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Bittersweet Caller  by temperance-
Bittersweet Caller by brailiah
"Welcome to Night Owl Hotline, how can I help you-" "That name kinda sounds like a strip joint." In which a young girl seeks a listener when her m...
  • dialogue
  • 3am
  • mentalhealth
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BTS Imagines And One Shots by midnightanna
BTS Imagines And One Shotsby midnightanna
Well your life with BTS members Requests are OPEN. If you have any request let me know.
  • sad
  • imagines
  • jin
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Double A by NGPlouffe
Double Aby N.G Plouffe
"What the hell?! Get away from me you horny wolf!" I grumbled. It growled. Damn this wolf is almost as annoying as Ashton. Come to think of it, exactly as ann...
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • gaynes
  • boyxboy
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His Other Side - a TheOdd1sOut fanfic with a little mess by yay_huns
His Other Side - a TheOdd1sOut fan...by a certified blink
caution: might contain sensitive words update schedule: every friday maybe (i'll try to) Robert James Rallison. TheOdd1sOut. Which one? You might not get choose which on...
  • jaidenanimations
  • animators
  • jamesrallison
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Desire || Werewolf x Little Red Riding Hood || by miusagii
Desire || Werewolf x Little Red Ri...by みう
You all would've heard about the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, haven't you? But, what if the story took place in a different dimension, in an era where werewolves...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • something
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Odd Squad - One-Shots by AuthorJonathanMara
Odd Squad - One-Shotsby Jonathan Mara
Odd Squad this, Odd Squad that.... Description... Blah blah blah... I know there are already three or four collections of Odd Squad one-shots on Wattpad, but WHY NOT WRI...
  • olympia
  • villain
  • kids
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♡Otis X Olympia♡ by primrose998
♡Otis X Olympia♡by primrose998
i have crush on otis? I have a crush on Olympia? Olympia & Otis tells us how they started having feelings for each other but an agent will make sure they never get tog...
  • otisxolympia
  • oddsquad
  • otis
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16 & pregnant  by theartist247
16 & pregnant by theartist247
A girl who got pregnant by her boyfriends brother but she told her boyfriend that it was his baby but it was his brothers baby.
  • oddlove
  • random
Odd Love by bandlover0666
Odd Loveby Cheshire Cat =^-^=
this story is based on thoughts I always have about this one guy I'm friends with and does in fact include names of people I do know.
  • teenromance
  • unpopular
  • awkwardlovestory
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The girl with a fake smile by BTSloverforlifeeee
The girl with a fake smileby BTSloverforlifeeee
This is a story about a girl who always fakes a smile even though she is sad and depressed she doesn't want other people to feel bad for her and everyone always thinks s...
  • feisty
  • oddlove
  • streetfighter
Living The Odd Life by salacharnite
Living The Odd Lifeby Mango
Maddy, and new trainer, has her heart set on evolving her first Pokemon, an Eevee named Jewel, into a specific Eeveelution. Jewel and her Pokemon friends Joy, Crunchy, C...
  • sylveon
  • eeveelutions
  • shiny
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Monologues from Love (Skits in Scripture)✔️ by TomiBeanie
Monologues from Love (Skits in Scr...by TomiBeanie
Love's POV in everyday Life. LOVE is her name and she makes everything as a sentimental message I was bored in 4th yr senior class graduation day. So I made this in ord...
  • teen
  • skits
  • oddlove
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Odd Love by PandaPinePop
Odd Loveby PandaPinePop
A girl named Skaberchlyn has an interesting adventure finding her love?
  • story
  • likeforlike
  • oddlove
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Neverland G.D. by sierrathenobody
Neverland G.D.by s i e r r a
The mysterious girl that people avoid. One day the new boy takes a sudden interest in her and follows her. Where she goes amazes him. Started: May 4, 2019 Finished: May...
  • graysondolan
  • shortstory
  • quite
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Odd Love by AmyComics
Odd Loveby AmyComics
After going through many problems, from having her boyfriend break up with her, and another boy betray her, highschooler Alex, finds light through all her worries and an...
  • writer
  • story
  • romance
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The fake smile  by aestheticgirl1234
The fake smile by Hazel Knight
The fake smile, not everyone sees it. The people who do see it, they know what pain feels like. Katerina Radcliffe knows what pain feels like. She's felt it all, verbal...
  • fakeidentity
  • oddlove
  • fakedeath
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You're MY nerd by JackieLee440
You're MY nerdby Jackie Lee
Taylor Sous is a total nerd and thinks she has sent her social life spiraling downwards even more than before when she tries to get the cutest bad boy in school, Justin...
  • typicallovestory
  • teenlove
  • nerdgirl
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Coffee Table Tales by nightwanderer
Coffee Table Talesby harshatha
Poems from my younger days
  • rain
  • love
  • coffee
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