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Villain? (Technoblade xOC)+SBI And Dadza and DSMP by NobodySpecialISwear
Villain? (Technoblade xOC)+SBI And...by A walking nightmare
Annalise/Anna is a Minecraft YouTuber on the Dream SMP who is known for being nice to everyone and not really participating in lore but when she hears that Dadza has bee...
Fire | Technoblade x oc by fanforpindzele
Fire | Technoblade x ocby Zero
Ruth Eloise was somewhat known as Aybridges troublemaker. Her warm eyes always made sure to get her out of trouble, but this time - when she gets caught for the milliont...
Greek Tragedy  |  Technoblade x mute! oc by flowersfromthedark
Greek Tragedy | Technoblade x mu...by flowers
Started 5/17/22 Discontinued 6/30/22 Recontinued 7/21/22 Finished 8/5/22 oh my god im writing another technoblade story someone stop me
Almost |  Technoblade x oc by flowersfromthedark
Almost | Technoblade x ocby flowers
"The saddest word in the whole world is the almost" Ophelia is a faye, not just any faye, a princess faye. When king Vix lets his power goes to his head and sh...