aphamerica
  • hetalia
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Heist of the Ruby Eyes | Zanigen Clan |  by nourishmentt
Heist of the Ruby Eyes | Zanigen C...by neferpitou \\.
In 1972, a criminal gang, also known as the Zanigen Clan invaded the village of Mesofi. These weren't just any villagers, they were the Ruby Eyed Mesofians. The Mesofi...
  • murder
  • roman
  • clin
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Pain Of Letting Go  by Yannie_1902
Pain Of Letting Go by Yannie_1902
  • shedding
  • oden
  • romance
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Luci's Way Home by Lok1-Atlant1c
Luci's Way Homeby Jaidyn
Luci is the daughter to the famous load of mischief, Loki. After her home is taken , and she get thrown into space and becomes lost, only a few will have enough courage...
  • oden
  • sabber
  • loki
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Chibita x reader | Sunset by DelilahCatpaw
Chibita x reader | Sunsetby Delilah Catpaw
I haven't seen any Chibita x readers around. So I decided to write one *cough* totally not a joke *cough* ain't gonna be cringy af *cough* it doesn't look as if Karamats...
  • cringe
  • osomatsusan
  • oden
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30 Song Challenge! :D by vettechoneday
30 Song Challenge! :Dby Kim
  • angry
  • gangnam
  • girl
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The Lady in White by DavidDunderhonung
The Lady in Whiteby David Dunderhonung
Freya, a little viking girl, finds her father mysteriously ill. She takes matters into her own hands and ventures out to find a cure, only to discover that she's stirrin...
  • winter
  • thor
  • oden
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Mischief and darkness  by VandornBreanna
Mischief and darkness by VandornBreanna
The god of mischief has met a powerful being, a being that has the ability to destroy his home and everything he hold deer with a single thought. Could he trust the beau...
  • marvel
  • superheros
  • oden
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